Friday, November 26, 2021

Review: All I want for Christmas is more stories like “A Siren’s Christmas Wish”

What do you give an immortal assassin siren who can basically take anything she wants? Luna Joya explores this quest for the perfect gift in her magical holiday short “A Siren’s Christmas Wish” in Magic Beneath the Mistletoe: A Mystic Owl Anthology, Vol. 2


As part of Joya’s World of the Legacies Series, readers first meet Zaida and Zimm in book 3, Killing Song. This short story opens in a richly described Garden District in New Orleans with atmosphere aplenty. It’s dark and dewy and oh-so-dangerous, and all Zimm desires is to grant his love a wish. 


In order to do so, he’s going to have to portal to an even more dank and dangerous place filled with a myriad of mystical creatures all set on making him fail. 


“A Siren’s Christmas Wish” explores everything a reading-witch’s heart wants: Intrigue, heart-warming holiday folklore and an-all-consuming love blended with Joya’s sensual descriptions:


“The red of his love’s hair was the boldest color in the room, stark against her pale skin, silvery blades, and the black she always wore.”


The tale enchants the reader and its lesson teases to a famous short story with magical ties that I won’t name because of potential spoilers. That added level of complexity adds to the brilliance of “A Siren’s Christmas Wish.”


I look forward to reading the other contributions in this anthology. 



Magic Beneath the Mistletoe: A Mystic Owl Anthology, Vol. 2 (Mystic Owl Anthologies)

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