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1001 Dark Nights 2020 Short Story Challenge -- Experience the Magic #Free


I’m very excited to have my short story “Shadow Lover” selected as one of the winners of the 1001 Dark Nights Press 2020 short story challenge.

Since 1001 Dark Nights started in 2014, I’ve read many of their releases from talented authors. 

From the editors: “This year, we held a contest where romance authors could submit a short story to be included in a 1001 Dark Nights anthology, and we were blown away by the results. We received hundreds of entries, and while we wish we could include everyone, we’re thrilled to introduce you to these thirty-six incredible authors:”


Fiona Archer ~ Louisa Bacio ~ Laura M. Baird ~ Kait Ballenger ~ Asa Maria Bradley ~ 

Eden Bradley ~ Boone Brux ~ C.G. Burnette ~ Cara Carnes ~ Caraway Carter ~ 

Sierra Cartwright ~ S.A. Clayton ~ Katana Collins ~ Janie Crouch ~ Patricia D. Eddy ~ 

Zoey Ellis ~ Zoe Hill ~ Sara L. Hudson ~ Tracey Jerald ~ A.D. Justice ~ Terri E. Laine ~ Michelle Mars ~ Gina L. Maxwell ~ Kayt Miller ~ Dani René ~ Gen Ryan ~ Blue Saffire ~ 

Ella Sheridan ~ Mayra Statham ~ Delancey Stewart ~ Jen Talty ~ Mary Ting ~ Reina Torres ~ Magan Vernon ~ Jennifer Woodhull ~ Khloe Wren


Hopefully, you enjoy this wonderful treat to all readers, and find yourself discovering some new favorites.

#Free for a limited time 

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Saturday, October 3, 2020

No Resisting "An Irresistible Force" #WeekendRead @LeoRosanna

Like fine wine, some series get better with age! At least, that’s the case with the maturity of An Irresistible Force, Handymen Book Two by Rosanna Leo.  

Maybe it’s the continuation of characters met in book 1, A Good Man, or simply the irresistible charm of brothers Michael, Eli and Nick Zorn. Book 2 focuses on the landscaper of the threesome, Eli. 


As the middle child, Eli’s often seen as the balance as the group. When he runs up against his mentor’s niece, Bernie, he wants to play fix-it, but there’s a lot at stake – for everybody. 


Love doesn’t follow convenient rules. Leo creates a real-world story, filled with complications. After some traumatic experiences, Bernie’s learned to rely upon herself, and the safe haven the Handymen are tasked with not only remodeling but demolishing. 


While the book features some hot scenes, what stands out is its slow burn. The tension slowly builds to an irresistible force. It’s an overall delightful read.  


I’m greedy when it comes to reading an author and series I enjoy. So hopefully, Rosanna will understand when I ask, will we get Lacey’s story? While the series focus on the Handymen, she’s the perfect character who deserves an HEA!


An Irresistible Force (Handymen Book 2) 

Rosanna Leo

Totally Bound


She needed a safe place. He was determined to give her one.

TV landscaper Eli Zorn has always been a fixer. But when a family medical situation teaches him there are some things you just can’t fix, he’s desperate to return to work for a distraction. The demolition of an old cottage in tranquil Muskoka, Ontario, is just the ticket.


Unfortunately, a gorgeous woman has handcuffed herself to the cottage and she won’t let it go down without a fight. Bernadette ‘Bernie’ Nolan has history with the place, and she won’t let Eli and the Handymen team get their hands on her refuge.


The cottage belongs to Eli’s mentor. Not only is Peter Nolan a giant in the landscaping business, he’s also Bernie’s uncle. And it becomes clear very quickly that relations in the Nolan family are more than strained.


As Eli and Bernie grapple with old loyalties, they are determined to see each other as the enemy. But this is one attraction that cannot be denied, and one that they’re losing the will to resist…

Available on Amazon and other e-retailers 

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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Weekend read: The Body Collector #BadBoysofSpace @LandraGraf

Loyda swallowed hard. “I don’t think he cares about kissing me anywhere.” 

“I would if I was him. I want to and I’m not him. Do you want me to?”

The Body Collector, Landra Graf

Disclosure: Landra Graf happens to be a good friend. Despite living relatively far away (Arkansas and California), we've stayed close. Totally missing some in-person, late-night con chats. I've started "The Body Collector," but haven't finished it (blasted too much grading!). So far, loving it. 

The Body Collector (Bad Boys of Space)

Landra Graf

*Can be read as a standalone

Book Genre: Romance, Sci-Fi, Action Adventure

Family Friendly/Clean: No

Pgs.: 221

Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/54498402-the-body-collector

Links to Buy: https://books2read.com/u/47XBJa

King Sumo Giveaway: https://kingsumo.com/g/lblfge/the-body-collector-release-giveaway



When bodies start falling, the collector comes calling…

Alexander ‘Big Al’ Smith signed on as a government body collector to get away from his parents and determine his own future. Illegal black marketing of body organs was supposed to be his path to early retirement…until he got caught.

