Saturday, March 4, 2023

A Confession: Daisy Jones & The Six

I have a confession: I did not read the book. 


Crazy to think about, right? My 16-year-old and I are both avid readers in romance, but we tend to snap up different genres. She’s more of a NA reader, and I like paranormal, contemporary and historical. In fact, there’s even a fear of – gasp – actually, reading the SAME novel. (Really, that’s more on her part than mine.)


Anyway, maybe that’s a reason why while she gushed over Daisy Jones & The Six, I stayed away. It was a countdown to watch the Amazon Prime series, and when it popped up a day early (late Thursday night), she binged it all. Then she did something she normally wouldn’t, she came into the living room and played the first episode for me.


Then on Friday night, after getting home from her friend’s house, we watched the next two.  Hooked. What can I say? It’s a riveting ensemble cast that blends music, #womenpower and a 70s historical background. 


Pop culture enthusiast Joe posted this compilation on Twitter:


Top left: Daisy, Camilla, Karen and Simone 


All these women push to be noticed in different ways. For Daisy, I love the kick-ass attitude of not wanting to be the muse for anyone else (more specifically a man).


"I had absolutely no interest in being somebody else's muse. I am not a muse. I am the somebody. End of fucking story."


Camilla possesses a more subdued strength. When she asked Billy. “Do you think I moved here for you? I moved here with you.”




Maybe now I’ll read the book – but not until after we finish the series. I’m still a little bit worried about having my heart ripped out. 


Honestly, confession #2: I've never been a fan of '70s clothes. Yesterday after watching Daisy Jones & The Six, I perused eBay for an inspired outfit for our upcoming Taylor Swift concert in Phoenix. Stay tuned for how the shopping goes!


The first three episodes of the miniseries Daisy Jones & The Six have dropped on Amazon Prime, with new shows being released on Fridays.