Friday, October 1, 2021

31 Days of Magic & Mayhem, Cassidy K. O’Connor

Cassidy K. O'Connor kicks off our official author interviews for 31 Days of Magic & Mayhem. Do you look outside the blinds when you hear something go bump?

Mated to a Mage

When do you put up Halloween decorations? Any rules in the house?


Normally on October 1st but I'll do earlier if I really feel like I need the mood boost.


What's your favorite Halloween tradition/decoration/memory?


My grandmother has lived in the same house since 1960. We trick or treated there when we were kids, and all of our kids did too. I hope their kids will too.


Have you ever had a paranormal/ghostly experience? Can you share a little about what happened?


When I was young we often thought my bedroom was haunted. I would ball my bed sheet up in the center of the bed then we'd watch it move across the bed and off. My family witnessed it as well so I knew I wasn't crazy :)


What do you think goes *bump* in the night?


Absolutely everything we can imagine bumping in the night most definitely does. I am not embarrassed to admit I'm afraid of the dark! You could not pay me to open the blinds at night and look outside.


Mated to a Mage

The Nightshade Guild, Book 1

Cassidy K. O’Connor


An assassination in the Elven Court; an orphaned infant Princess; and twelve mages who have sworn to protect her.

The Elven court has tasked the Nightshade Guild with keeping Princess Ameria protected until the assassins are found and the Kingdom is stabilized. Isla Ryan has no experience with babies and is less than thrilled to take the first shift. When word gets out that the Elven Kingdom is vulnerable, everyone wants to get their hands on the orphan.

Killian Stewart arrived in Ireland desperate to heal from the PTSD he suffered after three tours of duty. He expected a quiet time on the Cliffs, instead he ends up on the run from creatures he didn't know existed, with a woman who claims the Supernatural is real, and an infant that can make it rain.

Together, they'll crisscross Europe and try to stay one step ahead of the creatures hunting the Princess.


Available free via KU and for sale via Amazon


About the Author:

Cassidy is a born and raised Floridian who loves to travel but never forgets her roots. She married her high school sweetheart and has three kids and one a rescue dog she probably loves more than her kids.  She loves all things Ireland and has been lucky enough to visit twice. Her dream is to watch a baseball game in every MLB stadium in the country.

Books by Cassidy typically involve independent, strong, female main characters and equally strong men who pursue them.

The Nightshade Guild  


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