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Bestseller for a Day: Dollars & Sense

 What’s the big deal with self-publishing?

Dollars & Sense: The Definitive Guide to Self-publishing Success

By Amber Scott, Carolyn McCray & Rachel Thompson

Dollars & Sense: The Definitive Guide to Self-publishing Success is a step-by-step actionable road map to increasing royalties for beginners and seasoned professionals alike. Divided into three sections; Producing a Sales-Friendly, Professional eBook, Establishing & Leveraging Your Social Media Platform, and Selling Smarter, Not Harder, Dollars & Sense walks authors through the process of creating then actually selling their eBook.

Available during this special Bestseller for a Day promotion of 99 cents through Amazon.

Once you buy the book, take your sales confirmation with a number to the Bestseller for a Day website and sign up for a newsletter and enter their sales confirmation number.  Signing up for the newsletter and entering their number will enter you into a drawing for a Kindle.  

You can also buy a copy of each of the three bonus buys and get the purchase price refunded.  So, that’s 4 books for 99 cents and a chance to win a kindle.

About the Authors

Amber Scott: Between naptimes and dishes, Amber Scott escapes into her characters’ addictive lives. She often burns dinner, is a sucker for chocolate and still believes in happily ever after. She makes her home in hot Arizona with her two children, husband, and one day, two cats.

Contact info: 
Twitter: @amberscottbooks

Carolyn McCray

Carolyn is the Founder of the Indie Book Collective, a group dedicated to helping authors use social media to its fullest potential to sell their books.  

The #IBC exploded within 4 months to have over 5,000 members and its work has already been covered in major, national publications.

She has been described as an eBook marketing guru (others’ words not hers), a volcano of eBook knowledge (again, not her words), and the Borg Queen (ok, maybe she coined that one herself).

Each one of her novels have reached bestselling status on and her super controversial thriller, “30 Pieces of Silver” topped  (as in #1) the Men’s Adventure category, #3 in the War sub-genre, and #183 overall (out of about1 million books) in the Kindle Top Bestsellers.

Carolyn also has contributed to Digital Book and has been covered by the Huffington Post (Books).  Carolyn appeared on a panel with Jane Freidman at SXSW regarding the future of digital publishing and will appear on several panels at the NY Indie Book Event (7/2011).


Rachel Thompson (aka RachelintheOC) is the author of the consistently 5/5 star reviewed humorous and at times, poignant, collection of essays, A Walk In The Snark (released 1/2011), which recently hit #3 on the Amazon Humor/Parenting & Families Kindle list (beating out the likes of Jenny McCarthy!), after just a few months of release and has consistently stayed on the Amazon Top Humor Lists.
Rachel is also one of the cofounders of the Indie Book Collective, an organization with over 6,000 members which is dedicated to helping authors utilize social media to the fullest to sell their books.  The Collective offers free workshops, a live advice radio show, innovative programs such as Blog Tour de Force & Bestseller for a Day, and so much more to its members. 

You can find Rachel most days on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, giving daily tips on the IndieBookIBC Twitter stream, contributing posts to the IBC blog or her own popular blog, giving free social media workshops for writers, promoting her current book or working on her next book, The Mancode: A Survivor’s Tale. She lives in the OC aka Orange County, CA (home of Disneyland). Somewhere in there this redhead in a sea of blondes fits in being a full-time wife and mom to her two young children and just one husband. She loves coffee, dirty martinis, and sleep.  

Rachel and the IBC were recently profiled (April 13, 2011) in the Huffington Post Books section regarding social media and ePublishing.

Bonus Buys

Fierce Dawn

“X-MEN action meets True Blood heat.”
-Ann Charles
Nearly Departed In Deadwood, 2010 Daphne Winner

“Intensely satisfying!”  
-Carolyn McCray
Kindle Bestselling author, 30 Pieces of Silver

Snarling teeth, glowing eyes. Someone--something--is after Sadie Graves.  

Elijah Stokes, the man who haunts her dreams, enters her reality claiming she’s transforming into a changeling--not quite immortal but no longer human.

Battle lines are drawn and blood spills as the two fight not only for Sadie’s life, but for all of mankind's as well.

30 Pieces of Silver
A Christian suicide bomber.
John the Baptist's bones inscribed in ancient Greek.
A secret carried from the foot of the crucifixion.
Can science solve the world's greatest mystery?
30 Pieces of Silver

For anyone who doesn't mind some serious controversy and can't get enough of James Rollins, Dan Brown, Steve Berry, and Brad Thor... "30 Pieces of Silver" is your next thrill fix!

