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A Witchy Good Time, Spank or Treat

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Welcome to my stop on the Spank or Treat hop! Following, you'll find my story "A Witchy Good Time." Leave a comment, and you'll be entered into a drawing to win a box of See's Candy (U.S. shipping only).

A Witchy Good Time

By Louisa Bacio

Fallen leaves crunched beneath Shawna’s feet. She stooped, gathering twigs and pinecones, kindling for the fire. The wind kicked up, swirling with a whistle around her ankles, lifting her black skirt. With her free hand, she held onto her hat before it adventured off.

Returning to the campsite, she placed the wood in the middle of the ring, under her cauldron. With her fingers, she rubbed the curved lip, infusing her aura into the cast iron. The vessel had been handed down via the women in her family, from mother to daughter, until it landed in Shawna’s hands.

With a strike of the match, the dry pine needles sparked with a blue-orange flame.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Dru, her best friend since childhood, settled her scavengings in the pile and took the seat next to her. Long dark hair draped over her shoulders and ran in streams around the swells of her breasts.

What would it be like to reach out, caressing the side of her chest? To tweak her nipple? She shook her head, like clearing an image on an Etch a Sketch, averted her eyes, and tended to the recipe.

“I’m tired of being alone. This spell shows my one true love.”

One by one, the ingredients went in, and Shawna chanted. The last item was a handful of red rose petals, which symbolized the love she sought. Dru’s leg pressed against hers, causing a physical heat. She concentrated on the incantation, her voice growing louder.

She opened her eyes, and saw Dru. “No, that didn’t work.”

“Maybe it did.” Dru slipped her hand through Shawna’s hair, knocking off her hat and brushed her lips against the other woman’s.

Warmth infused Shawna’s body. The fire crackled, shooting up a flurry of sparkling embers. Magic.

For a few brief moments, she got lost in the feeling, the physical connection, and then her mind took over, questioning what was happening. She didn’t go for women. She was looking for a man. She pulled back, making eye contact with Dru.

“What was that all about?” Shawna asked. Even without physically touching the other woman, she continued to feel connection like the spider webs of time connected the two of them. She licked her lips and watched her friend track the movement of her tongue.

Dru blinked her eyes, pale blonde lashes brushed against her flushed cheeks. “You tell me,” she said, her voice husky. “You’re the one performing the magic.”

“Oh no. Don’t blame this on me. I didn’t ask for …” she flicked her hand out, motioning toward the woman beside her. “I wanted a true love.”

“And what makes you think I can’t be a true love? Your true love?”

Dru leaned in closer, and Shawna breathed in her scent of lavender and cloves. “Be-be-because you’re a girl, and I’ve never been attracted to women before. I wanted a guy.”

“Did you specify that in your spell?” Dru stood, shoving her supplies into the oversized bag. “Maybe you need to find someone else to work with. Obviously, you’re not able to recognize what’s right in front of your face, all this time.”

“Bu-but where are you going? You don’t date women either.”

Dru stopped, hand on her hip, and turned toward her. “And how exactly do you know who I date? Maybe, I don’t stereotype, and I’m open to whomever I find attractive, rather than who I’m told I should be attracted to.”

Turning quickly, her black cape flipped up, swirling with her movement. Shawna suppressed a giggle. She may not stereotype in love, but she was wearing the attire of a fairytale witch.

“Wait up, come back.” Shawna chased after the other woman. They couldn’t let one little spell gone bad ruin a lifetime friendship.

Dru moved fast while angry, and pretty soon Shawna turned left and then right, and then went around an oversized oak that she swore she’d gone around twice before. The sky darkened under a new moon. What little light there was failed to permeate the thick tree line. She shivered in the cold.

Lost. I’m lost in the dark woods.

Try as she might, Shawna couldn’t stop the thought from repeating through her might. An obscene chant.

I’m lost. I’m lost. I’m lost.

Would she ever make it back? She’d die loveless, and why? Because she rejected the one who opened herself to love?

All sorts of screeches and howls cut through the night. She may be walking alone, but she wasn’t alone in the woods. A cacophony of animal sounds greeted her, and no amount of stomping and clomping chased them away. In her haste, she picked up the pace to a trot. Her foot slammed down on an overgrown tree root, and she twisted her ankle, tumbling to the ground.

Tears streaked down her face. She wiped them away, mixing the dirt into mud. What a sight she must be. She sat on the floor, rubbing her ankle and checking for anything broken. It hurt like hell, but she doubted it was permanent. After a few moments, she caught her breath and stood, testing out a little bit of weight. Although she winced at an initial burst of pain, it felt good enough to continue on.

What was the alternative?

She knew Dru pretty well. She didn't take much shit in relationships. She was a strong woman, who went after what she wanted. Determined. When Shawna whined about this guy or that guy in the past, Dru folded her arms over her chest and gave her this look that said, “If you were mine, I’d have you flipped over my knee and spanked until you stopped.”

One look and Shawna shut up fast. That’s all it took. Forget about when she raised her eyebrow. That’s when the real trouble threatened.

Where the hell did that thought come from? Dru spanking her? It’s not like Shawna regularly harbored spanking fantasies. But the idea of being pressed down on Dru’s skirts, a cool breeze caressing Shawna’s bare ass. Well, it got her all hot and bothered.

