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Lisa Fox Explores Her Myth of Choice & Enter to Win ...

While at RWA in New York this summer, I was fortunate enough to meet up with the lovely Ms. Lisa Fox at the Happy Ending Lounge. (You can surmise what the two of us were doing at Happy Ending.) We talked about the joy of being together in an upcoming anthology, edited by Lucy Felthouse, and titled Seducing the Myth. Who would have guessed the mythological love affair that would be started among contributors! 

Now, please welcome Lisa!

Hi everyone! I am Lisa Fox and I’m very, very excited to be here on Louisa’s blog today talking about my contribution to the ultra-sexy anthology, Seducing the Myth!

When I saw the call for submissions for the anthology, my first thought was to do a retelling of one of the more popular myths like Eros and Psyche or Aladdin for example. But I then I thought, maybe it would be better to do something more obscure, something that has not already been made into countless movies. So, I did a little research and I found an ancient Irish legend called The Voyage of Bran.

It is a myth of faith, hope, passion and adventure. A beautiful and mysterious woman tells a young prince the tale of an island in the Otherworld where everyone lives in peace and harmony. Bewitched and besotted, he gathers some of his most trusted men and sets off to find this strange, fantastical land. It seemed like the perfect story to retell for an erotic anthology and I hope that everyone enjoys reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Here’s a little taste:

The bar erupted in cheers as Logan entered and held up his hands in acknowledgement and greeting. Cries of "Captain!" followed him as he wove through the crowd, people congratulating him as he passed. Everyone seemed to be holding the evening edition of The Herald, the front page splashed with a huge picture of Logan grinning like a lunatic, coins and jewels spilling out of his hands, a golden tiara perched crookedly on his head. The fifty-point headline declared him The Prince of Emerald Key!

He made his way to the bar, ordered a beer and lifted it high. "To Reef Dancer," he announced, saluting his ship and his crew. He beamed at his men, sharing with them this moment of complete success. It had taken months of digging, of sifting and searching and probing, but they had finally done it. That very morning they'd uncovered a nearly four-hundred-year-old Spanish galleon buried not far off the coast. And there, within the main hull, they’d found their wildest dreams. Treasure beyond all imagining. They were going to be very rich men.

Logan's hand strayed to his pocket, his fingertips lightly brushing the prize within. He sucked in a sharp breath as a bolt of raw energy rocketed through him. It was like that every time he touched her. His little goddess. The greatest treasure of all. He absently stroked her outline through his jeans, very much wanting to be home right then so he could examine her more closely, maybe even understand the hold she had over him, his consuming desire to touch her, stroke her, discover all her hidden secrets.

Find Lisa on the Web:
Twitter: @LisaFoxRomance

Contest: Guess what? Seducing the Myth is now available in a ... paperback! (Check it out on my Amazon page.) Whoo-hoo! And today, Friday, Sept. 30, I'm supposed to have my first shipment arrive at the house. (Happy Dance!). So in celebration, I'm giving away one copy to a guest who answers this question: What's your favorite myth that you'd like to see given an erotic twist? 

Shipping limited to within the United States.

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A Future without Discrimination with Lisa Lane

Ours is a time of cultural progressivism and change, one in which increasing numbers of people are opening their minds to issues society has kept closed for far too long.  Among those issues society has long repressed is the value we place on sexual orientation.

Lust in Space
Lisa Lane
I hadn’t thought much about sexual orientation until I began writing and reading more erotic romance.  I realized early on that my writing focused on heterosexual couples, as did most erotic romances that were not specifically m/m, f/f, or ménage.  Conversely, most works focusing on homosexual or bisexual characters tended not to delve too much into their straight characters.  I suppose we all write what we know (at least most of the time) but I couldn’t help but wonder: Why don’t more works write across society’s imposed boundaries between the GLBT and heterosexual “communities?”