A Walk in the Snark
“Sometimes I think I’m too jaded. But then I think no, it’s just the lighting.”

A Walk In The Snark now a bestseller! It reached Kindle Top 10 status (#3) on the Humor Parenting & Families list, Top 20 on Humor Essays (#11) in April 2011, and #1 on Smashwords Entertainment list in May!

With her trademark snarky humor and candor, Rachel whisks you into her caffeinated world where she deconstructs common phrases (I’m Fine) and makes up words (Refrigeratoritis) in order to help dudes understand chicks…and vice versa.

Rachel believes “Men are from Seinfeld, Women are from Friends,” and so do her legions of fans. She dares to ask “why do men want to change the world but can’t change a roll of toilet paper?”

Drawing on her decades (dear god has it been that long?) of marriage, friendships, and past relationships, Rachel’s specialty is observing male behavior and dissecting it with humor (Shopping is NOT a Verb). Think of her as the Scientist of Snark…without the ugly white labcoat of course. #asif

“Husband: Mumble, mumble, mumble.
11yo: What?
Me: It’s okay. I speak husband.”

But don’t let that witty veneer fool you. Sprinkled throughout these funny essays are some poignant stories of tragedy and loss (The Difficult Kind). This chick will tear at your heart. And then, you know, stitch it back together with humorous aplomb.

Don't take our word for it. The critics are going nuts for it too!

About Bestseller For a Day:

“Making authors dreams come true one promotion at a time.

Each month, for one day, readers, friends, family and peers rally together to drive an ebook up the Amazon Kindle rankings with a goal to pierce the top 100. The aim of the program is to help indie authors get a foothold in the traditionally published dominated market. Authors coordinate with book review sponsors to show readers that the 99 cent promotional price is worth every penny.

As thanks, each author creates giveaways for participants and drives traffic to participating review sites. Additionally, readers are offered Bonus Buy reads discounted to 99 cents for the event with that price offered to be rebated back by the participating authors when readers fill out the relevant form.”

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Hot Reading at Ravenous Nights in NYC

As if New York during the summer couldn’t get hot enough! Join yours truly along with several other sizzling romance authors during July's Ravenous Nights.

The event welcomes the Romance Writers Association conference and its attendees to New York City with a Hot Summer Nights reading. On the stage will be me, Louisa Bacio, Daisy Harris, Gwen Masters and Kathy Kulig.

The Ravenous Nights reading series celebrates erotica and erotic romance the first Friday of every month. Sponsored by erotic romance e-book publisher, Ravenous Romance, and hosted by its editorial director, Lori Perkins, Ravenous Nights spotlights authors and their works with readings, door prizes, and endless enthusiasm for hot, steamy fiction.

Event Details:
July 1, 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Free. Casual dress.
Happy Ending Lounge
302 Broome Street
New York, NY 10002
(212) 334-9676

For more information:

Let’s take a quick look at the lovely ladies who’ll be sharing the spotlight:

Kathy Kulig

Multi-published author Kathy Kulig writes paranormal, contemporary and erotic romance for Ellora’s Cave. Her recent works include Damned and Desired, a 2011 EPIC Award finalist, Emerald Dungeon, and Dragon Witch, a 2011 PRISM Finalist. Besides her career in writing, she’s a cytotechnologist and has worked as a research scientist, medical technologist, dive master and stringer for a newspaper. When she’s not writing or dreaming up her next steamy story, she enjoys traveling, relaxing by the beach with a book, mountain biking, movies and dinners out. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband in a 100-year-old Victorian home, which has a garage built from rejected tombstones.

Kathy Kulig
Emerald Dungeon by Kathy Kulig 
Ellora’s Cave

When Dana, a harpist, gets a summer job in a medieval dinner show, she discovers a world of BDSM in the dungeon of the ancient Irish castle. Jack is a sexy Dominant who recognizes the submissive smoldering beneath the demure exterior. Under his skillful commands, he takes her beyond her darkest erotic fantasies. Secrets and strange events around the castle strain their relationship, and the appearance of a mysterious business card 1-800-DOM-help offers to guide them. Only with complete trust and surrender is ultimate pleasure and true love possible.

