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Vampire’s Kiss -- A Halloween Cock-Tail

In my upcoming novel The Vampire, The Witch & The Werewolf 2: Chains of Silver, Nick Stake bartends at Club Blood in New Orleans, a wannabe fang-banger hangout that some creatures of the night use as feeding grounds. As a vampire hunter, Nick earns tips along with identifying his targets.

Witches Brew
With Halloween literally right around the weekend, one of my favorite activities is researching new themed-related drinks. Last year, I made Witches Brew, and had a mini nightmare trying to buy dry ice to get that cool fog effect.

Chains of Silver features Club Blood’s “signature” martini, Vampire’s Kiss, and this one isn’t a sexy sliding of the teeth into a willing, warm neck. The drink consists of chilled vodka, champagne and Chambord, a black raspberry liquor that adds that blood-red tone. On Saturday, I’m hosting a poker night – complete with a Halloween costume contest for the attendees’ kids – and I plan on serving up some delectable cocktails (photos to come!).

Have a favorite spooky drink? Share and leave an email address, and I’ll send you a goody bag filled with: Gummy Vampires or Gummy Werewolves, a “baby” that can be found in King Cakes from New Orleans, and other assorted goodies. Plus, one lucky "grand-prize" commenter will win a $10 gift certificate to Ravenous Romance. Hopefully, you'll save it for my Chains of Silver release! (Hint. Hint!) 

This weekend, I’ll be blog-hopping all around. Join me and a host of other writers for the Romance Girls Gone Goblin Halloween Blog Hop (try saying that five times fast after a few Vampire’s Kisses! Other parties include the TRS Spookapalooza, which is giving away a Nook!, the Whipped Cream blog, where I’ll be “visiting” on Saturday, and the Goddess Fish Party Pavilion.

Have a delightfully fun – and safe – Halloween weekend!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ellis Carrington dishes about the Heroes of Amor Prohibido

Isn't Ellis Carrington's cover for Amor Prohibido absolutely swoon-worthy? The colors alone elicit passion. Today, she's dishing on a few secrets about her men ... 

Meet Jake:
Got a thing for the “hot nerd?” I know I do. And Jacob Freehan’s got “hot nerd” out the wazoo. Quiet and shy—maybe even a little standoffish at first—but oh, baby! This guy’s got a smile that lights up like the sun once you get to know him. He’s a Database Architect who’s fiercely loyal to his friends, and likes to swim and do yoga. He gets his lean muscles and broad shoulders from his Army Officer father, and his olive-toned skin from his Chinese mother.

Now, Jake’s had it a little rough: growing up he suffered physical and emotional abuse, first at the hands of his mom, and then his first boyfriend Danny. He and Danny were so young when they met, that they wound up in a kind of codependent relationship that continued for far longer than it should have. It ended, sadly, in Danny pushing Jacob over a railing and injuring Jake’s back pretty severely.  It was the final straw, and while Jacob is beginning to heal physically? Emotionally, it’s another matter.

Meet Pakal:
Pakal is an immortal Mayan spirit guide. Or in our lexicon, what you might think of as an angel. Now, that angel comes in pretty surprising packaging: Masquerading as a hot, golden-skinned beach-bum/tour guide, Pakal may look young but he’s centuries old. In his mortal life he was a nobleman, before he was bound and tossed into a well—a sacrifice to honor the Mayan rain god. And though his mortal body died, his spirit lived on to walk the earth.

Pakal is very wise thanks to his long lifespan but very lonely. He hangs out in the sunny, sleepy, seaside town of Puerto Morelos, Mexico and helps some of the souls that pass through the little tourist spot. It’s been fulfilling for the most part, but when he meets Jacob he finds they share a special connection. That taste of kinship, of real intimacy, it makes him long for something more. Trouble is, the gods have tasked Pakal with helping Jacob to heal his physical and emotional hurts, not getting him into bed. Which makes a romantic relationship with Jake forbidden….

