Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Intertexuality of Black Hills Wolves

Black Hills Wolves is a multi-author series set in South Dakota. What does that mean? Simply, a bunch of super-creative authors write individual stories set in the same world, and follow the same rules. 

Each book works as a standalone, but together it’s a wild ride into a secret world of the hierarchy and love mates of wolves. The series kicked off with “Wolf’s Return” (#1) by Rebecca Royce and her story of Drew. 

Most of the books contain some recurring characters. One of my favorites is the Enforcer, Ryker, whose background is shared in the second book “What a Wolf Wants” by Heather Long. In my new release, Ryker greets Shilah soon after his return to Los Lobos. 


At the library, Lorelai has a run in with Blaine and meets with Rebecca. Both of these characters are featured in “The Wolf’s Choice” (#64) by Inge Saunders.


With “The Cougar Shifter,” a nod has to be given to the first cougar of the Tao pack, Klaya, whose story is told in “A Cougar Among Wolves” (#45) by Kali Willows.

Finally, the epilogue brings in two special characters – Isabelle, who is a wildlife biologist, and park ranger Wyatt, from Dena Garson’s “Your Wild Heart” (#14). 


Summer Solstice Ménage: The Cougar Shifter” is my third book in the series, and brings together a few characters as special guests. In “Claiming the She-Wolf,” readers meet Tala and her potential love interest, Yas. In Winter Solstice Ménage, Yas’ sister Sugar comes to town, and gets more than what she expected with the Baker Twins. Finally, in The Cougar Shifter, Tala’s brother Shilah returns and discovers that sometimes the best place to be is home. 

My master’s thesis for English was partially on the concept of intertexuality, and specifically in Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. A simple definition of the term is “the relationship between texts, especially literary ones” (Oxford). 


So while all of these books definitely standalone, they also add quite a bit more when read together. As one review on Amazon said, “A trip back to Los Lobos was exactly what I needed on a dreary rainy weekend day.”


As a writer, I felt exactly the same way. 


Thank you to all of the authors who have paved the way, and to all who continue to inflame the sparks of the imagination. 


Until next time,

Louisa Bacio


Friday, May 28, 2021

New release -- Summer Solstice Ménage: The Cougar Shifter

Summer Solstice Ménage: The Cougar Shifter


By Louisa Bacio


The past haunts. The future heals.


Years ago, cougar shifter Lorelai sought shelter in Los Lobos after being scarred and tossed from her pack. She’d isolated with the help of one young wolf who wants more from their relationship.


Every since Jonah came to live with Lorelai, he’s known she’s destined to be his Mate. What he didn’t expect was to share her with another wolf, Shilah.


After leaving the Black Hills Wolves, Shilah fought for his place, only to find himself back home in a very different his role. 


With the magic of the Summer Solstice, Lorelai needs to learn to love herself before loving them. 

Now available via Decadent Publishing

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Until next time!

Louisa Bacio

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Series Starter: Mated to a Mage by @CKOConnor_Auth


Mated to a Mage

The Nightshade Guild

Cassidy K. O’Connor


An assassination in the Elven Court; an orphaned infant Princess; and twelve mages who have sworn to protect her.

The Elven court has tasked the Nightshade Guild with keeping Princess Ameria protected until the assassins are found and the Kingdom is stabilized. Isla Ryan has no experience with babies and is less than thrilled to take the first shift. When word gets out that the Elven Kingdom is vulnerable, everyone wants to get their hands on the orphan.

Killian Stewart arrived in Ireland desperate to heal from the PTSD he suffered after three tours of duty. He expected a quiet time on the Cliffs, instead he ends up on the run from creatures he didn't know existed, with a woman who claims the Supernatural is real, and an infant that can make it rain.

Together, they'll crisscross Europe and try to stay one step ahead of the creatures hunting the Princess.


Available now via Amazon


About the Author:

Cassidy is a born and raised Floridian who loves to travel but never forgets her roots. She married her high school sweetheart and has three kids and one a rescue dog she probably loves more than her kids.  She loves all things Ireland and has been lucky enough to visit twice. Her dream is to watch a baseball game in every MLB stadium in the country.

Books by Cassidy typically involve independent, strong, female main characters and equally strong men who pursue them.


Coming February 25, 2021The Nightshade Guild: Mage You Blink (Book 2) 
by Gracen Miller

Follow the series:

The Nightshade Guild https://www.facebook.com/nightshadeguild  

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cassidykoconnorauthor

Nightshade Guild on Twitter: https://twitter.com/NSGBookSeries