Monday, May 18, 2009

“The Wait:” When love lasts forever

Shawna and Josh’s relationship started as friends, blossomed into so much more, and just when she thought she had him, she lost it all. Read their story in “The Wait” by Louisa Bacio.

“Shawna wrapped her arms around Josh’s chest, feeling the difference in musculature. He’d filled out, in all the right places. Shawna thought of the irony: After years of fighting against his parents, conformity and “society,” Josh had grown up within the confines of the military. The top of her head barely reached the crevice beneath his chin. At 20, Shawna felt a growing confidence with men. At 21, with his military training, Josh exuded confidence.

“How’ve you been?” Josh asked, running the tips of his fingers across her jawline, his index finger slightly caressing the fullness of her lower lip.

Leaning into his body, Shawna took in the strength of it, and then tilted her head up and took his mouth with hers. A burst of desire swept through Shawna’s body, alighting her passion. She waited years for this moment, and how good it felt.” (excerpt from “The Wait”)

Now available in “Rekindled Fire,” through Ravenous Romance.

Rekindled Fire traces the stories of ten couples who lose each other, only to find their way back together once again. The love stories contain two unifying elements: profound love and erotic, passionate heat. Whether the story is contemporary or features magic, vampires or shape shifting; whether it involves spanking, bondage, or simply pure, unadulterated sex; or whether the couples have been torn apart for several months or one hundred years, one question remains the same: will these former lovers be able to rekindle the flame of love?

Love Power by Angela Cameron
Loving the Priest by Amber Hipple
Trombone Tease by Jen Bluekissed
Blood Lost by Vanessa Vaughn
Something More by K. Ann Karlsson
Carved in Bone by Nini Richou
Feral Instinct by Cora Zane
For George by Janne Lewis
The Wait by Louisa Bacio
Bathed in Moonlight by Elle Amery

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