Loyda Miles, government investigator, seeks the truth—against the wishes of her boss—and she’ll blackmail Al over his illegal ventures to help her capture the culprits behind the disappearances of thousands from the Saturn ring jails.

When Loyda finds herself wanted for her boss’s death, the tables turn and Al’s the one in a position of power. In exchange for protection and his help in getting the people responsible, she’s willing to help clear his name. Exploring the attraction between them during seductive nights and danger-filled days is an added incentive.

In a deadly race against time, Al and Loyda must outrun government forces and discover the mastermind behind this conspiracy…if they don’t want to ‘disappear’ like all the others…


Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of violence and death, as well as references to inadequate parenting and drug addiction. 

“All bodies are worth something.”

His gaze trailed up and down her form, and she grew hot under the scrutiny. Then he leaned in closer, his growly voice softer this time. “Including yours, if anything bad happens. So don’t let anything bad happen.”

                                                                                              The Body Collector, Landra Graf

Excerpt (Rated PG-13): 

“Damn it, Mangle—” Any and all speech was lost as Loyda walked in.

She looked clean, far cleaner than she had in the processing room. A floral scent came with her, intoxicating him and sending him backward. He sat naked except for a scrap of terrycloth, and his dick took the bait in front of him. She walked in as if summoned from his every fantasy, a saucy smile to her lips and a twinkle in her eye.

It wasn’t healthy, his body’s fascination with this woman, nor was it helpful that she’d taken to barging into his room like his first mate. “By all means, come on in.”

“Don’t mind if I do.” She stopped on the other side of his desk and Al slowly sat up straight to provide a little bit of cover. Yet if she dared to come any closer, she might get more than an eye full. “This how you like to spend most of your time?”

“It is after I’ve just cleaned up from finishing in body collection. Trying to enjoy a little hard-earned privacy, but I guess even five more minutes is too much to ask?”

She smiled wide, and the vision momentarily stunned him. Loyda smiling at him like she’d found all the riches in the known universe was something he had never been prepared for.

“Murderers don’t get peace and quiet where I come from.”

Al frowned. Such a smile failed to fit her words and with them came a sour taste in his mouth. Her badge fell out of her hand and clunked on the desk. “While I thank you for saving my life, I am here to tell you that Allied Authority hereby warrants arrest for the crime of murder and that your ship and crew now report to me.”


Author Bio: Landra Graf has always been a sucker for stories where true love conquers all. She believes in the inspiration and joy the written word can bring. Add in her personal mottos of ‘whatever it takes’ and ‘better to be busy than bored’ and she’s two steps from overload. She writes romance with the goal of granting happily ever afters to everyone, fiction or not. 

When not writing, readers can find Landra reviewing books, cooking up a storm, deeply immersed in a mad game of Scrabble or Rummy variation, and searching for moments to laugh and smile through it all. 

She lives in the wilds of Northwest Arkansas with her partner and two children.

Author Social Links: 

·      Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7847192.Landra_Graf

·      Website: http://landragraf.com

·      Book Bub: https://www.bookbub.com/profile/landra-graf

·      Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Landra-Graf/e/B00IESJED4?ref_=dbs_p_ebk_r00_abau_000000

·      Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/landragraf/

·      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LandraGrafAuthor/

·      Twitter: https://twitter.com/LandraGraf

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Monday, August 24, 2020

Luna Joya makes a Killing (Song)

Killing Song cover

It’s my favorite of the series – so far, and thats saying something. 

It’s not often that you reach book 3 of a series, and they keep getting better! While I’ve enjoyed all of Luna Joya’s books in The Legacy series, Killing Song stands out. While each book works as a standalone, it feels like Joya found a magic with these characters and the connecting storyline. 


Let’s be honest, I have a few prejudices when it comes to paranormal romance:


  • It’s a series about witches
  • Killing Song features a badass assassin Siren + a tortured hero
  • Zaida’s as fiery as her red hair


I underlined many lines that marveled my reader senses, such as:


“The mood reflected off her like it had been searching for her as a beacon.” 


Z&Z. Thankfully, Joya didn’t adhere to one of the conventions of writing romance: Don’t name the hero and heroine with a name that begins with the same letter. Pffft. I never understood that. Most definitely, Zaida and Zimm are unique, and there’s no mixing the two.


Joya sets these stories in Southern California, which adds to the charm. Whether it’s cruising through Hollywood, or exploring an eerie high-rise apartment in Long Beach, the reader takes in some real details that add to the world-building. It’s on the level of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles: She makes me believe.