I was determined to defy that boundary with my Lust in Space stories.  With the help of androgynous shape-shifters, an alien race that is primarily bisexual, and an alien species comprised of hermaphrodites, the series shows differences in sexual orientation not as an issue, but as a normal part of humanoid life.  While the leading couple is heterosexual, I wanted to portray a future in which people were not defined by their sexual orientations, but by their personal characters. With that, I hope the Lust in Space books might not be defined by any particular sexual orientation, but by the character of their stories.

My most recent work in the series is “Super Nova,” which is in Lori Perkins’ most recent anthology, Three’s a Charm.  The short story follows Suxie (introduced in Lust in Space) and Jocar (introduced in Pandora’s Hope) as they go on a mission in the shape-shifting Nova’s space.  The couple, having first gotten together in Pandora’s Hope, has had its differences: Jocar was initially hired by Space-Corp to spy on Suxie and the rest of the crew; Suxie’s spirituality clashes with Jocar’s atheism; and Suxie is unsure about any future ménage activity—unsure she wants to share Jocar, her lovely blue hermaphrodite, with anyone else.  The story is about lust, love, and a couple that transcends the two, testing their relationship and fortifying their bond with a night neither will soon forget.

Lisa Lane
I think an increased number of books will mesh sexual orientations as time goes on, so that many erotica works will not be labeled “GLBT” or “hetero,” but instead follow more closely the ideal we would like to see reflected in real life: a mesh that exemplifies cohesion of different people despite their differences.

Lust in Space, Pandora’s Hope, and Three’s a Charm are available in all electronic formats through Ravenous Romance, and are also available at Amazon and other major online retailers.

You can learn more about my books and short stories at The Cerebral Writer, or visit my all-erotica blog, The New Sensuality.

Thanks for stopping by!

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"Soul Search" with Amber Scott -- release week price of .99 cents

 As part of the Romancing Your Dark Side tour, we've got a special treat today ... an interview with author Amber Scott. Amber's celebrating the release of her latest book, Soul Search, with a .99 cent cover price -- good through Friday, Sept. 23.

What is your favorite scene of the book?

I really enjoyed each of the fight scenes in Fierce Dawn. Each book will have a lot of them, ala Mortal Kombat style. It’s so much fun to play with the various immortal powers. The fire of an elemental versus the emotional drain of a feeder. ..YUM.

What was the most difficult part to write?

The first chapter gave me the most difficulty and the first third of most of my books tend to be what I revise most. Sadie was a particularly enigmatic and quiet character that I had to work hard to understand and get onto the page correctly.

How do you hope readers feel when they’re done reading your book?

Exhilarated from the adventure, satisfied from the love story, and addicted to the series, wanting more, more, more!

Do you believe in ghosts? Any paranormal experiences you’d like to share? If not, any techniques you use to tap into the writing?

Yes. I’ve seen a ghost, we get ghosties in our house and my daughter has even asked an old woman in the room to stop saying “stupid.” She’s the only one who could hear or see the old woman. In fact, that experience helped me immensely in nailing down the heroine’s gifts in Soul Search.

Favorite place to vacation?

Hawaii. North Shore on Oahu in particular. There is a shrimp cart there that has the world’s best garlic drenched shrimp. Down the way is the best shaved ice ever, too. It’s like another world there and island time is delicious.

Favorite flavor of ice cream or dessert?

I’m not a big ice cream fan. Anything chocolate, I’m happy. Chocolate cake, cupcakes, brownies, truffles.

What are you working on now?

Right now I’m working on a couple projects. I’m finishing up “Dirt Nap,” a zombie short for The Evil Within horror anthology, which is shockingly fun to write. I’m revamping and re-releasing some of my formerly traditional titles for the mainstream and I’m writing Lyric’s story, Stealing Dusk, book II in ParaRealm.

Amber Scott
About Amber Scott

Amber Scott writes steamy romance in between the sheets (washing the sheets). She is a stay home mom, an avid reader, a writing coach, screenwriter, cat lover and seriously addicted to chocolate. She loves hearing from readers and fellow authors out there trying to make it.

Soul Search

Three years ago, one horrific night changed his life forever. And now the wolf soul that was invoked to save him is taking over his body, day by day.