Thing is, these two have no idea how perfect they are for each other.


Jacob Freehan has no job, no man, and no motivation. In pain both from ending a long-term abusive relationship and a severe back injury, he escapes to the sunny seaside town of Puerto Morelos, Mexico for a little yoga, a little R&R, and possibly a place to quietly end his own life. 

Pakal is a centuries-old immortal Mayan spirit guide who has been charged with getting Jacob on the path toward healing. Romantic involvement with a spirit charge is strictly forbidden, and it has never been a problem...until now. Pakal sees something special in Jacob, but failure to keep a rapidly growing attraction at bay could result in Jacob losing his life and Pakal being condemned to the Underworld forever...

Available now at Amber Allure and Amazon!

Find Ellis on: Web | Facebook | Twitter

Friday, October 21, 2011

Why I write M/M BDSM with H.C. Brown

After recently coming home from the GayRomLit Retreat in New Orleans, I was thrilled to see H.C. Brown's topic for her guest blog -- M/M BDSM. 

I had the notion at one time that BDSM was a fetish found in underground dungeons hidden down dark alleyways. Okay, so maybe out there somewhere this holds a grain of truth. My insight as it were came from some hard research. I was brainstorming an idea with Stormy Glenn to do an anthology for Noble Romance.  I wanted to try something our fans would enjoy but with a little difference. Stormy came up with a slave auction and I came up with Floggers BDSM Club.

We gave each other a brief outline of our main characters and the interior of the club with the Flogger's VIP bar for the doms, and the house subs, so we could blend both stories together. I spend a whole lot of time speaking with people in the BDSM scene. I purchased a few recommended BDSM manuals and went to work.

Surprisingly the characters for Dominate Me grew out of the attitude of the people in the scene I had spoken to about this subject. The scents and smells of a dungeon, the setting of a BDSM scene all gave life to my characters. The trust needed between the participants, the diversity of people who indulge and most of all the range of pleasure sought and given. I think I can sum it up in one word—respect.

I finished Dominate Me before Stormy had completed her story and although we had very little input into each other's work the stories blended very well.

My latest release for the Timeless Desire Blog Tour is Time to Live.  I go back to Floggers in this story and you will find old favorites Nash, Paul and Rio in cameo appearances. Time to Live is a story about sexual discovery and fulfillment. I hope you will enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it for you.


Seth Bannock is living a lie. Nothing in his life is working out. He likes women . . . he respects women . . . but when he tries to kiss a woman and she does that tongue thing, he wants to spew.

Confused by his body's reaction to the men at his gym, Seth seeks help from the only gay club he knows—Floggers. Is the man crazy? Seeking answers, the sweet, vanilla virgin marches into the BDSM club to speak to the owner Rio Knight.

Realization that he has been on the wrong team all his life comes in the form of a six-foot-seven Adonis by the name of Matt Duffey. Instantly attracted to the leather-clad alpha male, Seth must leave his old life behind and embrace his newfound sexuality

Seth thought his life had complications before he met Matt, but nothing comes close to the rollercoaster ride in the big dom's arms.

Chapter One

Seth Bannock stared at the front door. A yellow glow seeped thought the glass panels forming a pool of light around his feet. The street buzzed with the noise of a normal Saturday night. Teenagers spilled out from a loud party two doors up, and moved in small groups along the sidewalk in a constant stream of chatter. Cars spun their wheels and, horns blasting with young men hanging out of the windows, roared up the road.

With a sigh, Seth pushed his hands into the back pockets of his jeans. What had just happened? His friend of the past six months, Rose McCarthy, had given him the finger, sworn colorfully, and slammed the front door in his face. He gazed at her neat two-story brick house, his mind frazzled. Okay, so he had tried to kiss her, he wanted to be nice, and she had asked him for the kiss—no, she'd pleaded for it. It wasn't his fucking idea. In truth, he had no inclination to kiss anyone. Perhaps he could have handled a straight kiss, but then the woman stuck her tongue into his mouth, tasted like stale beer, and he nearly spewed his guts out. Christ, she'd gone feral, insisting he wasn't normal, that he kissed like a girl. How the fuck did she know how girls kissed anyway?