Finally, there is an interconnectedness that flows through the entire series. Previous characters play a role, and Joya hints at future pairings. Honestly, I want cozy up to her at a bar, buy her a cocktail and learn all the secrets of future books. But, there is a joy of watching the mystery unravel while being entertained reading for hours.


For now, I’ll be thankful for the love of Zaida and Zimm.


Killing Song (The Legacy Book 3)

By Luna Joya

City Owl Press


One more kill and she’s free. But only if she doesn’t fall in love first. 


Love destroys. Zaida has lived by that motto for centuries as a siren and the faerie queen’s most lethal assassin. So keeping things strictly professional with the sexy human she’s working with on the FBI’s paranormal task force shouldn’t be a problem. Except it is.


Former Army Ranger Zimm isn’t a big fan of love either. Losing everything and everyone will do that to a guy. Keeping his hands off the badass, sword-happy siren who’s helping him track down a murderous demon should be easy. But it isn’t. 


If Zaida and Zimm have any hope of claiming their happily ever after, they’ll have to catch a killer, outwit immortal royalty, and face off against an evil magical organization. And then there’s the little matter of the last hit the queen has ordered Zaida to carry out in exchange for her freedom. The target? Zimm.


Seems like everything’s about to get supernaturally complicated.




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Friday, August 14, 2020

Announcement: 1001 Nights Short Story Challenge Winners (Yes, I'm one!)

I'm so excited to be included in this upcoming anthology with 1,001 Dark Nights! I've been a huge fan as a reader for a long time. 

Such a talented group of authors, which includes some writers who've become friends over the years such as Fiona Archer, Eden Bradley, Boone Brux, Cara Carnes, Caraway Carter (go OCC/RWA!), Sierra Cartwright, Gina L. Maxwell and Khloe Wren! 

Plus, some new-to-me authors (like C.G. Burnette, who I adore already!) who I can't wait to work with. It's already been an amazing experience, and it's only just begun! 

Official Announcement:


We are thrilled to share the winners of the 1,001 Dark Nights 2020 Short Story Challenge with you all! 


This is the first time that we’ve run a challenge like this and we are beyond excited with the results. We had hundreds of submissions and were overwhelmed with the quality of both the writing and the characters from so many amazing writers. Because of that, we’re proud and honored to be highlighting nearly forty winning authors and their stories!


This anthology will be free on all retailers and links will be sent to our newsletter subscribers this December (2020) as a gift to readers. 


For more information about the authors, visit: 



Stay tuned for teasers to my paranormal romance short "Shadow Lover," and December's free release!

Louisa Bacio




Thursday, July 30, 2020

New release: Under the Cape An Anthology of Superhero Romance & Giveaway

It's finally here! Ready for takeoff!

Super speed, incredible strength, the ability to fly, throw fire, read minds or change forms. What superpower would you choose if you could? Would you be the hero or the villain? And how would it affect your relationships?

The challenge of connection, secrets, and the murky line between good and evil are explored in this collection of 11 original romances by:

Kim Strattford – Flying Fast, Falling Hard (M/F)

E.D. Gonzalez – Where There’s Smoke (M/M)

Naomi Hinchen – The Trust Paradox (M/F)

Elizabeth Schechter – Time for No Mercy (F/F)

David Valentin -No Words Needed (M/M)

Stella B. James – Swiftly In Love (M/F)

Julie Behrens – Supergay (F/F)

Christopher Peruzzi -The Little Push (M/F)

Louisa Bacio – Foolproof (F/F)

Rachel Kenley – Just Be Yourself (M/F)

Austin Worley – Love, Law and the Whippoorwill (F/F)

From heat levels mild to wild, these authors explore the universal truths of love and romance and the happy endings we all desire.

Editor’s Note: Published during the Corona Virus Pandemic, a portion of the profits from this book will be donated to the CDC Foundation.

Under the Cape: An Anthology of Superhero Romance


Edited by Rachel Kenley

Available on:




Riverdale Avenue Books






2 electronic copies of the anthology (picked at 9 p.m. PST on July 30 – tonight!)


1) Harley Quinn Inflatable Mallet! (I got an extra at the Birds of Prey premiere, and have been saving it for this release!)


1) $5 Amazon or winner’s choice e-gift card.


Contest for the mallet and gift card ends August 9, 2020, 8 p.m. PST. The winner will be chosen at random. Mailing for the mallet is U.S. only. 


Enter via the Google form, Under the Cape giveaway.

Off we go!

Louisa Bacio




Friday, June 19, 2020

#WeekendReads – A Good Man by @LeoRosanna #DIY

Rosanna Leo
A Good Man: Handymen, Book 1
Totally Bound Publishing 

If you’re a fan of a certain DIY show featuring a few hot brothers, author Rosanna Leo has an equally hot read for you with A Good Man: Handymen, Book 1. Who doesn’t like a partner who’s good with their hands?

