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Don't Call Me Iron Man: Temptation and Cashmere

Hello, I’m ND and I’m here to not only promote, but celebrate both the release of my first ever Beyond Fairytales story and the Christmas Holiday. I’m even giving away a $20 Amazon Gift Card and a copy of the book! 

 When I got to thinking about a blog tour, I decided I wanted to go with something that celebrates the holiday but isn’t strictly about promo. So here’s what I come up with…over the next six days, you - my dear readers, will get a glimpse of what a good old-fashioned Christmas is like to a grown up cybernetic man who’s never experienced it.  So pull up a chair, a glass of your favorite holiday drink – whether that be eggnog or apple cider, and enjoy a little holiday fun as Ivan introduces his master and lover to everything that we humans take for granted during the holiday season…

Temptation and Cashmere

Buttoning his coat, Lucero could hear his mate in the bedroom.  The jingle as Ivan put his change and keys into his pants pocket, the swish of fabric as he snagged his coat from the foot of the bed. All the signs of a man getting ready to go out and show his lover the sights and sounds of the city in the midst of holiday cheer. 

Personally he’d rather stay in and do his own celebrating – preferably with more of Ivan’s homemade garland.  He would always cherish the memory of his lover laid out over the arm of the sofa, wrapped up in his own cranberry and popcorn garland as Lucero sank balls deep inside of him. As usual, his dick stirred at the idea.  

“Ivan, we need to get going or we’re gonna be late and Dante will never let you hear the end of it. I’m just hoping this party you insist on going to will have some kind of substance. I’m starving.” 

“It will.  Paddy McFee’s is well known for its holiday meal.  Shamus is a pure genius when it comes to roasting a turkducken. He puts my mother’s to shame.”    Ivan came down the hallway, his tall form covered in snug jeans which lovingly cupped his thick thighs and accented Ivan’s sex. Ivan had paired the sinful denim with a beautiful hunter green sweater that tempted Lucero to touch.  Which he did as soon as Ivan was within reach. Soft fibers teased his fingertips.  Cashmere. He’d never felt anything softer in his life.

With a rumble of pleasure, Ivan covered trapped his hand against his chest. “I promise it’s worth the wait.  But before we head over to the pub, I have a special surprise is store for you.”

“So that’s why we’re leaving so early?”  Lucero asked as he continued to stroke his free hands over Ivan’s wide chest.  He loved the way Ivan’s breath grew more erratic with each pass.

“Of course.”  Ivan brushed a kiss over Lucero’s mouth.  “Besides, I remember what happened the last time I wore this sweater. I swear I had rug burns on my ass for days afterwards.” 

Lucero arched a brow. The night in question had happened shortly after he’d crossed the planes and found himself in Ivan’s world. His need for his mate so consuming he’d literally tried to fuck his man through the floor. “Then let’s go before it again I tempted to try …this time without the abrasions.”

 “That’s a promise.”  Lucero couldn’t resist swatting Ivan’s ass as he moved passed. When his man looked affronted, Lucero shrugged.  “Master prerogative.” 

Ivan groaned.  “I should’ve never told you about that VH1 Classic’s channel.” 

“But you did…and I do have to say Mr. Brown has the idea quite right.” Lucero jerked Ivan up against him.  “Touching you, is most definitely my right.”

Stay tuned tomorrow to find out where Ivan takes his Master for a special holiday surprise…that fulfills a need his Master doesn’t even realize he has…on Kerry Adrienne’s blog.   And don’t forget to tell me where your favorite place to have a Christmas Party is…in the Rafflecopter form (or link) below…you’ll be entered to win a twenty dollar gift card from Amazon and a free copy of Don’t Call Me Iron Man. I’ll be drawing the winner on Dec 21st and announcing the winner on my BLOG.

Once upon a time...there was this guy. A man who had an IQ out of this world and was arrogant enough to give the legendary Tony Stark a run for his money. He had everything he could ever want—a good job, more money sthan he knew what to do with, and all the sex he wanted—no strings attached. But that all changed on one fateful night... 

The last thing Ivan Chugunov expects when he drop by his favorite haunt for a few brews is to be entertained by a mysterious storyteller. But as he listens to the man's tale of a prince and an oddity that went by the name of Iron John, he finds himself lost in the story...only to awaken in another realm—one with a quest—for him. Repair the purifier vital to all those who lived and retrieve a medical unit. Seems simple enough and a small price to pay to return to his own time. 