Seth rubbed the back of his neck. Not again.

He had—had being the operative word here—liked Rose. He'd met her at his gym. True, he appreciated her slim body, enjoyed their long chats, and her companionship. The trouble with Rose and all the other women he had  dated over the past three years was moving beyond being friends. Not that he wanted to, but he always made things worse by rejecting their advances. He happened to prefer being friends. He liked women, well, at least until they did that thing with their eyes and expected him to fondle their tits. Hell, he even enjoyed going to the mall with them—but kissing them and the tongue thing—fuck, it made him uncomfortable. The eventuality of finding the right girl had become a personal nightmare.
He had to face facts—he didn't like girls in that way.

Rose's words would haunt him forever. You're gay and can't admit it to yourself. Normal men like women to touch them—you move away. Do you look at girlie magazines to jerk off? Or are you thinking about the hot jocks sweating at the gym? The worse thing was, he hadn't given her a reply—he had no excuse. In fact, he had never bought a girlie magazine in his life.

The look of disgust on her face burned into his mind, to join the list of other horror-date memories. Matt turned away from the house and walked to his car. The woman had a point. He had never dated during high school or college, keeping to himself or hanging out with the other jocks. In truth, he liked the smell of men, the gloss of sweat on hard muscle, damp hair curling on a broad, muscular neck. To admit this even to himself—fuck! His head throbbed with the implication.

Swinging into his car, Seth thought over the strange messages his body gave him whenever he noticed men looking at him in that way. It happened all the time at the gym. As a personal trainer, he had clients of both sexes and kept things on a very professional level, but a couple of guys had brushed his leg and given him the look. His stomach had clenched as if in anticipation; his heart rate had quickened. Why? The thought of sliding his hands over a man's hot, sweaty body did not repel him. Should it? Who would know? Hell, he couldn't just walk up to someone and ask a question like that, he valued his teeth too much. What should he do? He had to discuss his problem with someone who would not laugh at him. I gotta know if watching two men together turns me on . . . yeah . . . I'll pick up a couple of pornos. If the movies turn me on, I'll need to discuss my problem with someone. I'll go online, and do a search, there must be someone in this town I can speak to.

Time to Live is available via

Visit HC Brown

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Leftover Goodies from GayRomLit! Come Get 'Em

I'm making two special appearances today, and offering opportunities to win one of these goody bags from last week's GayRomLit Retreat in New Orleans.


New Orleans King Cake "Baby" for Good Luck
Either Gummy Vampires or Werewolves
Trading cards for The Vampire, The Witch & The Werewolf: A New Orleans Threesome
And assorted candy ...

To enter, visit one of the blogs I'm visiting and leave a comment with your email address. Depending upon the demand, will decide how many I send out (multiple domestic and two international).

Where to go:

Today's Thursday Treat 

My CP and friend interviews me and the responses get a bit quirky.

Chains of Silver Coming Soon & Giveaway!

Plus, there's a major party happening today at the Romance Studio. Come tell me your favorite activity, and you also can be entered into winning.

Stay tuned for more news about my upcoming erotic paranormal The Vampire, The Witch & The Werewolf: Chains of Silver.

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Alpha Males and the Women Who Love Them with Starla Kaye

Please welcome Starla Kaye, who's exploring her love affair with the Alpha male, and giving a little glimpse into a holiday-themed release.

I love writing stories about Alpha males, especially ones who basically flounder around in the love game. They don’t understand how it is supposed to play out. They know how everything in their world beyond relationships should work. They make tough decisions, act on them, and live with the consequences. But nothing about making a relationship work with a woman they love comes easy for them.

