Monday, March 4, 2024

Monday Musings -- Women's History Month

It’s the first Monday of March and I’m kicking off a new feature blog — Monday Musings. I’m committing to one a month, and then maybe other authors can contribute. 


March has been deemed Women’s History Month, and I’ve already seen all sorts of lists from female horror writers you should read (that’s an easy one, my friend Serena Jayne) to political leaders. 

Serena Jayne's new short is found in "Gamut."

I saw a post by a father, lifting up his daughter in high school and the power of people like Vice President Kamala Harris. 

“I can do this, because she did this,” Christopher Webb (@cwebbonline) quoted. 

Another by @blackgirlnerds hailed the masterful songwriting of Rose Marie McCoy.

Then there are the trailblazers, the grassroots such as Ellen Brown who joined the YMCA as the first female employee in 1886 (@YMCABuffNiag). 

And the list easily goes on. 

For me, I was lucky to have my Aunt Linda. If my mom had an episode and I needed help, Aunt Linda came roaring, dodging the flying duck poop my mom may have been swinging in a particularly bad manic episode. My aunt offered an alternative oasis that wasn’t always sane, but definitely safe. 

She’s the cool aunt who drove us around in the back of her El Camino “politely visiting” the houses of classmates during a sleepover. 

How about you? Who was a trailblazer for you? Are there others you’ve looked up to? 

Until next time,

Louisa Bacio


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Next month: Women of Marvel/DC.