Visit Kathy at  

Daisy Harris

Regular visitors to this blog met Daisy recently, with her new Ravenous Romance release, Mercury Rising: The Gods at Sea. At the reading, Daisy will be featuring her upcoming July release Lust After Death.

In the Pacific Northwest, where life hurries to keep pace with technology, a reanimated bride named Josie struggles to escape her creator and to find her identity in the half-erased circuitry of her mind and body.

Assassin Bane Connor just wants to get the girl to the Zombie Underground and receive his payoff—a mental re-set that will erase his memories as well as his guilt. But an attack by a rival faction derails his rescue, and the wide-eyed female whose circuitry requires a husband tears at his hardened heart and ignites desire like he’s never known.

Acting as Josie’s spouse-substitute is tougher than Bane expected. The newborn stein needs touch to live, and wanting her is a complication he doesn’t need. To make matters worse, she sees into the darkest recesses of his mind. The last thing a killer wants is for his lover to read his thoughts, but if Josie can love him the way he’s programmed, perhaps Bane can find a way to heal his past.

Gwen Masters

Gwen Masters has seen hundreds of her short stories published in print and online, and her erotic novels have been translated into half a dozen languages. When she's not writing smut, she is diving into research on interesting yet obscure topics, hopping a plane every few weeks, and masquerading as a serious news journalist. She splits her time between a home on the Georgia coast and a little place on the outskirts of Philadelphia. Check out Gwen at:
Gwen Masters

Her latest book, A Week in the Snow releases June 27 at Total E-Bound. Squee! Just in time for #RWA11!

And, yes, the event runs at the same time as the RITAs, but this time, think about taking on a new experience with Ravenous Nights.

Hope to see you there!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Yes, it’s a Blatant Promo Weekend!

And I mean that in every sense of the word. I’ve got a new release coming out shortly: Sex University: All-Girls Academy. Whoo-hoo. Stay tuned for more info!

Today, I’m over on Writers Gone Wild – Whoo-hoo. For their “Blatant Promo Weekend,” they feature up to five books from an author … and I’m more than thrilled so see all the covers laid out so prettily in one area. As an erotic romance writer, my first full-length novel Sex University: Physical Education release in June 2010, and look at the page now!

Check out Writers Gone Wild for 5 Fun Facts about Me, too – such as my favorite Disneyland ride.

Of Dreams and Realities

Author Ju Dimello also is featuring an interview with me, today, with a giveaway of The Vampire, The Witch & The Werewolf: A New Orleans Threesome. Ju has to be one of the most personable and zany interviewers I’ve come across. You can see all of her personality in her questions and follow-up responses.

Read it on her site Dreams and Realities

In the interview, I also highlight some creative support I’ve received at OCC/RWA, and also meeting new friends such as Ebony Dreams online. (Ebony’s also a SoCal local, so hopefully, we’ll be seeing her at a meeting one weekend soon.)

Thanks for spending part of your Saturday with me, and hopefully I’ll be seeing more of many in NYC next week!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Tea with Rebecca Leigh, and her "Dirty Housewives"

So very excited to be sharing an energizing cup of tea with Rebecca Leigh and her DIRTY HOUSEWIVES. I was privileged to be a beta reader for Rebecca's sizzling novel that takes a different look at what those stay-at-home women do behind closed doors. 

First of I’d like to say Mahalo to Louisa for having me as a guest on her wonderful blog.  I’ve read Louisa’s stories and they are super hot!  I’m proud to share Ravenous Romance as a mutual publisher.
I’ve been writing erotic romance for a couple years.   I spend my days with my nose stuck in legal books, but my nights (and lunches, and breaks, and weekends) are spent reading and writing books that are worlds apart from contracts.

My stories include a variety of pairings – m/f, m/m, f/f, m/f/m.  I even have a m/m/m/m thrown in there and a couple lesbian threesomes.  My favorite part of writing is the adventure of new love.  Whether it’s a man and a woman or a woman and a woman or a man and a man – I’m totally in love with the first kiss and the happily ever after and everything that comes in between (you now, the really hot sex scenes)!

My first story was published by Ravenous Romance – a sweet and sexy m/m called Tight End.  Since then, I’ve published short stories, novellas and a novel with several other e-publishers.  But I’ve never been quite as thrilled as when my editor at Ravenous asked to write a lesbian threesome novel.  The basic idea for the story was based on a short story I had published with Ravenous called Tea Time in a historical threesomes anthology “Once Upon a Threesome.”  Tea Time is set in small town, 1950’s America.  Behind the manicured lawns and shuttered windows, three housewives have a little fun with each other at, well, tea time.  Surely, the premise would make a good novel!