I also love writing stories about women who fall in love with these stubborn, sometimes challenging men. These women are not weak. They face tough issues in their lives, deal with them as best they can, and struggle at times with relationships, too. Just as men often believe women are difficult to understand, these women, too, have problems understanding men sometimes.

In Holly’s Big Bad Santa, Jared Danville went from making a bad decision fifteen years ago to becoming a man molded by his hard, dangerous profession. He left his hometown as a testosterone crazed teenager craving more excitement than a small town in Kansas could give him. He walked away from a young woman that he hasn’t been able to forget. Now known as Kick-ass, Bad-ass Danville and hardened by things he has seen and done, he needs to go home again. But how can he face his family or Holly? How can he earn their forgiveness…and heal her wounded heart?

Holly loved Jared with all of the passion of a teenage girl in love for the first time. Then he left without a word right after his high school graduation. His parents were always certain he would return one day. She preferred to think he had died sometime over the years. Yet she could never quite believe that, or forget him. She is finally ready to go on with her life, to marry someone she met online. Except, just as he’d done all those years ago, Jared upsets her world by returning. And her foolish heart wants him.

She quickly realizes that he wants her back, wants her forgiveness for being an idiot. He is a man used to getting his way and is determined to win her heart. But Holly isn’t going to make it easy for him. This proud yet stupid Alpha male is going to have to suffer first. She’s cried too many tears over him, created a life of her own and has planned to finally get married. Jared needs to understand that he isn’t the only choice in her life anymore. He needs to hurt at what he might not be able to attain, at least for a while.

Holly’s Big Bad Santa isn’t a long story, but it deals with the elements I enjoy writing about: the tough Alpha male brought to his knees by the strong-willed woman who loves him. And it is a Christmas story, another one of my favorite elements to deal with.


Holly’s Big Bad Santa
Starla Kaye
Genre: Holiday Romance, Erotic
Length: Novella
Publisher: Black Velvet Seductions


Website: Starla Kaye
Facebook: Starla Kaye Writer
Amazon Authors Page: Starla Kaye

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Spend a Wicked "Weekend at Wilderhope Manor" with Lucy Felthouse

Lucy Felthouse takes readers on an erotic romp in her new F/F release, Weekend at Wilderhope Manor. Here's a taste of what's to come. 


When Stephanie and Jenny go to a Murder Mystery Halloween weekend at Wilderhope Manor, they’re expecting fun and games. But following creaky floorboards, spooky noises and an alarming encounter in the Manor’s grounds, the girls begin to wonder if there’s more to Wilderhope Manor than meets the eye. As they find frequent comfort in one another’s arms – and their bed – will the girls discover what’s causing the bumps in the night, or will they run scared?