She needed to find her way out of the god-forsaken forest and call her best friend. After an hour or so of veering off the path, she heard water running. If she was close to the stream, that meant she had to be near where she started. How could she have been stupid enough to run off without her backpack, or even her flashlight? The original intent had been to grab Dru, and then return for her stuff.

Near the edge of the stream, the trees thinned out. Shawna followed the water, winding its way toward the encampment, until she saw a hint of red glowing light. The fire? Oh, please, don’t let the fire have spread. That’s the last thing she needed, was to be responsible for a forest fire. It had been so dry this past summer, and the rain was slow to start, that every living thing thirsted for a good drenching.

Exhausted, she’d stumbled into the clearing, and found Dru sitting on the bench, looking perfectly comfortable and relaxed. In fact, she was roasting a marshmallow, and next to her sat some graham crackers and chocolate chunks. No way! She was going to make smores? And here Shawna was near death, lost in the woods?

What if I met the Big Bad Wolf? The better to eat you with dearie.

At the shuffling of leaves—or maybe it was Shawna’s huffing and puffing—Dru looked up. One eyebrow cocked up.

“Decided to return after your wooded excursion, did you?” she said.

“I-I-I was lost, you, you were sitting here the entire time? Why didn’t you come looking for me?”

“What’s the first rule when you get lost?” Dru asked. “Do you remember that one from being young?”

She plopped on the bench next to her friend, and tried to think. What was she supposed to do?

“Water?” Dru handed over a chilled bottle, and Shawna drank it down with gusto. It tasted so good. Then she remembered, “Stay in one spot.”

“Right, and did you? When you first realized you were lost did you stop and wait for me, or someone else to find you?”


Truth dawned on her. She stumbled in circles for countless hours, and why? Because I was chasing after Dru.

“Was that smart?” her friend asked.

“No.” She felt like a chided child. She sighed with the realization that she’d probably made it that much worse.

“And if you did something wrong, what should be the punishment?”

Here it came. How did I know?

Something sounding like “eeep” escaped from her mouth. She watched Dru’s lips move, not even listening at first, simply knowing what she was going to say next.

“I know exactly what you need,” she said.

Suddenly, she wasn’t talking anymore. Dru grabbed Shawna’s arm, and pulled her close. Their faces were inches apart, and Shawna focused on those lips. She wasn’t ready for the first kiss, but this time she would be. She shut her eyes, anticipating the next touch.

“If you think I’m going to kiss you right now, you have another thing coming,” Dru said. “I think you need a spanking.”

Eyes open now, Shawna felt herself being flipped over Dru’s lap. Her soft breasts brushed against Shawna’s cheek, and she realized if she turned over so slightly she’d be nipple height. Her sex pulsed with heat, and need. How could the thought of being spanked turn her on so much?

Dru lifted the back of her long skirt up, and over her back, tsking the entire time.  “Look at what you did. Ruined the fabric. The hem’s torn out. You know what it’s going to take to clean this?”

Slender hands tugged on the back of her underwear. She wouldn’t, would she? Shawna struggled to get loose, and while she was physically bigger than Dru, it’s like the other woman had used some type of binding spell to hold her in place. She couldn’t break free.

A soft caress trailed along the underside of her ass cheek, soothing and tempting. “I’m not going to spank you if you don’t want me to,” Dru coaxed. “I’m all about free will and consent.”

“Then why did you bind me? Why can’t I move?”

“If you really wanted to, you could break free, see. It comes in handy to learn the truth, too,” Dru said. “Now what’s a nice, safe word you’d like to use if it becomes too much.”


The other woman’s laughter rumbled through her body, causing Shawna to bounce.

“Apropos,” she said. “Now count off for me. We’ll see how you do before I decide how many you get.”

With that warning, Dru smacked her hand against Shawna’s bare flesh. She whelped, more from surprise than hurt.


The next three rained in a quick sensation. “Two, three, four.” Her ass heated up— “five, six, seven” —and the other woman knew just the right amount of space to move over to get a new area.

By ten, Shawna squirmed all over the place, thinking she may be able to avoid the next strike. Dru stopped, and Shawna interpreted it as the spanking was over. She was so wrong.

Leaning over, Dru shuffled through her bag until she found what she was looking for: a wooden spoon. From the corner of her eye, Shawna swore she saw the blasted thing sparkle in the firelight.

“What’s that for?” As soon as she asked, she knew she didn’t want to hear the answer.

“I don’t think you’ve quite learned your lesson yet. I always think the best type of learning is one that builds upon itself in layers, and we’ve only just begun.”

It would be the start of a very long, and fulfilling relationship. When Shawna cast her spell for love in the forest on All Hallow’s Eve, the spirits listened. And she learned.

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Death sucks. It’s boring, and there’s no chance of getting laid. Stuck in the waiting room of Heaven, Maise fantasizes about all the pleasures of the flesh she didn’t get to experience. When she discovers a business card for the dating service, 1Night Stand, she wonders if there’s still a chance.

Reece normally wouldn’t consider being set up, but after his brother buys him a certificate, he feels obligated. A romantic night on the Southern California coast, with the full-of-life Maise leaves him wanting more.

Will a 1Night Stand be enough to overcome death?

Louisa Bacio

Authors: Spank or Treat 2014