Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Winter Solstice Run

As the snow falls, the pack gathers in Los Lobos. Secrets will be revealed and new love stories will be told. It's time to run with the Tao Pack once more.

Winter Fairy Tale by TL Reeve

Sayer Blackcrow, isn't looking for a mate or even contemplating settling down. So spending his evenings in Custer for a woman he doesn't want to like, but finds he can't resist, is the best thing for him. However, what he won't admit to anyone is that she is his mate. When Drew and Gee show up ten days before the Solstice and announce he must bring home his mate or face the wrath of his alpha, he does what he has to. Doesn't mean he likes. it. What's worse, Gee announces there's to be a scavenger hunt and he's to participate with Kizzy.

Kizzy Rhapsody, isn't sure what's going on. One minute she's living in Custer and the next she's in a town she had no idea existed. What she does know, is her friend has been keeping secrets and the man who brought her there isn't talking either. Though she enjoys being in Los Lobos, she can't stand the lies, or falling for a man who isn't willing to trust her. But, with the Winter Solstice festivities approaching, she agrees to give both a chance.

Fresh, local honey is their item.

With no bee hives on pack lands, Sayer and Kizzy must work together to find their object. When a chance phone call, takes them out of town for their item, Sayer realizes his quirky little human is more than meets the eye. With the solstice upon them, he finds himself willing to move heaven and earth to make these festivities the best time of her life.

And if he ends up mated to her? Well, there are worse things that could happen.

Stolen Kisses by Merryn Dexter

A woman looking for a connection
Following her grandmother’s death, Sadie Burrows-King leaves the only pack she’s ever known in search of family ties. Crashing into Los Lobos, literally, she finds herself face-to-face with a man who calls to the lonely wolf inside her.

A man on the fringes of society
Orphaned wolf, Easton Quaid, survived the cruel years of Magnum’s reign by the skin of his teeth and the kindness of others, of the pack, but not really part of it. His world turns upside down when a new wolf blows into town. It will take every ounce of patience to claim her as his mate.

Stolen kisses
Set a task in the scavenger hunt, Sadie and Easton must work together. Proximity and attraction lead to stolen kisses and more between the pair. The mating call is strong, but is it too much for her to handle?

Secrets and celebrations
A new family, a new pack, and the temptation of a new mate. Sadie had everything she ever dreamed of, right? As the Winter Solstice celebrations get into full swing, old secrets are revealed. Sadie faces the decision of her life. Is she a solid, reliable Burrows, or a flighty, untrustworthy King? It’s not only her heart at risk if she makes the wrong choice.

Winter Awakening by TL Reeve

Sarah Philips has come home after almost twelve years. Married to a man she planned on claiming as her own, and telling him about the babies she carried, she never got the chance. Now, the mother of twin, ten-year-old rambunctious boys, she knows what true happiness is along with the gut wrenching pain of loss.

Ero and Luc Mathews, the dark and light twins, are waiting for the one. For the last year women have come and gone from their life without that spark of recognition. When Sarah steps into Los Lobos Café looking for a job, the punch to Ero’s gut, shocks him to his core. But, he worries the connection won’t be there for his brother.

Love and Luc aren’t synonymous with each other. Where his brother is the ever optimist, he’s more incline to sit back and let everything play out. However, when he sees Sarah in the Convenience store, he can’t stop thinking about her. There’s something hidden within those amber-colored eyes of hers.

With the solstice upon them, Gee enlists their help in a little scavenger hunt of sorts. They have ten days to find their item and present it to him on the night of the festivities.

Having to work together keeps them in close quarters, and ignites a passion she hasn’t felt since before her husband died. But, with two children and a nosey mother always asking questions, it doesn’t leave time to consummate their budding mating. However, on the night of the solstice, both men will have what is rightfully theirs. The only question is; can her heart stand another chance at love?

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Cover reveal: Extraction by @LexValentine

Upcoming new release, from one of my OCC/RWA friends. Lex and Winterheart Design also does wonderful graphics and cover art.


By Lex Valentine

Two soldiers, former lovers, each think they are saving the other from a South American drug cartel, all the while rehashing their broken relationship.

Green Beret Shane Cullen has been undercover for the DEA with a South American drug cartel. Eighteen months into his assignment, and unbeknownst to Shane, the cartel's number two man is captured by the U.S. Marshals and starts to talk. Shane's mission becomes endangered. His Special Forces commander calls in a favor and pulls in Shane's former lover and teammate Elliott Hutchens for an extraction.