And so began my journey writing DIRTY HOUSEWIVES. 

DIRTY HOUSEWIVES tells the story of Barbara, Sally, and Virginia.

Barbara Curtis is a 1950s divorcee in a small Midwestern town.  She has lived the life everyone expected of her - marriage, house, kids.  Even after her divorce, she continued the typical routine of a Maple Street housewife, sprinkling daily chores with the appropriate measure of gossip.  But when a scandal grips Springfield and brings the FBI to town, Barbara's life changes dramatically.

Sally Norton is a FBI stenographer and de facto agent who comes to Springfield with Agent Theodore Hoover to investigate an interstate embezzlement plot at Springfield's local branch of National Federal Savings and Loan.  Sally kindles sexual desires Barbara tried her entire life to suppress.

In the midst of the scandal, Virginia Anderson moves to Maple Street.  Unlike Barbara and Sally, Virginia is not afraid to express her sexual preferences - or share them with her new friends.  The three women explore their sexual attraction in the midst of the worst scandal Springfield has ever seen and in the face of gossip that could force their relationship to end before they come to terms with their true feelings.

To read an excerpt or buy the book, visit Ravenous’s site

To learn more about Rebecca, visit her website  She is also on Goodreads, Amazon, Twitter (@rleighromance), Manic Readers, and Facebook.

Grazie again for stopping by Rebecca, and readers ... what's your favorite brew?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Starting a New Manuscript: What’s at Stake?

A certain mixture of joy, anticipation and trepidation comes along with starting a new manuscript. The characters in The Vampire, The Witch & The Werewolf: A New Orleans Threesome refuse to leave me alone. Their story isn’t finished, and although I turned in a manuscript just a few short weeks ago, and I continually insist that I’m not a *fast* writer, I’m writing again.

Woke up at 6:30 a.m. for no good reason, and in the quiet morning hours figured … let’s write. And then before bed I pushed past 1,000 words for the day. Now, this routine doesn’t mean that I’m going to write every day – or so I’m telling myself – I’d like to get a little mental/physical break, and I do have other duties to do (ahem, cough: editing, grading, chapter newsletters to lay out).

But the story is speaking to me, and I need to listen.

So I’ve officially sunk into the Dungeon of SavvyAuthors (isn’t that the perfect name?), nails scraping the sides of the stone staircase in protest, and opened up my new book file in order to track the progress of this novel.

More time than available also was spent searching for an image to correspond with a new character, Nick Stake. Nick’s the love interest for Trevor’s sister, Silver. He’s tall, muscular, dark skinned with shoulder-length blond dreads and these light brown, haunting eyes. Unfortunately, I failed to find anything visually that would match up with the image in my mind. And let me tell you … I looked.

Did I mention that Nick’s also a vampire hunter and he doesn’t differentiate between rogue, and let’s say Lawrence?

How do you think Nick’s going to take to his girlfriend’s newfound “family?” Odds are there will be some growing pains involved. 

You can see why I’m so excited about this story. Not only do I get to revisit some very close friends in my original characters Lawrence, Trevor and Lily, but the new ones are oh, so, tempting.

Reviews: Coffee Time Romance & More gives The Vampire, The Witch & The Werewolf: A New Orleans Threesome FIVE cups of coffee! Go see what the reviewer has to say! 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Sneak Peek: Spin the Wheel of Pleasure at the Ark Hotel

Do we ever have another sweet treat for readers! Lani Rhea returns with an ultra sneak-peek of her ready-to-be-published novel The Ark Hotel: Under Bonded Contract. Get ready to spin the Wheel of Pleasure. This excerpt is so hot, she's going to make the blog go "adult only." (Ed. Note: edited to make PC June 21, 2011 ...)

Thank you, Louisa, for allowing me to share my story The Ark Hotel: Under Bonded Contract on your blog today. I flew to Florida in my private jet and interviewed the couple.

I break out my voice recorder and mumble into the thing to remind myself where I’m at, “I’m here today with Jackson Pratt and Camri Burns. I’ll ask them a few questions as they talk to us about The Ark Hotel in Haulover Park, Fl.”

I smile at them both and place the recorder on my lap.

“Let’s get started shall we.”