Well, until he finds out that said 'LT-1789 unit' is actually a reclusive cybernetic man. One who will demand his own price of Ivan—three nights of unbridled sexual bliss...with Ivan at his mercy. Only then will he return to the royal clutch.

Can Ivan, a man who relishes control above all else, submit to a man who may be more machine than human? 


Ivan’s cheeks flushed. “Tempting, Sir….very tempting.  Perhaps later tonight when we return?”

Find out about Ivan and Lucero’s other holiday experiences…

Dec 15thTL Reeve
Dec 16thKate Richards
Dec 17thLayla Tarar
Dec 18thLouisa Bacio
Dec 19thKerry Adrienne
Dec 20thTara Andrews

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Get Your Blissemass Happening ...

'Tis the Season for holiday cheer. It's also, for some, one of the most stressful times of the year. So on this Blissemas stop, let's chat about ways to find your bliss!

5 Tips to De-Stress

Plan Ahead: Be honest. What makes you most stressed? Working last minute? Having to buy an important gift at the very end? Well, there still is time! Start knocking off those to-do items.

Enjoy: What's your favorite part of the season? Over Thanksgiving, I was disappointed not to have any hot apple cider, with a stick of cinnamon. First thing back home, I rectified, bought it and toasted with my family. 

Imbibe: If you need to unwind, pour a glass of your favorite bubbly, or try a new pepperminty concoction. Put some cheer into that holiday party. 

Relax: With a busy schedule, I really have to make time to read. Isn't that sad? Over Thanksgiving, I poured through Anne Rice's new novel Prince Lestat. It was quite enjoyable to delve back into the Vampire Chronicles after all these years. Over the winter break will be the ONLY two weeks I get off from teaching online all year. I'm planning ahead and stocking that Kindle.

Snog: Hee, hee. I had to give a snog-nog to those lovely U.K. hosts of Blissemas.  

Tell me: How do you de-stress around the holidays? Leave a comment and a valid email address, and you'll be entered to win a gifted copy of one of my backlist books.
By commenting on this post you get 1 entry into the Blissemas grand prize for a Kindle Paperwhite stuffed with smut. For a list of rules and other Blissemas blogs please check .
Thanks for stopping by!

Louisa Bacio

Here's a look at my holiday novella

The Vampire & The Werewolf: A New Orleans Christmas

Louisa Bacio

Vampires and werewolves don’t mix … or do they?

Before there were three, there were two. When a vampire swoops in to save Trevor from a rogue gang’s blood sport, the werewolf must fight his own inhibitions. The magic of New Orleans and the holiday season bring together these two unlikely lovers.

“In her first foray into the m/m genre, Ms. Bacio sets the pages ablaze in this sexy Christmas tale featuring two irresistible characters from her The Vampire, The Witch & The Werewolf series.  There’s nothing better on a cold winter’s night than cozying up with the vampire and the werewolf as they come together in this sizzling story.  This is my Christmas present to myself.”

Rebecca Leigh, author of Dirty Housewives

Friday, November 21, 2014

Menage by Monday -- Cranberries and Spice Hop

Are you feeling in the holiday spirit? What will get you in the mood? Welcome to the Cranberries & Spice Blog Hop. Each stop will have a contest. Mine is below. Do you like it sweet or do you like it spicy?

Today, I think we're going to get a little spicy. My latest release is ménage. Why settle for one lover when you can have two? 

Here's a little taste:

With a sigh, Zack stepped back, and ran his hand through his hair. What would it feel like to do that? To yank on it, while she rode him hard. The moment had been right there, literally in front of her to grab, and she didn’t take it.
“It’s not just that,” he said. “It’s all of this. The three of us, being together, here. It’s like old times, but nothing’s really the same.”
He returned to her side, and sat on the bed.
“Nothing ever stays the same,” she said. It may be cliché, but it was true.
Running his hand along her inner thigh, he pushed up the material of her skirt to gain access to her bare flesh, and leaned in. “There are some things I don’t want to stay status quo.”

Three Times Lucky Box Set

Three is never a crowd in this alluring boxed set of ménage stories from five of today's hottest authors. From Sci-fi adventures, to Greek Gods, to erotic vampires, to contemporary tales, these sexy shorts prove sometimes it takes three to get lucky in love.

Featuring my novella:

Ménage By Monday by Louisa Bacio

What can happen in three days? When three friends—Tommy, Zack and Shannon—come together, the oddball threesome discovers they share some intense sexual fantasies. 
While reminiscing about old times, more than the usual stories come out. It’ll take some stripped-down honesty, heated arguments and naughty bedtime tales for a Ménage By Monday.