Elliott hasn't seen Shane in almost two years, since his lover walked out on him. But Shane's in trouble and doesn't know it, so Elliott can't refuse the mission. Getting himself captured by the cartel in order to force Shane to rescue him is the easy part. The hard part comes when Shane discovers he's the real extraction, not Elliott. Shane's bad temper ended their relationship once before. Will it get in the way again or can these two soldiers work through their issues and find their way to a happy ever after?

Release date is Nov 18 from MLR Press. http://www.mlrbooks.com/upcoming.php. Cover artist is Winterheart Design.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

#IFangirl #30DaysGettingtoKnowMe #Authorsharing

Before the Scottish Ball at RT 2012, Chicago.
In 2012, I attend RT in Chicago, and one of my best friends from college Staci was my roommate. I’ve mentioned it before but naturally I’m pretty shy. I’ve always put myself in positions, though, where I cannot be.

Before one of the big balls, Staci and I were sitting in the reception area alone. Charlaine Harris came to stand in front of us, holding a box. She’d spoken that day. Especially at that time, I was an extreme fangirl of Harris. But really, what could I say except, “I LOVE your books!” *sigh*

Next, she sat next to us, and fear struck. OMG. She was alone, with us. Really? What did we do? Did I get up the gumption to talk to her? Oh, no.

We got up and left. D’oh!

Later that evening, I told the story to Heather Bennett, who was then one of the publishers of Decadent. She laughed, and I mentioned my other “favorite” author was Heather Graham. If I don’t pre-order her books, I buy them the day of release.

It was the end of the night, and Graham stood on stage pretty much alone and I was on the dance floor with Heather. She called out to Graham how much I loved her, and basically pushed me on stage.

Graham was gracious, she hugged me, someone took a photo – not sure if I’ve ever seen it because I can’t find it – and what did I do? Did I mention how much I adore New Orleans, and how I wish to someday attend her con in December? No. Did I mention how I’ve reviewed a lot of her books, and what’s with the trend of beheading several people in the Krewe of Hunters’ series? No. Did I ask her about her belief in the paranormals, and how I believe in ghosts? No.

I say, “I LOVE your books.” And you know what? It was all right.

Louisa Bacio

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Love of Dia De Los Muertos

Dia De Los Muertos honors loved ones who have passed on. Nov. 1, Dia de los Angelitos, is for the souls of the young departed, and Nov. 2, Dia de los Difuntos, is for adults. Four years ago, on Nov. 2, my mother-in-law passed away.
Since then, the celebration has taken on additional meaning in our household. While it’s known as Day of the Dead, the celebration also focuses on the love, which inspired the story “Dia Del Amor.”

Although the idea for the sexy story “Dia Del Amor” had already sprouted, the first writing came from a prompt “Now it’s time to go” in Siobhan Muir’s weekly flash fiction, #ThursThreads.

That initial piece received an honorable mention. Here’s the feedback from the judge:

P.T. says: Great use of the senses and I love that it shows the sexual side of a married couple.  (And I love how the last line reflects how story starts with the dead and moves on to the passion of the living.)

Here’s the original piece of flash fiction:

Jazmin stopped by altar in the hallway, taking in the mementos, ofrendas. The ceramic bowl held plenty of water, and she placed a fresh cut pomegranate, one of Nana’s favorites, on a white dish. The juice bled over the ceramic. She closed her eyes, bowing her head. With her heart, she reached out to her loved ones, murmuring words of prayer and wishing their spirits well. She missed them, and honored their memories on this most special day.
Solid footsteps announced her husband’s approach. She turned to watch him. The long drapery of his black cloak billowed behind him as he swept down the hall to where she stood in the entranceway. She straightened his crisp collar, and adjusted his bow. He reached past, opening the door for her.
“You make a sexy skeleton.” Lightly, with the tips of two fingers, Hector touched the corner of her jaw, admiring the finishing touches of her dramatic make-up.
La Calavera Catrina.She smiled, feeling the paint stretch tight over her skin, like flesh over bone. “No kissing!” she teased, before stepping out.
“I’ll wait until we get back from the fiesta to ravage you again.” His wink sent a charge of heat through her body. “Now it’s time to go.”
As she passed him, he swatted her ass. A warm ache settled between her legs, a physical reminder of the love, loving and life she shared with her mate.
Dias De Los Muertos. Dia del Amor.
Dia Del Amor by Louisa Bacio
On a day known for honoring the souls of departed loved ones, Jazmin and Hector heat up the costuming before the fiesta. Explore when Dia De Los Muertos transforms into Dia Del Amor.

The story can be found in the boxset Sexy to Go Halloween 2, https://amzn.com/B01LZQHV0A

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Louisa Bacio