Friday, June 19, 2020

#WeekendReads – A Good Man by @LeoRosanna #DIY

Rosanna Leo
A Good Man: Handymen, Book 1
Totally Bound Publishing 

If you’re a fan of a certain DIY show featuring a few hot brothers, author Rosanna Leo has an equally hot read for you with A Good Man: Handymen, Book 1. Who doesn’t like a partner who’s good with their hands?

Set in Toronto’s Little Italy, this contemporary romance proved to be more than a light romp. The complications of not-too-distant exes and a hero with some not-too-distant trauma combines for a realistic and compelling love story. The reader wants an HEA for Michael and Emily, and Leo refreshingly delivers.

Honestly, I easily see myself in Emily – following the dream of remodeling her Nonna Olivia’s house into a healthy, neighborhood soup shop. (I love making soup.) Some of these descriptions will get your mouth watering. 

The interaction of Michael and his two brothers Eli and Nick is totally believable and like the viewers of their hit TV show, I’ve got a crush on Nick, which I’m sure will be book three! (She’ll make us wait for it.)

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A Good Man: Handymen, Book 1

He tears down walls for a living. She’ll tear down the ones around his heart.

Contractor Michael Zorn is one of the leading men on the successful home improvement show Handymen. He is also revered for an act of bravery he’d rather forget. The press may hound him, but all he really wants is to help couples realize their home renovation dreams.

One of these couples is Emily Daniels and her fiancé, Trent. When Emily inherits an old home in Toronto’s Little Italy, she sees it as the perfect location for her small business. The house needs a lot of work, but her appearance on the Handymen show means Michael and his contractor brothers will help her renovate at a reasonable cost.

When Michael and Emily meet, their chemistry is intense. Emily wants to stay true to Trent, but her fiancé has done nothing but disappoint her. Michael recognizes Trent for what he is—a cheater. And it isn’t long before he breaks Emily’s heart.

At first, Michael only intends to comfort Emily, but their friendship soon flares into passion. Unfortunately, Michael has secrets and wounds of his own, ones he has never trusted to another. Emily is determined to break down his walls, but can she trust her heart to a man who can’t trust himself?

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Monday, June 8, 2020

Publication Anniversary & #PRIDE giveaway

On June 8, 2010, my first book Sex U: Physical Education was published. My writing “career” started with a few short stories, after I had seen Calls for Submission. After those, editor/agent Lori Perkins asked if I had any ideas for a full-length, and I received my first contract.

When the original publisher Ravenous Romance went out of business, I got all the rights back, and the book was later republished with Riverdale Avenue Press.

Here is the original cover. The revised is below. I learned a lot between the two, such as what exactly BCC means (back cover copy!) and think the revision came out much stronger (active writing!). 

Original Physical Education Cover
I’m proud of the same-sex storylines in my first novel, and the underlying more serious discussion on sex trafficking, which continues to be a problem.

To celebrate the anniversary, I’m doing a PRIDE giveaway with three levels:

Large Pride Package
1) Large Pride Package, including socks, Love "stone," keychain, scarf
2) Small Pride Package with Mickey rainbow patch & temporary tattoos
3) $10 G/C to Amazon, B&N or winner's choice

Small Pride Package
Enter via Google form (I get errors on Rafflecopter at times …).

Note: Prize does not include the rainbow tablecloth in the pictures, which was custom made for signings. Winner will be chosen at random on Sunday, June 28, at 5 p.m. PST. Thank you for your support! U.S. shipping on large Pride packages. (If you’re international, and win the small one, let’s talk!) 

Thank you to everyone for your support. 

Sex U: Physical Education

Tired of sexual norms and wanting to expand her pleasure, Amanda “Mandi” Wilkinson enrolls in summer school at San Francisco Sex University, an exclusive sex school located in the heart of San Francisco. What Mandi doesn’t realize is that not all the mysterious drop-outs are simply flunking sex-ed. 

Reed McAllister came to Sex U. for reasons all his own. Undercover, he’s searching for a woman, the right woman, and so far he doesn’t have any leads. Reed never saw himself working at a place such as SFSU, let alone instructing, but he had to admit it – the job did come with its perks. 

When Mandi turns up on the missing list, will Reed be able to save her and give her the lessons she so desires?  

When the book re-launched, I wrote a few related short stories, which are still available for .99 cents:
Summer School

Summer School – Series Starter
A Short Story from Sex University 

Ms. Lucy dreams of starting a sex school in San Francisco, the City of Love.  After interviewing some promising candidates, including Antoinella De Luca, an artist who integrates her tools into playtime, and twin blond surfer hotties, Blaine and Wayne, Lucy launches a soft opening, Summer School.

One of the first students to join, Willow, comes seeking to explore new experiences. When paired with Ted, who she feels is way out of her league, it’s a game of give or give. 

Lucy likes it when the shy ones pair up with those with more confidence. And so do we!

And the writing continues …

Louisa Bacio