Staring at the couple, I begin, “Jackson and Camri, I would like to start by saying thank you so much for allowing me to write your story. It was wonderful how you two fell in love. And the open door policy in your love making made me blush a little.” I clear my throat as I fidget in the seat over the heated moments shared with me.  They looked content as they sat close together on the sky blue love seat situated directly in front of me. The space between us is occupied with a brown traditional wool handmade rug, as the scent of French vanilla coffee swirl around us in the intimate meeting room.
Jackson smiles ever so politely at me, dipping his head in response. “You’re welcome Lani. We were eager when we heard you were looking for couples to interview.”

I watch them closely as Jackson squeezes Camri’s hand. She winks at him, and then turns to me. “Well, I was the one who actually encouraged him to come to talk to you.” She wiggles her crossed leg. “Jackson has been busy with the new restaurant the hotel plans to open called Impulse.”

“Ah, I see. I’m glad David and Lizzy Hawthorne has kept you busy, Jackson. How has business been like with mother and son team?”

“That they have, and wonderful. I love every second of it,” his deep voice lowers as he admires Camri.
For me, the look is a clue as to how much time he really has been working. I’m sure Camri keeps him up late after he arrives home from a hard day’s work.

“Jackson,” I ask, “what made you want to trick Camri into signing the contract? I mean, did you not believe in your power to engage in a relationship with her without a binding contract?”

He laughs. “Camri is a creature of mystery. We had a partnership blow south in the past and I had a gut feeling she wouldn’t agree to partner with me again on this new project. So I had John, our legal aide, draw a contract.”

I nod. “Camri, would you have signed the contract if you would have known the truth?”

She bit her bottom lip. “No, I most likely wouldn’t have. I’m glad I did or else I wouldn’t be here now with him.” Camri leans over and kisses Jackson on his nice shaved cheek. I admire the rock on her finger.

“I’m glad to hear the news and that all has worked out for you two. I would like to know, have you taken a full tour of the hotels yet, Jackson?”

“As of now there are only two hotels, the one here in Florida, which is in the final stages of completing the new restaurant Impulse, and in Idaho.”

“Do either of you enjoy this hotel more than the one in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho,” I’m almost too shy to finish the question, but do, “the one you first engaged your sexual act at?”

Camri wiggles in the seat, cozies up to Jackson. “I find they’re both delicious locations.”

I raise a brow and clear my throat. “Good.” Heat flushes my face at her comment.

Jackson laughs at my embarrassment. A few months have passed since I’ve last visited with Jackson and Camri. I’ve noted she’s still the naughty minx as when I left them to travel back to Oklahoma, and he’s still the sly cat.  

Next question, “We’re you both surprised to find the Wheel of Pleasure when you first entered? And were you glad you spun the wheel?”

Jackson starts to speak, but Camri silences him with her finger on his lips. “I was shocked, but grew curious as I eyed the Kama Sutra positions on the glittery wheel. I wondered which one position I hadn’t already maneuvered and secretly I wished for Lady Luck to surprise me.”

“For me, when the needle stopped on the Bamboo position, I was shocked to discover she had never tried the position before. We pull out the Ark card every now and again to this very day.”

He smiles wide at me, and I’m positive my face is bright as neon pink.

His smile is alluring, addictive, and I can see why Camri fell for him.

“To wrap this up, do you plan to travel to all Ark Hotel’s when they are built throughout the United States?”

“Yes.” They both answer.

“Would you two mind if I share an excerpt from your story with guest I plan to invite to the event?”

Camri waves a hand in my direction. “Lani, provide any scene from our story with your guests. We don’t mind. We’re happy to have helped.”

“Thank you both for visiting with me today.”

We shake hands and go our separate ways.

I leave Camri and Jackson, fly back home from Florida and tumble over which scene to give you today. I would like to provide you with a scene I love so much. This scene is of Jackson when he becomes jealous of another man helping Camri with lingerie in an adult store. 

Just remember, this excerpt has not been professionally edited by my editor. Enjoy!


