Monday, November 30, 2015

Holiday Treats – December Events

It’s that busy time of year again, which also happens to be one of the most fun! Because I adore sharing the cheer, I’ve signed up for a number of events, blogs and giveaways this month! Plus, signed up for a card exchange via Stella Price – some people will be getting naughty cards from me! – and a few Secret Santa exchanges!

Hopefully, I’ve got everything here. Here’s a listing of what’s to come! Most of these events are happening the entire month of December. I’ve highlighted a few days I have specifically, too. But check back over for goodies.

Ana’s Advent Calendar (The mistress keeps the dates secret – as to spread out the love equally!)

Dec. 3 – Heather Long’s Holiday Giveaway

Dec. 8 – Smutketeers

Dec. 9 – 12 Days of Giving – hosted by Lia Davis

Dec. 21 – Blissemas

Dec. 29 – In the Pages of a Good Book

Help make this season bright. Hope to see you there!

Louisa Bacio

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Winter Solstice Ménage -- #MySexySaturday

Welcome to this week's My Sexy Saturday where we are imagining sexy. From my new release, Winter Solstice Ménage, here's a first look at Derek:

“Mind if I join you?” A man’s deep voice broke through her thoughts, and she opened her eyes. Have mercy.

He towered over the spa, and she looked up, up, up—past those tapered hips and sculpted stomach to broad shoulders and a mouth that promised all sorts of wicked goodness. The cold didn’t seem to bother him much, except for those hard nipples.

“Come on in. There’s plenty of room.”

Rather than taking up residence on the other side, where someone who followed social norms might have, he sat next to her. Real close. The water level rose as he got in.

“You must be new to these parts. Haven’t seen you around. I’m Derek.”

The tone of his voice moved over her body, eliciting a physical response. Her nipples perked up, and the weight of his gaze settled on her chest, which just about floated on the water. Feeling uncharacteristically self-conscious, she dipped below.

“Ah, perceptive. I’m Sugar,” she said. “I’m staying with my brother Yas and Tala at the B&B.”

* * *

Although the same model wasn't used for the cover of the book, here's the sexy inspiration used while writing the story:

Now, imagine him being an identical twin!

Winter Solstice Ménage

Sugar isn’t as sweet as her big brother, Yas, believes. After he leaves the big city to venture a small pack in the hills he’s heard about from their mom, she decides to let loose in all the best ways. Except when all hell breaks loose and she’s faced with some tough decisions, she runs … to her family. 

After growing up in Los Lobos, twins Derek and Tyler Baker lived through all the hardships under the former Alpha leader. While one twin is happy playing the dating field, the other wants something more special. They both find what they’re looking for when newcomer Sugar comes for a visit.

Where Sugar goes, trouble follows. It’ll take more than one member of this pack to tame the new shifter she-wolf. But will the Winter Solstice Ménage be enough to convince her to settle down? 

Available via Amazon, ARe, iBooks, Kobo.

Until next time,

Louisa Bacio

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