Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sci Spanks Anthology

SCI SPANKS Anthology

Want more and all in one place? The Sci Spanks 2014 is coming soon!

Available July 16 via online stores in the Sci Spanks Anthology!
Louisa Bacio

Friday, June 20, 2014

I Can’t Believe I Read the Whole Thing

Welcome to the Summer Lovin’ Hop! To me, summer and love has to mean summer reading. You know, those lazy days on the beach or by the pool with all the time in the world?

What? You’re an adult now? With, you know, responsibilities? Yeah, I know the feeling, but guess what? A magical book, one that hooks you … makes it feel like it’s Summer Lovin’ all over again!
The lusty Jennifer Bernard kept me up to all hours of the night this week. Well, not in person … but with her latest Bachelor Firemen novel, Four Weddings and a Fireman.

Since I started reading the series, there was one “too-cool” fireman who caught my reading eye. Let’s say I have a thing for muscles – brawn. That’s Vader. Bernard paid of in major ways, in Four Weddings and a Fireman, not only is Vader hot, he’s the full package, ahem, with a package.

Once I reached a certain spot in the book, I couldn’t stop. I had to see what happened, and that led to 3:30 a.m. *sigh* But, the lack of sleep was worth every word. Fortunately, with the children on a “summer schedule,” I could drop the youngest off at camp and return home for a little nap.

Bernard’s kind of tricky, though. All the while I read this book, I kept wondering: “When is Fred’s story?” Lucky me! The Night Belongs to Firemen releases Sept. 30 – not too long a wait, and by then the kids will be back at school!

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Here's a new read from me!

Dry Heat

Louisa Bacio

In Palm Springs for a conference, James expects little more than long meetings, hot days and lonely nights. He’s prepared to get through the boredom one day at a time—right up until the moment he runs into Sofia, a former flame he’s never been able to forget. Hot to rekindle the physical side of their relationship and enthusiastically okay with some no-strings-attached sex, Sofia joins James during his off time—in his hotel room, between meetings, for sexy dinners and even on the sky tram. With every illicit whisper and each delicious encounter hotter than the last, James finds himself wishing this business trip would never end.
An EC for Men erotica story from Ellora’s Cave

Available via Ellora’s Cave, ARe, Amazon and other eRetailers.

Until next time!

Louisa Bacio

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Haunting in the LBC

Flickering candles with some fighting to go out.

“I saw a ghost come out of your room today,” hubby to our tween.

Say what?

The admission would be more surprising is supernatural happenings weren’t a regular occurrence. This one, though, struck a chord.

On Monday, our daughter said the family dog kept growling at something in the corner of her bedroom, and she said she didn’t feel alone. Humoring her, I went inside, and witnessed the unusual canine behavior.

Although she wasn’t pacified, we both agreed: Nothing was there. At least, nothing we could physically see.

Until the husband disclosed a figure exiting her room exactly three minutes after we left this morning. (BTW: He knew nothing of the events the night before.)

Ummm, creepy. Seriously, we’ve had occasional visits and most often, we believe it’s family members who passed on. Still, the feeling of being watched, and not being alone is scary.

In order to combat the visits, I decided to light some candles and ask the spirit to leave, and not to scare my daughter. Despite a fair amount of wax being left in the holder, six candles blew out right away. I went through six extra-long matches in order to light them. Finally, after bringing out new ones, we said our peace … and within a minute, a seventh candle blew out.

Coincidence? I think not.

And people wonder why I write with a paranormal twist.

Tell me: What are your thoughts?

Oh, and guess who doesn’t want to sleep in her room tonight?

Louisa Bacio

Monday, June 16, 2014

“Wow, you look pretty.” #RetroGlam

Note: Horrid selfie taker! 

“Wow, you look pretty.”

It’s a compliment I don’t often get from my 7-year-old, especially when I’m wearing lounge-at-home clothes. But, on Saturday morning I put on extra special make-up, including a new sample mascara I received from Influenster – ScandalEyes Retro Glam by Rimmel.

Since the product advertised a “wide-eye” open look, and I’ve been going on four-to-five hours of sleep per night (deep into edits with upcoming releases), it sounded like a good try.

Now here’s where I disclose that I don’t really do make-up reviews. I’m a writer, and the past is filled with analysis about books and music and concerts and movies, but make-up? Nope. So what’s the connection?

It’s a guilty pleasure!

Oh, yes. If I’m feeling down there’s nothing like a new lip gloss from Sephora to make me feel better. Nail polish? Sure. Sparkly eye shadow in funky colors? Bring it on Urban Decay!

Seriously, when I’m feeling tired, sometimes I pay extra special attention to what I’m wearing and how the make-up looks (much different note than when I feel sick). On Saturday, I had to stand before a room of close of 75+ romance writers … and talk. I’m not the most gregarious person in the world but I serve as president for OCC/RWA as my way of giving back – helping other writers achieve their dreams.

Anyway, little sleep and public speaking? Yeah, I better at least look good. So I slid into a fav. new purple dress from New Orleans, dolled up the make-up and eyes, and swiped on three coats of ScandalEyes. And I bet you, no one looked at me and thought, “Wow, she looks tired!”

P.S. -- You REALLY don't want to see my before photo.
Louisa Bacio