Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Little Abandoned Houses & Magic #RitetoReign

On the drive down the back way from the mountains of Big Bear in California, small abandoned houses dot the landslide. They’ve definitely seen better days. After hearing the land had been “gifted” by the government in the ’30s, the idea fascinated me.

My story Red Witch in the Rite to Reign boxset takes place in one of these locations. The tale mixes fiction and reality. The small community is protected via spelled wards from outsiders so it appears to be dilapidated and abandoned. In real life, locals are working to tear down the structures because they look like a “blight” on the landscape. To me, they’re a part of history.

A little bit of liberty with history may have been taken with this location, but know that the history is real. Who knows what lurks in the desert at night!

Red Witch

Elemental Witches, Book 1

By Louisa Bacio

A Soul to Keep

Life has given Justine more troubles than blessings. On the verge of losing her home and with her mom at Death’s door, she’s forced to tap into the ocean’s power. The last thing she needs is the distraction of a sexy stranger.

A Soul to Wake 

After years of self-imposed isolation, Lucas yearns for a more fulfilling life. For a hundred years, he’s protected the inhabitants of his small community. Without gaining a boost of power and faith, he might not survive the latest threat of modern evil.

A Soul to Love

When Justine and Lucas join energies, their magic becomes combustible. The fire threatens to burn down their chances of a future, but the promise of ever-lasting love is worth the fight.

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