Can he master his animal instincts in time to discover who is stealing children’s souls before the delicate balance we all depend upon is shattered?

Or will he reject the one woman who can help heal his body and his soul?

Currently priced at .99 cents on Amazon during release week, ends Sept. 23

Find Amber Scott Online

For more information on the Romancing Your Dark Side tour and contest, visit the Virtual Book Tour Cafe.

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Pajama Parties at the OCC/RWA 30th Birthday Bash

Got your pajamas ready? Are you going comfortable or sexy? I know what I’m wearing! Coming Saturday, Oct. 8, is OCC/RWA’s 30th Birthday Bash. During the day, we’ll be gaining creative inspiration from New York Times best-selling author Susan Mallery and Harlequin Executive Editor Mary-Theresa Hussey. But at night, the party truly heats up!

A variety of OCC author “hosts,” including me, are throwing Pajama Parties. That’s right! Change into something comfortable, and join others for some specialized mini-workshops.

Here’s the line-up, and a few brief descriptions:

                Bedtime Storytelling in Pajamas (Not Just for Bedtimes) with Shannon Donnelly
Come and talk about the art of story telling -- it's not just craft and writing that sells a story, it's the story itself. We'll share ideas, problems, and stories, along with wine and chocolate. Free ebook to everyone who attends.

                Brainstorming in Pajamas with Kara Lennox
             Think outside the box! A sure cure for the boring story is to get some brainstorming brawn behind it. Bring your skimpy plot, a character, or even the seed of an idea and see how fast the ideas fly when you get the group dynamic into the action. There will be chocolate and surprises!

                High Concept in Pajamas with Kathleen Harrington
We'll be exploring the concept of high-concept, what it means in different genres and venues (books, movies).  Then we’ll brainstorm some high-concept ideas for romantic fiction, most especially fantasy and futuristic romances.  We’ll have drinks and a few treats, and I’ll have a prize for the most “high-concept idea” in the brainstorming session.

                Passion in Pajamas with Louisa Bacio
Writing exercises include a naughty-toy grab bag, where guests will be invited to blindly choose one item (printed!), and then free write a scene using it. Wine, snackies and a few prizes will be awarded.

                Pitching in Pajamas with Mary-Theresa Hussey
            Information on how to secure a “chance” for a spot to pitch to the Harlequin executive editor to come!

                Plotting in Pajamas with Louella Nelson
             Story bogged down?  New storyline stumping you?  Get comfy and bring your notepad for this dynamic workshop that gets your story roughed out in one session. Handouts and munchies too!

                Self-Publishing in Pajamas with Debra Holland
             Some goodies will be available and a handout with self-publishing resources.

Have you bought your tickets for the Bash yet? If not, what’s keeping you? Officially, there’s about one week left to make your reservation. The cost of the 30th Birthday Bash, including lunch & dessert, is $40 for all RWA members and $50 for all guests (non RWA members). Pajama Parties are included in that price. The cutoff to reserve discounted rooms is Saturday, September 24. (Unofficially, you may be able to plead with our lovely president to buy a ticket for a few more days after that, but final numbers need to be turned into the hotel).

It’s all happening at the Embassy Suites in Brea

For more information, and to reserve your spot, visit

** Pajamas really are not required to attend, but I’ll be wearing mine!

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Which Myth with Justine Elyot ...

Hi, I'm Justine Elyot and I'm here to talk about my story in Lucy Felthouse's anthology Seducing the Myth.

When Lucy put out the call, I was a little overwhelmed at first. So many juicy myths to be perverted – how could I possibly pick just one? Well, I'm half English and half Irish, living in the West Country, so pondering on that led me to a myth that fits me in terms of nationality – the Celtic legend of Tristan and Iseult.

I first became familiar with this myth in its more well-known guise of Tristan and Isolde through the Wagner opera. In fact, I didn't really cotton on that it was a Celtic myth until later (the only myths we learned about at school were of the Greek and Roman variety). I wasn't even sure that Tristan and Iseult was the same story at first.

