Saturday, October 3, 2020

No Resisting "An Irresistible Force" #WeekendRead @LeoRosanna

Like fine wine, some series get better with age! At least, that’s the case with the maturity of An Irresistible Force, Handymen Book Two by Rosanna Leo.  

Maybe it’s the continuation of characters met in book 1, A Good Man, or simply the irresistible charm of brothers Michael, Eli and Nick Zorn. Book 2 focuses on the landscaper of the threesome, Eli. 


As the middle child, Eli’s often seen as the balance as the group. When he runs up against his mentor’s niece, Bernie, he wants to play fix-it, but there’s a lot at stake – for everybody. 


Love doesn’t follow convenient rules. Leo creates a real-world story, filled with complications. After some traumatic experiences, Bernie’s learned to rely upon herself, and the safe haven the Handymen are tasked with not only remodeling but demolishing. 


While the book features some hot scenes, what stands out is its slow burn. The tension slowly builds to an irresistible force. It’s an overall delightful read.  


I’m greedy when it comes to reading an author and series I enjoy. So hopefully, Rosanna will understand when I ask, will we get Lacey’s story? While the series focus on the Handymen, she’s the perfect character who deserves an HEA!


An Irresistible Force (Handymen Book 2) 

Rosanna Leo

Totally Bound


She needed a safe place. He was determined to give her one.

TV landscaper Eli Zorn has always been a fixer. But when a family medical situation teaches him there are some things you just can’t fix, he’s desperate to return to work for a distraction. The demolition of an old cottage in tranquil Muskoka, Ontario, is just the ticket.


Unfortunately, a gorgeous woman has handcuffed herself to the cottage and she won’t let it go down without a fight. Bernadette ‘Bernie’ Nolan has history with the place, and she won’t let Eli and the Handymen team get their hands on her refuge.


The cottage belongs to Eli’s mentor. Not only is Peter Nolan a giant in the landscaping business, he’s also Bernie’s uncle. And it becomes clear very quickly that relations in the Nolan family are more than strained.


As Eli and Bernie grapple with old loyalties, they are determined to see each other as the enemy. But this is one attraction that cannot be denied, and one that they’re losing the will to resist…

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