Set in Toronto’s Little Italy, this contemporary romance proved to be more than a light romp. The complications of not-too-distant exes and a hero with some not-too-distant trauma combines for a realistic and compelling love story. The reader wants an HEA for Michael and Emily, and Leo refreshingly delivers.

Honestly, I easily see myself in Emily – following the dream of remodeling her Nonna Olivia’s house into a healthy, neighborhood soup shop. (I love making soup.) Some of these descriptions will get your mouth watering. 

The interaction of Michael and his two brothers Eli and Nick is totally believable and like the viewers of their hit TV show, I’ve got a crush on Nick, which I’m sure will be book three! (She’ll make us wait for it.)

Sign me up! 

A Good Man: Handymen, Book 1

He tears down walls for a living. She’ll tear down the ones around his heart.

Contractor Michael Zorn is one of the leading men on the successful home improvement show Handymen. He is also revered for an act of bravery he’d rather forget. The press may hound him, but all he really wants is to help couples realize their home renovation dreams.

One of these couples is Emily Daniels and her fiancé, Trent. When Emily inherits an old home in Toronto’s Little Italy, she sees it as the perfect location for her small business. The house needs a lot of work, but her appearance on the Handymen show means Michael and his contractor brothers will help her renovate at a reasonable cost.

When Michael and Emily meet, their chemistry is intense. Emily wants to stay true to Trent, but her fiancé has done nothing but disappoint her. Michael recognizes Trent for what he is—a cheater. And it isn’t long before he breaks Emily’s heart.

At first, Michael only intends to comfort Emily, but their friendship soon flares into passion. Unfortunately, Michael has secrets and wounds of his own, ones he has never trusted to another. Emily is determined to break down his walls, but can she trust her heart to a man who can’t trust himself?

Available at all eRetailers

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Monday, June 8, 2020

Publication Anniversary & #PRIDE giveaway

On June 8, 2010, my first book Sex U: Physical Education was published. My writing “career” started with a few short stories, after I had seen Calls for Submission. After those, editor/agent Lori Perkins asked if I had any ideas for a full-length, and I received my first contract.

When the original publisher Ravenous Romance went out of business, I got all the rights back, and the book was later republished with Riverdale Avenue Press.

Here is the original cover. The revised is below. I learned a lot between the two, such as what exactly BCC means (back cover copy!) and think the revision came out much stronger (active writing!). 

Original Physical Education Cover
I’m proud of the same-sex storylines in my first novel, and the underlying more serious discussion on sex trafficking, which continues to be a problem.

To celebrate the anniversary, I’m doing a PRIDE giveaway with three levels:

Large Pride Package
1) Large Pride Package, including socks, Love "stone," keychain, scarf
2) Small Pride Package with Mickey rainbow patch & temporary tattoos
3) $10 G/C to Amazon, B&N or winner's choice

Small Pride Package
Enter via Google form (I get errors on Rafflecopter at times …).

Note: Prize does not include the rainbow tablecloth in the pictures, which was custom made for signings. Winner will be chosen at random on Sunday, June 28, at 5 p.m. PST. Thank you for your support! U.S. shipping on large Pride packages. (If you’re international, and win the small one, let’s talk!) 

Thank you to everyone for your support. 

Sex U: Physical Education

Tired of sexual norms and wanting to expand her pleasure, Amanda “Mandi” Wilkinson enrolls in summer school at San Francisco Sex University, an exclusive sex school located in the heart of San Francisco. What Mandi doesn’t realize is that not all the mysterious drop-outs are simply flunking sex-ed. 

Reed McAllister came to Sex U. for reasons all his own. Undercover, he’s searching for a woman, the right woman, and so far he doesn’t have any leads. Reed never saw himself working at a place such as SFSU, let alone instructing, but he had to admit it – the job did come with its perks. 

When Mandi turns up on the missing list, will Reed be able to save her and give her the lessons she so desires?  

When the book re-launched, I wrote a few related short stories, which are still available for .99 cents:
Summer School

Summer School – Series Starter
A Short Story from Sex University 

Ms. Lucy dreams of starting a sex school in San Francisco, the City of Love.  After interviewing some promising candidates, including Antoinella De Luca, an artist who integrates her tools into playtime, and twin blond surfer hotties, Blaine and Wayne, Lucy launches a soft opening, Summer School.

One of the first students to join, Willow, comes seeking to explore new experiences. When paired with Ted, who she feels is way out of her league, it’s a game of give or give. 

Lucy likes it when the shy ones pair up with those with more confidence. And so do we!

And the writing continues …

Louisa Bacio