Sunday, April 27, 2014

Her Wolf Ménage Sneak Peek Sunday

Here's a sneak peek from  The Vampire, The Witch & The Werewolf: Her Wolf Ménage:

He’d just about given up hope of finding a mate, and she came along, off the bus, a breath of country air and innocence floating along with her.
A group of drunken tourists, chatting loudly, tottered on the cobblestone streets. Those who lived in the city knew the uneven pavement didn’t mix well with high heels. A cry pierced the night as one woman twisted her ankle, falling on the friend next to her. Just like Jana had. They laughed, and the woman righted herself and limped onward.
The clouds parted above, and the moon peeked through.
“Hello, my friend,” Andre said, gazing upward.
By the next full moon, he vowed to claim Jana as his own, and run the parks together. He might not be able to give her the great expanse of the forest, but he could give her new experiences she’d never forget.
 Lights flashed from inside the store window as Lawrence pushed back the blinds and looked out. Their eyes met, and an awareness passed between them. Andre lifted his hand in acknowledgement, and the vampire nodded his head before settling the blinds and turning off the lights. He’d known the man for at least ten years so far, and they’d never been at odds. They possessed a mutual respect. 

The Vampire, The Witch & The Werewolf: Her Wolf Ménage

She seeks adventure

What’s the use of living in a wolf pack when one isn’t a shifter? Jana strikes out from Louisiana’s national forest to New Orleans to find herself, only to discover more questions.

They want the same woman

The moment Jana steps into the French Quarter, Andre pursues the naïve beauty. An artist, he senses the hidden wolf beneath the surface, and her nature calls to him. It’s not until she leaves that long-time friend Dominick realizes what he wants. The two alpha weres must battle it out or learn to share to reach their happy ending.

Available via Amazon, Ravenous, ARe & B&N.

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