Available now via Amazon.

Tell me: What's your favorite holiday treat? Reply with a valid email address, and at the end of the hop, I'll give away a $5 gift card to Amazon. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Louisa Bacio

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

.99 cents new release: Three Times Lucky Ménage Box Set

Three Times Lucky Box Set
Three is never a crowd in this alluring boxed set of ménage stories from five of today's hottest authors. From Sci-fi adventures, to Greek Gods, to erotic vampires, to contemporary tales, these sexy shorts prove sometimes it takes three to get lucky in love.
Made For Two by Kim Carmichael

Since the day she rescued her Earthlings, Trevini of Mersenne, has tried and failed to get her two males to lower their inhibitions and bring them together in the traditional triad of her planet. Though fighting their own attraction not only to Trevini, but to each other, all astronauts Markov Gauss and Pell Perrin want is for the beautiful alien who saved them is to choose between them. However, after almost losing her life, Trevini must somehow convince Markov and Pell that she is made for two.
Darkest Dreams by Solera Winters

The darkest hour holds the hope of light. 
While Nyx loves her husband, Kiernan, she knows something is missing. When sexy Reve comes on the scene will it split them apart, or create more passion than they've ever known? In 'Darkest Dreams,' Solera Winters presents a ménage tale about the Greek gods of night, darkness and dreams.
A Perfect Fit by Sascha Illyvich

Will Ivanka realize the truth of being in a triad or will her fear of ultimate rejection hold her back from total happiness?
Playtime by Dorothy F. Shaw

High-powered executive, Dana Richards can’t seem to get enough of his favorite exotic dancers at the Red Panther Gentleman’s Club.
RayAnne and Kyra are the feature act; putting on a vampire performance you can sink your teeth into—complete with fangs, and the sexual lure only a creature of the night can offer.
But when Kyra makes Dana a proposition he can’t refuse, some intimate playtime, the arrogant executive gets more than he bargained for: The sex of his life. Plus two, undeniably real vampires.
Ménage By Monday by Louisa Bacio

What can happen in three days? When three friends—Tommy, Zack and Shannon—come together, the oddball threesome discovers they share some intense sexual fantasies. 
While reminiscing about old times, more than the usual stories come out. It’ll take some stripped-down honesty, heated arguments and naughty bedtime tales for a Ménage By Monday.
Available now via Amazon.

Louisa Bacio

Friday, November 14, 2014

Be Careful What You Shift For!

Top 10 things you should know about The Thief & His Master.

In order to dig into this list, I popped open a bottle of Once Upon a Vine, Big Bad Red Blend, and got to work.

10) A Light Touch
            With that sexy title, the story screamed for a little BDSM.

9) The Thief & His Master
            Title comes from the original Grimm’s tale.

8) Alternate Plans

            While brainstorming, I actually thought it might make a good M/M tale. But, my friend V.S. Morgan would probably do it better. Check out her tale, Hunter’s Mark.

7) Short in Six
            Along with writer Nikki Prince, I taught a six-month short story class. Three of us finished Beyond Fairytales within the workshop, and all three were accepted. 

6) The Storyteller
            Curious about Nicodemus, who spins the fairytale? He plays a role in all the Beyond Fairytales.

5) Switch!
            While boss Madeline thinks she wants a partner she can control, the opposite may actually be true.

4) #ThursThreads
            The haunted house scene was written after inspiration from Siobhan Muir’s weekly flash fiction happening.

3) The Ring
            First I wrote the story, and then amazingly I found a ring that matched it a bit too well. Eerie.

2) Flash it!
            Yes, I bought several superhero flash drives in order to check them out. I may be a fan.

1) Be Careful what you Shift for.
            It’s a twist on the old saying. Don’t change into a large form in a small space, and make sure you know who’s around.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the tale.


When Madeline places an ad on ThievesList for an apprentice, she wants more than an employee. She’s searching for her life mate. For only her fated one possesses the strength to overcome the life-altering challenges of the quest.

Feeling stuck, Sven drops out of college for an enticing job. Although the want ad mentions “discipline,” he doesn’t expect to find magic in the hands of his potential boss.

Sven’s world shifts to a new reality. He’ll battle danger and his destiny to find his true calling, and love.

Available via Decadent Publishing, Amazon, ARe and other online retailers.

Louisa Bacio

Rafflecopter contest for a "Hammer" Flash Drive ends on Sunday, Nov. 16

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