Eventually my fog of ignorance cleared and I determined to write an updated fragment of the story focusing on Iseult's wedding to Mark. The situation was sexy yet poignant – and you can't help sympathising with the characters because it's not their fault! The potion made them do it.

Here’s a snippet:

On the way to the river, I think of our journey to Cornwall, Tris and I, in the back of one of Mark's limousines. We hadn't been able to touch each other for fear of what the chauffeur might repeat. Five hours, sitting beside each other, with the heat of our desire burning the air between us, hands fidgeting, eyes twitching, thighs and the inbetween spaces growing pointlessly moist.
We chatted stiltedly, all the time hearing the words behind the words.
"The cake has five tiers but you should see the icing; it's hard as a rock."
Like you, under those trousers. God, I want you.
"Wedding cake icing always is. I suppose it's nice inside."
Inside, inside your thighs, where it's always warm and melting-soft.
"I made them leave out the candied peel and put cherries instead."
Cherries, ripe and red, like my clit, red and ripe under your tongue.
"I like those sticky cherries. I like anything fruity."
I want your fruit, I want to taste you now.
How we made it to Cornwall without fucking like sex was about to be banned on the expensive leather defeats my understanding. It was torture. All the way, I thought we would get out at Castle Dor and sneak in a side entrance, find an empty room where I could lie back and open my legs, have him, bring him inside me, knock the edge off that endless lust, if only temporarily. But Mark was waiting for us and he met us on the gravel drive and I had a long, long wait over cocktails and cheery chatter before I could be alone with my vibrator.
I'd applied it to my aching cunt thinking of Tristan's crinkling eyes and lascivious smile, his questing hands and his thrusting pelvis, the way he turned his rage and despair at our hopeless situation, alchemically, to lust.
He is under a weeping willow. I wonder if the willow weeps for us.
"Mark will wonder where you are," I greet him, but his only answer is to lunge for my wrist and bring me close, so that he bends over me in imitation of the willow branches, arms holding me where I belong.
"This has to end," I say, but I know even as I say it that I don't mean it, and my lips speak the truth, pressing to his, showing him what I can't disguise.
Our tongues say it loud. This can never end. They intertwine, push and force the confession while our lips blister.
"What has to end?" whispers Tristan. "Kissing?"
"I have to marry him."
"I know. But this can't end. It isn't a thing we can pull out of ourselves and discard. It's part of us, Izz. You know that. It's in our blood."

Friday, September 9, 2011

Fall for "Stone Cold Seduction" with Jess Macallan and her hero, Jax

We've got a sweet Friday treat for readers: A visit with Jess Macallan, and one of the heroes from Stone Cold Seduction, Jax. Got another question? Leave a comment and email address, and you'll be entered to win an electronic copy of her novel.

Character Profile: Meet Jaxon “Jax” West

Thanks so much for having me at your blog, Louisa! STONE COLD SEDUCTION, the first book in my Set in Stone series, is available now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Diesel Books and Books on Board. Below is a sneak peek at one of the heroes, Jax, who also happens to be a gargoyle.

1. Where is your character from? Jax was born in Western Washington, but has spent the majority of his life in Seattle. He’s travelled extensively, but prefers living on the west coast.

3. How old is your character? Thirty-four.

4. What is your character called? Most people call him Jax.

5. What does your character look like? He’s six feet tall, and built like a martial artist—lean and muscular. He has short black hair and gray eyes, which change to silver if he’s upset or aroused. His normal attire is jeans and a plain T-shirt. In his gargoyle form, he’s incredible. His wings extend above his head by a few inches. When they’re fully extended, they reach more than seven feet in length. Needless to say, he goes through a lot of shirts. In either form, he gets a lot of attention.

6. What kind of childhood did he have? He was orphaned at the age of thirteen. His earliest years were great. His parents and grandparents were an important part of his life. Losing them was difficult, but he was given an opportunity to put his strength to work when the shadow elf king took him in.