Jackson only smiled and glanced over at the guy next to her. The putz stood too close to Camri. A finger slid along his forearm, “And if you ever want anything in here, I'm sure I can get you a discount.”
Jackson turned to look at the woman. She was cute in a way, but not in his high standard league. He desired a woman who held an edge of fiery finesse, like Camri.
Camri's soft chuckles floated into the air around him and he leaned off the counter to investigate. The man led Camri toward the outfit he had expressed interest in earlier. That should be him talking to Camri about the lingerie, not some beach bum.
“Thanks for the information, excuse me,” Jackson told the lady, and strolled off to interrupt the conversation happening between Camri and the store help.
Jackson stepped up behind Camri and looked at the man's name tag. “I'll take it from here, Taz, thanks for your help.” Jackson nodded and centered between them, putting a much appreciative safe distance so the man couldn't be near her.
Taz looked at Jackson “You're welcome,” and then turned to Camri. “You come back soon.” The man smiled and walked away.
Greedy hands found her waste, turning her backside to face the openness of the store. Jackson untied the belt on the coat and opened it.
Camri had a shocked look. “What are you doing?”
Jackson smiled, didn't say a word as he admired her body.
Camri closed the coat and tugged on the strings. “I said what you are doing?”
“Testing a theory, I want to see what this looks like up beside your body, for the gig we signed up for next week.” He shrugged. “May I have permission to touch you?”
A long moment of pulsating beats from the music strummed between them.
Jackson smiled and turned to a size medium and slipped the garment off the hanger. He gripped both sides of the bustier and looked at Camri. Then froze midway, she was beautiful. Her perfect hour glass figure and the way she stood somewhat determined, made him hard. Camri had no idea how much he wanted her right then. He'd take their love making up on the center stage if she’d have him.
Rolling her eyes and opening the coat, Camri perched her hands on her hips. The low cut shirt had moved to the side and the push up bra exposed a vine ripened strawberry.
His dick hardened at the sight of the supple pink[...] peek-a-booing from the top. Like a magnet to metal, his [...].
Camri looked surprised, her mouth hung open wide.
Jackson shrugged. “Sorry.” Leaning his upper body back from hers, to place the bustier by her body, Jackson molded the leather material around her frame. His stare stayed glued to hers as he rubbed a thumb over [...].
Camri lowered her gaze, so did Jackson.
His hands washed down the sides of her ribcage to land on top of hers. “This should fit fine.” Gliding his hands up to rest underneath the ledge of her breasts, his thumbs traced over the wire of the Victoria’s Secret bra.
Her breasts raised with each breath inhaled. Sliding her hands from her hips to rest by her sides, Camri looked at Jackson with every pant. He wished he knew what she was thinking at that moment.
Jackson wanted to bend down and kiss her. “I think we will take this. What do you say?” His hands flowed down to her now vacated hips.
“Do you think the bottoms will fit?” Camri teasingly licked her lush lips.
With a deep inhale, Jackson turned to the bottoms and back around with a rather amused idea, he bent to one knee. [...] strained against the slacks.
“Get up off the floor, Jackson.” Camri ordered fast through her clenched teeth.
“No one can see us.”
“See what? Jackson...” Her mouth turned to an oh.
His hand slid over her leg and disappeared beneath the mini skirt, her thigh was smooth and firm. Camri shivered underneath his palm, his [...] twitched. His nostrils flared catching a drift of her sexy, musky scent. Jackson scooted closer to the ecstasy.
Camri buckled her knees. She shook her head no, and pushed at his hands.
Jackson smiled and looked eye level with Camri's [...]. “We have to see if these fit.” Glancing up, he winked at her.
Camri chewed her bottom lip, her fingers curled in a crippled way, she looked nervous. He wanted to alleviate her stress and caress her.
“Raise a foot.”
Her eyes roamed around the room. “What if someone walks up and catches us?” Camri whispered.
“No they won't. Don't worry. Have you ever done anything off the wall in your life?” He’d bet she hadn't before this night.
She glanced down. “No. I'm not a rule breaker.”
“I figured that. Well, I am, now raise a foot.”
Camri closed her eyes and balanced on one foot.
Jackson looked down to place the raised high heeled foot through the opening. “Okay, raise your other foot now.”
She did, he continued as before and slid the thong over her delicate muscled calves, past her knees and stopped midway on her thighs. He stared at the distance between the lacy material and the hem of the skirt. He swallowed the temptation of only gliding his hands up all the way, down a swollen throat of desire. He gathered his strength and [...] Its weight threatened to pull him to the ground and like a magic trick, his hands disappeared.


Thank you very much for stopping by and taking a look at my story The Ark Hotel: Under Bonded Contract. The only thing I have to offer at the moment is a hot read. Maybe later on down the road, after publication, Louisa will invite me back and I can raffle off a free read.