The car trundled up the long driveway, the crunching of gravel beneath tyres the only sound as Stephanie and her girlfriend, Jenny, peered out of the windows at their surroundings.
Even at dusk the tree-lined driveway was impressive with perfectly maintained parkland, spanning for acres on either side of it. As Stephanie steered the Fiesta around a bend in the track, they both gasped. Their destination, Wilderhope Manor, had come into view and it was stunning. The Tudor style property was huge, with no less than three frontages visible from where they were. Chimneys with intricately built patterns jutted into the darkening sky, with tangles of ivy climbing parts of the manor, giving the place an appearance that was both beautiful and foreboding.
Presently, the driveway opened out into a gravelled area, which as far as Stephanie could tell, doubled as a car park for the weekend. Stephanie manoeuvred into a spot between two vehicles and killed the engine. As she turned to Jenny, she jumped, startled. Her girlfriend had leaned in close, making a scary face with her hands mimicking claws.
“Are you ready to be scared out of your wits, young lady?” Jenny rasped, wiggling her eyebrows and fingers theatrically.
Stephanie shoved her playfully, laughing. “Come on, you silly cow. It’s a murder mystery weekend, not a monster hunt. There will be no ghosts, ghouls or vampires involved.”
Stephanie got out of the car and closed the door. She’d already popped open the boot and started unloading their bags before Jenny appeared alongside her, pouting petulantly.
“But it’s Halloween tomorrow,” Jenny insisted. “Anything could happen. The veil between the living and dead will be at its thinnest, and this place is meant to be swarming with ghosts.”
“If you say so, sweetheart,” she replied, rolling her eyes. She was used to Jenny’s crazy beliefs by now. “Grab your bags and let’s get inside. It’s cold. You got the tickets?”
Jenny nodded, brandishing her handbag in response. Jenny picked up her overnight bag as Stephanie slammed the boot lid before locking the car, then followed her toward the grand entrance to Wilderhope Manor.
* * *
A little while later, they were installed in their room. They’d each been handed a “Welcome Pack” by the staff member who had attended to them at Reception, which consisted of their itinerary and instructions for the weekend.
As they unpacked, she voiced one of the thoughts that had run through her head. “Have you ever noticed how places never bat an eye at two girls sharing a room, and yet, if it’s two guys, they automatically assume they’re gay?”
“They’ll soon change their tune when they see your outfit for tonight!” Jenny replied, grinning cheekily at her. “It screams ‘lesbian’ with every stitch!”
“Whatever do you mean, you saucy wench? Someone with girl parts dressing as a distinguished gentleman does not a lesbian make.”
“True, but I wonder what it’ll do to you? Perhaps it’ll work in reverse and turn you straight!”
Buy Links:

About Lucy Felthouse

Lucy is a graduate of the University of Derby, where she studied Creative Writing. During her first year, she was dared to write an erotic story - so she did. It went down a storm and she's never looked back. Lucy has had stories published by Cleis Press, Noble Romance, Ravenous Romance, Summerhouse Publishing, Sweetmeats Press and Xcite Books. She is also the editor of Uniform Behaviour and Seducing the Myth. Find out more at You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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Mind Melding Your Fantasy Man with Kerri Nelson

So excited to have Kerri Nelson visiting today. She's such a dynamic and personable writer. She's got a giveaway for today, and a Grand Prize for her blog tour ... so make sure to read all the way through. 

The main demon in my book Courting Demons has special mind warping seductive powers.  He can sort of get inside your head and seduce you without even touching you.  Here’s a scene where he’s attempting to seduce the heroine:

(Edited for length and content)

Her body involuntarily leaned towards him with each word he
spoke. A shiver ran up her spine as she had a sudden graphic image
of his mouth on her body. She shook her head in response as if
trying to wake herself from a dream.

“Are you quite all right?” he asked, moving towards her and
reaching out one, slender hand to touch her forearm with his cool

His touch made her jump backwards and her legs collided
with the mattress. She lost her balance and proceeded to land in a
sudden sitting position on top of the bed.

“What are you doing to me?” she asked, feeling a dizziness
and weakness in her chest.

She knew the pull of mystical forces when she felt them. She
was certainly no magic expert but she knew when someone was
working a spell on her, and something was happening to her right

“I’m not doing anything, Paisley. You are simply allowing your
mind and body to give in to your true desires.”

His words flowed through her as warm as the taste of strong
alcohol and she leaned backwards into the mattress. Then, he was
hovering over her and the smell of earth enveloped her as her
mind and body felt the pressure of a strong force.

He wasn’t touching her but she could still feel the weight of
him as he hovered over her body. The feeling was incredible and
she closed her eyes for just a moment to let it wash over her.

She was so tired and she just wanted to let go of the little
control she had left. She didn’t understand what was happening to
her. It was too much. Things were happening too quickly. She
couldn’t get a handle on any one thing before the next pressure
was weighing on her.

If she could just let go…if she could just surrender to her
body’s needs and desires. Then, maybe she could feel peace.