7. What does your character do for a living? By day he works for Elle, the heroine of STONE COLD SEDUCTION. He makes deliveries for her organic bath and body product shop, and does handyman jobs. All of that is a cover for his real job, which the reader will learn about at the end of the book. *winks*

8. How does your character deal with conflict and change? Jax may not always like change, but he does what needs to be done without hesitation. He’s good at seeing the big picture.

9. Does your character have a romantic interest in anyone? Yes, he believes he’s Elle’s mate.

10. What is his temperament like? He’s quiet, but intense. Decisive, but not reactionary. Unless Elle is involved, then all bets are off.

Here’s an excerpt from STONE COLD SEDUCTION so you can get a taste of Jax and see why I love gargoyles…

“You are my true mate.”

My lips were still tingling, and my brain was fuzzy. “Jax, I’m not sure what that means.”

He didn’t answer, but instead pressed a kiss to my temple. And another to my cheek. Slowly, he nuzzled his way to my neck. I let my head drop to one side, giving him better access.

He whispered his approval, and lightly nipped at my neck. “It is a connection between souls. A bond determined by fate. I will show you what it means.”

His lips and tongue were doing a slow, erotic dance along the oh-so-sensitive skin down my neck, and coherent thought was impossible. He could show me whatever he wanted, as long as he didn’t stop.

I sighed, and Jax took that as acceptance. Before I knew what he was going to do, he’d scooped me up and was halfway up the stairs.

“Jax!” I yelped.

He stopped, but his muscles were vibrating with energy. He waited until he had my full attention before repeating, “I will show you. We are mates, connected in ways you and the phoenix will never be.”

His silver eyes were bright and intense. I could admit to having had many, many fantasies where he’d carried me upstairs, and all sorts of amazing things had happened. But this was real. And he was dead serious. It scared me, thrilled me, and seriously confused me.

When I didn’t respond, he lowered my feet to the floor and pressed me up against the wall in the narrow stairwell. His eyes held mine as he leaned close. “I will show you, so there are no doubts.”

Then he kissed me again, and this time, he held nothing back. Possession, need, and barely leashed control. Jax’s mouth told me more than words ever could. He leaned against me so our bodies were in full contact. Need burned through me. His taste, his touch, drowned out my worries. His scent surrounded me. He smelled crisp and clean. Like a sunny, winter day. But the heat he created inside me was intense. Just like the man himself.

Thanks again for having me here, Louisa. I love hearing from readers. You can find me at | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Happy Reading!

Get your copy of Stone Cold Seduction at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Books On Board | Diesel

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Meet Vince Knight, hero of Mine Until Dawn, with Ednah Walters

Good morning and thank you for inviting me to stop by your site on the blog tour for MINE UNTIL DAWN, book 2 of the FITZGERALD FAMILY series. 

Let’s Meet VINCE KNIGHT, the hero in MINE UNTIL DAWN.

Height: 6ft-5, rippling muscles (see picture)
Eyes: Gray
Eyebrows: Arched
Hair: Black, tends to curl at the base of his neck.

Occupation: Investigative reporter-turn-author

Sexiest feature: dimples, long groves that soften the hard planes of his face, although Jade would say his eyes or lips, or you know, that nine-inch beauty that rises majestically from a tuff of black hair.

His strengths: He’s meticulous and disciplined. When he goes after something, he’s very methodical and single-minded. Nothing and no one can stop him from reaching his goal. He’s also very loyal to those he cares about.

His weakness: He doesn’t let people get close, possibly because he doesn’t want to get hurt. He fights against trusting people, including Jade’s brothers and cousin, because he had a difficult childhood and someone close to him betrayed and hurt him. He also fought again falling in love with Jade, but you know what, some things just can’t be controlled.


