Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday 13: Ways to Keep Cool

A Glow-Tini: Talk about cool!
 At Disneyland's Grand Californian Hotel.
After reading Cassandra Carr’s Thursday 13 for weeks on end, I had to take part. So many times I thought, “How could I come up with 13 items?” It wasn’t as hard as anticipated. A required topic would be very cool, though. Talk about challenging the brain!

Here are my 13 tips for keeping cool when the temperature is hot outside.

1) Go Naked – How could this not be on the list?
2) Vacation on the opposite side of the world – Hot in California? How about heading to Australia, where our summer is their winter.
3) Rub ice all over your body.
4) Imagine yourself in a vat of cold water (and you don’t have to pee).
5) Sleep with my husband – No, not literally, but he likes a ceiling fan, window open, window fan and depending upon the outside temperature, either the air conditioner on, or the whole house fan going. Trust me, it’s cold.
6) Forget something very important – The stares from the person you owe will be enough to leave you cold.
7) Give a “cold shoulder” to a bully.
8) Ice cream – Not only does a double-scoop slide down nicely, but usually the ice cream stores are downright chilly. Double points if you make it to a Farrell’s. (Don’t know what it is? You’re missing out.)
9) Chilled lemon drop – If one doesn’t do the trick, have a second one.
10) Go swimming in a mountain lake – Rather than going to our regular favorite beach hotel, we’re headed to Big Bear this Fourth of July (not my choice). It’s going to be downright freezing in that lake made from melted snow!
11) Forget your sweater and/or jacket – believe me, if there’s no other way to warm up, odds are it’ll get cold.
12) Go on Splash Mountain at Disneyland or the Grizzly River Run at California Adventure. During the summer, they crank up the water and you will get drenched! (You might want to bring a change of clothes.)
13) Slushie at the movies – Mmmm. Blue raspberry is my favorite. When it gets super-hot outside, there’s nothing like hiding out in a cool, dark spot and catching the latest flick. Watch out for the brain freeze.

Got a tip or want to suggest a topic? Leave a comment!

Until next time!

Louisa Bacio

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  1. LOL - a slushy always gives me brain freeze! You can come down to New Zealand today. It's chilly and sunny at the same time.

    1. Sounds lovely, Shelley. It's actually still nice in Southern California. We'll heat up more come August/September.