I plan to announce the story release date as soon as I hear. If you would follow me on Facebook, you will have heads up on this information. You can find my Facebook page on my blog, along with my Author, Twitter and Youtube pages.
Louisa thanks again for allowing me to have fun on your blog!

~Lani Rhea

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cowboy Fever! Night Owl Reviews Magazine Romance Column

I've got a hankering for some hot cowboys! The latest issue of Night Owl Reviews Magazine is now available! Download a free copy, and check out this months Romance Column, with reviews of Linda Lael Miller's Creed's HonorShould've Been a Cowboy by Vicki Lewis Thompson.

This month also features two sweet romances: Golden Heart winner Debra Holland takes us back to the old West with her release Wild Montana Sky, and Margaret Brownley shows readers A Vision of Lucy.

Night Owl Reviews Magazine -- Romance Column starts on page 31

Friday, June 10, 2011

Judith Leger’s Dragon Wish

Thanks so much Louisa for having me today!  I'm also really excited about my newest release, Dragon Wish.  I suppose you could say it is the book of my heart.  Here's the blurb and a short except.  Hope everyone will enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing it!


A vision, a wish, and a journey plagued by evil.

Cold, desolate cliffs and a white dragon’s blue gaze captures Seren Jordan in a terrifying vision. A universe away, Paladin Fulcan--prince, captain, and sorcery-shadowed seed of dragonkind--struggles to overcome his grief during the long journey to where he must bury his wife and son. Seeing a shooting star, he violates all the laws of the dragonseed: he makes a wish. 

A dragonseed's wish can open the gates between realities, can alter fate. But has fate itself decreed this wish? For the throne-less dragonseed's destiny is entwined with that of a mortal mate; their son is fated to be the One True Dragon King to rule over all the dragons. But not all dragons are content to accept one rule, and the rebels quietly gather allies to prevent the birth of Seren's baby.

Birds appeared on the outer edges of her vision. She shifted her gaze. She watched the wings moving, brilliant white down and bluish gray up. Their feathers along with their shapes reminded her of the herons she often saw in the bayous and marshes around New Orleans. She smiled. The reminder brought wonderful memories of growing up in the Crescent City.

Every summer her parents would take her to beach on Pontchartrain Lake. Water, sand, and sun had covered her from head to toe. She’d loved the summer months with picnics in the park. They’d feed the pigeons in Jackson Square. Then when she’d grown and had her child, she’d done the same for her. She smiled at the memories.

Soft footsteps approached her from behind. The touch of a warm palm on her neck soothed her. A second later, the cushion dipped from the person sitting.

Paladin’s deep voice warmed her more than the sunlight. “You’re awake. You must be much better if you can smile.”

“What kind of birds are those? They look similar to ones on Earth,” she asked, not ready to face him.

Silence answered her for several moments.

When he leaned above her, he cast a shadow over her shoulder and chest. “They are not birds. Those are dracs, fledgling dragons. They are from my clan’s namesake.”

Surprised, she shifted closer to the window, studying the flying beasts. Small, with slender bodies, the creatures showed little to no resemblance to the beast from her vision. “Those are the dragons?”

She glanced at him. What she saw melted away her surprise. Golden strands lay against the high cast of his cheeks. Seren reached up and glided a fingertip across his bottom lip. His smooth, almost silky lips parted. She lowered her hand, returning her gaze to the window.

She struggled to keep her desire under control. Need pounded between her legs. When she spoke, she kept her tone even. “I don’t like the way you make me feel.”

“In what manner do you speak?”

“Heat, lust…passion.”

“Is that so terrible?” His voice had deepened.

She sighed. “For me, yes. I don’t want to feel those emotions. I wanted the vision to end. Desiring you doesn’t fit into the picture.”

“Desire is not bad.” He brushed the back of his hand over her cheek.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rising Currents: Louisiana Moon with Lani Rhea

Are you ready to break in Lani Rhea gently? You know she's a virgin guest blogger, and she's granted me the gift of being her first time! Lani and I met a little more than a year ago on Savvy Authors, and it's been writing-lust ever since ... she possesses a passion for adjectives and an Unbound amount of creativity. 

Thank you, Louisa, for sharing your blog with me today. It’s an honor. I would like to start off with a little history about werewolves and vampires, because mine are different, yet share characteristics in the same retrospect. And I’ll toss a little magic in the mix.



