Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fortune Cookie

"A romantic mystery will soon add interest to your life."

Can you get any better than that?

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Sex Talk

As a parent, I know that the time will come to talk to my two daughters about sex. As an erotic writer, with stashes of Playboy around the house, the discussion might become more pressing. Already, we’ve told our older daughter that it’s not “polite” to play with her privates sitting in front of the television or in front of other people. Last night, the situation raised a level.

Both girls love running around the house naked. From talking to other parents, I know this behavior isn’t an anomaly. Still, I don’t understand how I can be in long-sleeved pajamas and fuzzy socks and they’re running around butt-naked. Often, the older daughter, Nicole, will strip down first, and then the little one follows suit. Hubby asked Nicole to put some underwear and at least a pair of pants on. A few minutes later we were all laying on the pull-out sofa bed (love those Sundays with the family), and Nicole started giggling.

I looked over at her, and she held a great big pink feather in her hand.

“I’m laughing because I put the feather on my privates and it tickles.”

All righty. She had put on a skirt, but no undies.

I took the feather from her, and looked at my husband. “About time to have a talk with her?” he asked.

Yeah, sure, but who knew it would include feathers?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sticker Shock & Awe

“Stickies. Stickies,” my 2-year-old daughter screamed.

Usually when I get dressed in the morning, I need something to distract her. Breakfast of a sliced “nana” and “Dora the Explorer” often does the trick. But, yesterday, only “stickies” would do.

After handing her a sparkly and sticky sheet of Dora and friends, I headed to the back to throw on some clothes. I hadn’t even finished picking out my jeans and shirt when I heard some major giggles floating on back. As a parent, there are some things for concern. One is when the children get quiet. The other is when they laugh while alone (well, or with a pet).

The little one sat on our red couch, panties stripped off and stickers afoot. She strategically stuck Isa the green lizard right at the top of her “whooo-hoo.” A Dora sticker graced the inside of her thigh, and the sheet showed one more missing.

Where is it? I thought. She was going to spend the day with my mom-in-law (yes, so soon after that wonderful Saturday night alone, lucky me!). Imagine if I didn’t find Ms. Isa’s hiding place. There, on her calf was the last “stickie.”

Only two. I can’t help but wonder what adornments will be in her future ...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Best Sex Scene

Something about that title grabbed my interest. So, I had to read the EW article, of course. Entertainment Weekly happens to be one of my ultimate guilty pleasures. Not only do I relish watching American Idol, but the next day, I just gotta read the morning after reviews on EW.

After checking the DVR, I found out that Lifetime was going to be re-showing the Nora Roberts' adapted flick "High Noon" again this evening. I'll definitely let you know if it rates a "best" sex scene label.

Want more? Here's a link to the story:


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Date Night

So let's dish about date-night. With hubby's birthday a week away, we were able to secure a sitter this evening (all right, that means the in-laws). With a full night alone, what do we do? How about a nice dinner, shower and nap beforehand, of course, and maybe a movie. Then again, with a home empty and waiting, why waste time with a flick?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Late-Night Love

Ever enjoy a late-night rendezvous with a good book? Nothing like a good read to keep you up late at night. This week, I sucked in two Blaze novels by Leslie Kelly: “Slow Hands” and its companion “Heated Rush.” Ms. Kelly knows how to pour on the steam in some delicious sex scenes. Plus, there are some memorable characters. Ready to spend some time turning the pages while you’re between the sheets? Check them out.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Do you believe in love?

The world contains all different types of love, and I'm not talking about the love for a child, or a friend here. It's romantic love that's on the board.

There's that sweet first-love crush. Remember what it was like to first hold hands with someone, say around junior high school? The morning would be spent planning how you would share lunch together.

Then comes high school love. Hormones rushing. All that uncertainty. And, many people keep and cherish that first "real" love. Others find their special someone later in life.

Do we all get just one love? We can, but I don't it's exclusive. If for some reason one love does not work out, I don't think that's it. It's over. There's no more chances. Instead, we possess the ability to love again. A subject that's bound to come up again ...

After being married for almost 10 years to a six feet, four inch-tall "hero" of my own, I feel extremely fortunate. And yes, I believe in love.