Just a little more…a little closer…

So, this got me to thinking.  What if you could (from afar) get inside the mind of any celebrity male and get him to want you uncontrollably?  Who would it be and why?  What would you mentally convey to them?  Some of the top on my list would be:

David Beckam
Why?  Cause he’s a hottie athlete with a sexy accent.
What would I convey? That wife of yours is blah!

Ian Somerholder
Why? Cause he plays such a brilliant damaged hero on Vampire Diaries.
What would I convey?  I might be an older woman but—experience is a good thing!

Kristoffer Polaha
Why?  He’s that cutie from the show Life Unexpected.  He just looks like he’d be a blast to hang out with.
What would I convey?  Hollywood is boring.  Move to the sunny south!

Colin Firth
Why?  Well, he’s Mr. Darcy.  I mean, come on!
What would I convey? Get your shirt wet for me.  Pretty please?

Gerard Butler
Why? He’s Gerard Butler.  Enough said.
What would I convey? Uh…sputter…uh…sigh.

Courting Demons Blurb:

Paisley Barton was already having a bad day before she turned her husband into a rat.
First, she was fired by her boss and then came home to find hubby in the shower with a naked blonde chick. They say that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned but this break-up may just unleash hell on Earth when Paisley casts a spell of vengeance against her philandering husband.

After her spell casting inadvertently opens a portal between dimensions, Paisley finds her family home transformed into a nightly courtroom for settling disputes between demons of the underworld and she’s the judge! If that’s not enough, she’s got to deal with a charming, ancient demon named Camden who wants to be her personal bodyguard while trying to explain her husband’s sudden, mysterious disappearance to sexy police Detective Dalton Briggs.

But Paisley will show them all that an everyday working mom is better equipped than most to deal with the mystical mayhem…and with a tempting demon hottie and a flirtatious young detective vying for her affection, she soon learns that being single again isn’t so bad after all.

“When a wronged wife turns her cheating husband into a rat, you know you have to keep reading! Kerri Nelson offers up a lot of fun and wild magic in Courting Demons!” --Bestselling author, Linda Wisdom, Demons are a Girl’s Best Friend

About Kerri:

Kerri Nelson discovered her love of writing at an early age and soon became a columnist for her local newspaper winning the Outstanding Young Journalist of the Year Award for her efforts.

After a fifteen year career in the legal field, Kerri fulfilled her lifelong dream of publication and is now an award winning multi-published author of nearly every genre under the sun (and moon) and also writes young adult fiction under the penname K.G. Summers. 

A true southern belle, she comes complete with a dashing southern gentleman and three adorable children for whom she often bakes many homemade treats. 

Kerri is an active member of Sisters in Crime and Romance Writers of America as well as numerous chapters including Futuristic Fantasy & Paranormal Writers and her Presidency of Celtic Hearts Romance Writers.

Read more about Kerri’s books at her website:
Follow her on Twitter here:
Visit her industry blog here:
Buy Links (print and e-book versions available 9/15 wherever books are sold but here’s the publisher link—free gift available with purchase of print copy—while supplies last):


Giveaway for the day:

Leave a question or comment to be entered to win today’s prize: A Custom made Momwitch Bread Bag Clip and a choice of e-books from my back list!

Then, enter to win my book tour Grand Prize Kindle by following me on tour and e-mailing me the answers to each question of the day at the end of tour.  The more questions you answer, the more entries you gain.

Question of the Day:  Who is the publisher of Courting Demons?

Details on how to enter to win the GRAND PRIZE Kindle at the end of my “Dark Days of Demons Tour” located here:

Thanks for hosting today, Louisa.  Hope everyone will chime in with their own mind melding fantasies.  

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Promise(s) from Soul Saver Series with Kristie Cook

As part of the continuing Romancing Your Dark Side Tour, please welcome Kristie Cook, who recently revamped two novels in her Soul Saver Series, and will release the novella Genesis, later this month.

