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My Sexy Saturday at All-Girls Academy #LGBT

Ciao. Welcome to my first foray with the My Sexy Saturday Hop! In honor of California lifting the stay on same-sex marriages, I decided to share an enticing excerpt from my F/F erotic romance Physical Education: All-Girls Academy.


Raised by an over-controlling and manipulative father, Savannah “Van” Morgan flees the East Coast for the West, seeking sanctuary with her Aunt Lucy, headmistress of San Francisco Sex University. Rather than staying at the main campus, Van enrolls in SFSU’s more nurturing “sister” school, the All-Girls Academy. 

After visiting the main campus of SFSU, Margaret “Maggie” O’Neil hangs up her police badge in search of new experiences and hoping to awaken her own dormant sexuality.

With subject matters such as an “Art Sex-education” class with an Italian visiting professor who’s more than happy to schedule private tutoring after-hours, the All-Girls Academy invites all sorts of sexual exploration. In the end, Van and Maggie will either fall victim to the pressures of society, or come together to save each other. 


As Antoinella wrapped up the class, Margaret quickly closed her sketchbook. Her hand pleasantly ached from the intense drawing session. She hadn’t gotten lost in a project in so long, completely forgetting about everything and everyone else around her. She brushed the gray-stained side of her hand against her jeans. As she drew, she must have been rubbing her hand against the paper, without realizing it. Stubbornly, it remained. Why was it that often things rubbed off where they weren’t supposed to go, and then when you purposely tried to get them off, they stuck? She’d wash it off before heading off to the next class session.
First though, she needed to pick up her clothes. She’d been so ingrained in her drawing that she almost forgot about not wearing a shirt, either. If it wasn’t so damn chilly this time of year, she probably would have blocked it out altogether. The others in the room tucked their materials back into the desks. Usually, she kept her drawing pad with her, but it would probably look curious if she took it while everyone else left.
With one last look between the pages, she shut it and headed toward the front of the class. This time, she wouldn’t let herself be intimidated.
“Ms. Margaret. Thanks for your participation today,” Antoinella said, her eyes twinkling with delight. “You added much to the lessons.”
“Glad I could be of service,” Margaret said. She reached around and untied the apron strings from behind her back, and slid the loop off from around her neck. Once removed, she dropped the apron on the instructor’s desk and stood up straight, towering over the other woman. In fact, her soft, pliant mouth reached almost right to Margaret’s breasts. “Now if I could have my own clothes back, I’ll be on my way.”
Antoinella gave a look of appreciation at Margaret’s firm breasts and tight stomach. For being such a tall woman, Margaret knew that her body remained toned. Their exchange captured the interest of a few remaining students in the classroom.
“By all means, here’s your bra and shirt. In the future, I ask that you consider wearing something less offensive to the senses. Consider the aesthetic elements. From the work of yours I saw today, you’ve got a fine talent. Whenever class isn’t in session, you’re welcome to come by the art studio and work.”
Margaret bypassed her bra, and yanked the sweatshirt over her head. “I appreciate the offer,” she said. “I’ll keep that in mind.”
Antoinella reached out and touched Margaret’s arm, giving a barely noticeable caress to her forearm.
“Buono. I’d like to work with you after hours.”

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Spotlight -- Moonlight Serenade by Kate Hinderer

Most people tend to read an eclectic mix. If you're looking for something a little different, today features a lighter YA romance.

The Moonlight Serenade,
Fascination Island Book 2
Kate Hinderer

Determined to someday sing on the stage in New York City, Collette takes an internship at the luxury resort on Fascination Island.

While she plans to hone her craft by singing nightly on the stage of the Moonlight Serenade restaurant, she never expected to be pushed outside her comfort zone.

Shy and reserved, she is challenged to step outside herself and release the inner diva. When Falcon comes along, sparks fly and secrets are revealed.

Before long Collette is forced to make life-changing decisions that will impact her future in ways she never even imagined.


Audyn shook her head vigorously. “I’m ready.”
            I clapped loudly to encourage her, hoping she really was ready to do this difficult dive. She took another moment before swaying forward slightly then letting go of the ropes and dropping off the back of the swing. Her backflips were not as tight and structured as they had been the first couple times. Instead of entering the water in a smooth, nearly splash-less motion, she belly-flopped in. Tristan stood at the sound of the loud splash but stayed in the aisle watching the tank closely.
            Audyn swam closer to the glass, going through the motions of the routine, but things seemed off, less put together, more spastic. She kept moving around underwater and when I had to take a deep breath, I realized I had been holding it in since she let go of the ropes.
            “She’s been under a long time,” I commented to Tristan. He kept watching. His hand gripping the top of the chair in front of him.
            Another half minute passed, and now I was worried. Audyn’s motions had slowed, but she hadn’t come up for air yet.
            “Tristan it’s been too long,” I told him panicked.
            And then we both gasped when Audyn turned to look out the tank directly at us. Her face masked in pain; her hands clutched at her throat. Her legs moved together as if she wore the fin costume. A second later she started thrashing in the water. It looked like she was trying to escape an invisible hand that held her down, forcing her to stay below the surface.
            A scream rent the air, and before I could even acknowledge that it was mine, Tristan was running full force to the tank. He climbed the ladder built into the front of the tank, dove in and wrapped his arms around Audyn before propelling them to the surface. Even after her head was above water, the look on Audyn’s face was pure terror.
            “Backstage,” Tristan yelled at me as he began swimming away with Audyn in his arms.
            I took off running through the empty rows of chairs, to the hallway and down through a long corridor to the very last room. By the time I burst through the door, Tristan was climbing out of the tank with Audyn still in his arms. She wasn’t moving.
            “Is she breathing?” I begged, rushing to them.

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Writing has been in my soul from the very beginning. In grade school I started my own local paper for the street I lived on. In middle school I wrote for the school paper and loved any English writing assignment. I started writing novels in high school. At the time my friends were the characters, the setting was almost always Regency England, and I scratched the story into lined notebooks.

Now, I have a journalism degree and a dozen various business writing gigs under my belt. I’ve lived in a handful of US cities including Milwaukee, Chicago, Boston, St. Louis and New York. I pen a personal fashion and lifestyle blog,, and continue to write about commercial real estate. 

My first book, Aurora Undefined, was published in 2011. The Emerald Isle, the first Fascination Island book, came out during the summer of 2012, at which time I immediately began writing the second book in the series.

Next up . . . stay tuned! I’m working on a new contemporary novel as well as the third book in the Fascination Island series.

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