Werewolves are ancient, going back far into history from Greek mythology to Latvian folklore. All over the world the myths of werewolves can be found. They have attributed superhuman strength and senses, and mate for life and stay in family groups.  Humans can be turned into a werewolf simply with a bite, or there can be a curse… which might bring a curse to me because my heroine is so stubborn.

Vampires, ah, the mighty vampire, the creature I used to pretend to be as a child. Who am I kidding, I still dress up as vampires at Halloween! Vampires can be so fun. They go back thousands of years in several different cultures. A favorite vampire cult of mine is the Egyptian Cult of Sekhmet. I’ve actually began a story called Rising Currents: Aeon Blood centering around this cult, but in my own creative way.  It is based on Goddess Sekhmet, which is the reason that modern day vampires are around in books and movies today.

Hoodoo, folk magic, is also known as a conjure, witchcraft or rootwork.  In American English, the word hoodoo was first documented in 1875 and is commonly mixed up with voodoo.  Voodoo is a religion and hoodoo is a group of magical practices. And the reason I mention hoodoo is because my story Rising Currents: Louisiana Moon involves hoodoo magic.

Now my characters:

What’s a normal life anyway…

Kristina Knight
Kristina Knight is a kick-ass werewolf bounty hunter. Think of the artist PINK and you can envision Kris, except Kris has long curly brown hair. She is of Royal blood, and in my story Louisiana Moon only Royal bloodlines live forever. Kris has turned her back on her Royal tie and lives a long life alone killing ominous vampires who dare cross her path. Only Royals can hold the beast inside for long periods of time. She is vegan by choice, but tames the beast with tasty treats of alligator and sushi rolls. To help keep Mother Earth clean, Kris recycles and yes, she considers herself a tree hugger. Nature is in her blood and she doesn’t want any creature or being disturbing the natural balance. She lives in a stylish container home and drives a Chevy Volt.  And the only man deemed her lover in the past, a vampire.

The Underworld is not to cross…

Ryant Starga
Ryant Starga is Italian, born centuries long ago in Tuscany. He has hips built for pleasure, a tongue for wicked things and tawny eyes with dark specs like reptiles that could capture any soul. Ryant has locks of raven hair meant for pulling and built like a gladiator. Can you imagine the rousing succulents this man could bring? Ryant does break the rules. His latest and greatest uproar, kicked out of New York for forming a coven. He materializes from thin air and can vaporize into mist with the snap of his fingers to travel to different locations. To some, he may appear ruthless, which is a vampire’s nature. They can be vicious and take what they want at any given point. And let me mention, Ryant could come to my house anytime, I’d invite him inside. Would you? But then again, once his mate, always his mate, and he will let his own self be invited inside…your heart that is.

Trouble stirs deep when a third is involved…

Darin James
Darin James, your all American wannabe war hero, never finding the right woman, until he is saved by Kris before being turned into a vampire. He’s six foot tall with shoulder-length blond hair, and ripped muscles from all those strenuous workouts. Darin lost his parents in a car accident, and brings a natural balance to Kris’s world with his kind humanity and human nature. He’s always ready for a fight, eager to give that helping hand in the right spots, too.


Losing her parents to vampires, Kristina Knight, a werewolf bounty hunter, is ready to protect humans from the bloodsuckers. Saving Darin James, a human, from the Truce Brotherhood adds risk to the vampire coven’s wrath. When Ryant, her ex-lover, appears on pretext on protecting her, she isn’t ready to trust him again. Especially not after he’d made his choice clear years ago.

Ryant Starga is driven by the need to protect Kristina, not because she was his world in the past, but because with her blood, the Soulscapes would rule the Underworld. And that means no creature would ever be safe. His plan to convince her that she needs his protection goes awry when he realizes that in spite of the years separating them, he’s unable to keep his hands or mind off her, and the human out of the picture.

With the Soul Demons hot for blood using hoodoo magic, a single drop means sure death.  With the human, Darin, stepping over boundaries, will Ryant gain respect from Kris, only to lose her again? Can he hope for a future? Can there be a love triangle, or will there be separations? Will they all live long enough to find out?


My dream is to have Rising Currents: Louisiana Moon published sometime this year. This is still a work in progress, but she’s getting there. I also have a few more stories lined up for the series. Keep an eye out.

Thanks again for having me on your blog today, Louisa. It was a pleasure.  And thank you for stopping by to read this!



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