Something warm and velvety pressed against her cheek and a steady rhythm teased her ear. She inhaled. Hmm, masculine and tangy. She turned her head and buried her nose in…Vince’s neck. She opened her eyes and blinked, heat suffusing her face. Vince was carrying her toward an apartment. That was the second time tonight he’d cradled her so tenderly in his arms. It felt wonderful.              
“Vince,” she murmured.
“Go back to sleep.”
“You shouldn’t be carrying me,” she protested although she made no attempt to get down. They entered a sparsely furnished living room, illuminated by one lamp on a side-table, then went down a hallway.
“I don’t mind.”
“But I’m so, uh, so heavy.”
He chuckled, his arms tightening around her thighs. “You’re perfect.”
He pushed a door with his foot and walked into a bedroom. A lamp on a side-bed table lit the room and a King-size bed. Vince must have come in to turn it on before he went back for her. He set her on the bed and squatted beside it. A dimple winked at her.
“Built like a woman is supposed to be,” he added and ran his knuckles along her Capri-clad hip and down her legs.
Her skin tingled and the flush of heat quickly spread to the rest of her body. A need so primal stretched and expanded inside her, clenching her stomach and making her nerves quiver. It pulsed hot and bright, like nothing she’d ever experienced before. Yet she recognized it in the smoldering desire in his eyes. When his hand landed on her ankle, she jerked away.
“What are you doing?” Her voice quivered.
“Removing your shoes.”
Where had he been all her life? His seductive charm was potent. If she weren’t careful, she would fall in love with him.
“Thanks, but I think I can manage,” Jade managed to stammer. Now please, go away, she wanted to beg him. She couldn’t think coherently with him so close. “Where are my things?”
Vince studied her for a beat, then brushed his knuckles on her cheek. “Right behind you.”
Flushing, she turned her head and spied the plastic bag. During the ride from her place to Vince’s hotel, Eddie had stopped by a superstore for her to pick a few things. She pressed her heated face on her knees and shot Vince a look from the corner of her eye. “Thanks.”
“You’re welcome.” He straightened, taking his time and making her aware he didn’t want to leave her yet. He pointed to a door leading from the bedroom he’d given her. “The bathroom is through there. Should you need anything, I’ll be one door to your left.
She nodded. “I hope I didn’t kick you out of the master bedroom.”
“If I said you did, would you let me stay with you tonight?” he teased.
Jade swallowed at the tempting possibility. She licked her lips, tried to think up a response and came up dry.
“That’s okay,” Vince answered for her. “Bad-timing. I’ll see you later. Rest.”
Jade nodded and waited until he left the room before she covered her burning cheeks with her hands. This was bad. Every time she thought she knew him, he showed her a new facet. He had depth and a generous heart, and he was sexy as hell. How was she going to sleep knowing he was a few feet away, desiring her?


Available via:


About Ednah Walters:

I grew up reading Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys mysteries, before I graduated to Mills & Boons (starting with Janet Daily's Shutter the Sky) and the rest is history.

I enjoy good love stories, tingly mysteries and wondrous adventures. When I finished college and decided to be a stay-at-home mother, I devoured books like they were going out of production, until reading just wasn't enough. So I started to write.

When I'm not writing, I do things with my family, five children or my darling husband of 19 years. I live in a picturesque valley in Utah, the setting for my YA series.

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Love, Sex and Song ... and the Back to Smut Bash

There's some heat happening this Labor Day weekend, oh, baby! First, I'm over at the Rainbow Studio talking about Love, Sex and Music:

“Love you like a love song, baby” – Selena Gomez

Often, I hear music in my head. But, I know that I’m not the only one.

Many authors listen to music while writing, and some songs – more than others – tend to inspire that creativity.

Stop by, leave a comment about your favorite song and enter to win a copy of my first novel, Sex University: Physical Education. The Rainbow Studio.

Too tame for you? How about taking a jump over to Sizzling Hot Book Reviews, and its Back to Smut Bash!

There's no apologies when a slew of sizzling, OK smutty, writers get together and talk ... well *smut.*

Participating authors include Lex Valentine, Laura Kaye, Em Petrova, Rebecca Leigh, Sharon Buchbinder, Sascha Illyvich, Tonya Kinzer and many, many more. 

Enter to win a variety of prizes. I'll be stopping by throughout the weekend with a few, stimulating posts.