Here’s a look at the first novel in the series:


When Alexis Ames is attacked by creatures that can’t be real, she decides it’s time she learns who she really is, with or without the help of her mother, who guards their family’s secrets closely. After meeting the inhumanly attractive, multi-talented Tristan Knight, however, Alexis retreats behind her façade of normalcy…until she discovers he’s not exactly normal either. Then their secrets begin to unravel.

Their union brings hope and promise to her family’s secret society, the Angels’ army, and to the future of mankind. But it also incites a dangerous pursuit by the enemy – Satan’s minions and Tristan’s creators. After all, Alexis and Tristan are a match made in Heaven and in Hell.

For more information, visit

About Kristie:

Kristie Cook is a lifelong writer in various genres, from marketing communications to fantasy fiction. Besides writing, she enjoys reading, cooking, traveling and riding on the back of a motorcycle. She has lived in ten states, but currently calls Southwest Florida home with her husband, three teenage sons, a beagle and a puggle.

Find Kristie Online:

For more information on the Romancing Your Dark Side Paranormal Book Tour and related contests, visit the Virtual Book Tour Cafe.

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Greta van der Rol uncovers sexy hero of ‘Iron Admiral’ & Enter to Win

Today, please welcome Greta van der Rol who's getting down & dirty with her sexy hero from her ‘Iron Admiral’ books. I have a confessions to make. Usually, I make the pictures "small," but I couldn't help myself with that Levis ad. 

The ink had hardly dried on my signature on the contract to publish my two ‘Iron Admiral’ books when Diane asked me who I’d cast as the lead characters when Hollywood came calling for the movie rights. Yes, well, all right. A tad premature, but a girl can dream.

Hmmm... Grand Admiral Chaka Saahren, the Iron Admiral of the title. Well, he’s tall, ‘cos I like tall men. About 6’ 4”. (That’s about 193cm metric) He’s not young, around mid 40s, I’d say. You don’t get to Admiral over night, after all. But of course, in the distant future he’d still have the body of a twenty year old. He’s also not white Caucasian. He has the features of an Indian (subcontinent, not red), that is, black hair, dark (but not black) skin, straight nose. Well, frankly, that pretty much leaves out the leading men in Hollywood. But not the leading men in Bollywood. So here's my notion of my leading man. His name's Akshay Kumar. Just a minute while I stop drooling.

Ahem. Back to Saahren.

As far as sex is concerned... he's been a bit busy building a career for himself, so he has avoid the L word (love) like the plague. But then, in “The Iron Admiral: Conspiracy” he meets Allysha Marten. Here's a snippet of their first encounter. They've found a place to hide where a tree with a delicious fruit grows. But they're up high, so they have to work on some way of getting them down.


“I’ll help you get into the tree and I’ll catch the fruit when you throw it down.” He made a stirrup with his hands. “Here. I’ll hoist you up to that first branch.”

Balancing herself with her fingers resting lightly on his shoulders, she put her foot into his hands and pushed down. She slipped sideways. “I don’t think this is going to work.” She leant into him and started to giggle.

The scent of her invaded his nostrils; her breast pushed against his chest and set his pulse racing. Fruit. Think about fruit. He dropped his hands and straightened up. “I think you’d better turn around.”

“Okay. How’s that?” She stood next to him on one foot, one hand on his shoulder as he made a stirrup again, her foot grasped between his hands. She shoved down, trying to use his hands as a step but she ended up staggering against him, giggling helplessly. “That’s not going to work, either.”

He sighed and knelt down next to her, leaning forward a little to hide his erection. “Sit on my shoulders.”
She hesitated. “Are you sure? It won’t be a strain for you?”

“There’s not much of you. It won’t be a strain.” And at least he wouldn’t be in such intimate contact with her.

She swung a leg around his neck and settled herself down, hooking her knees under his arms. He stood, muscles bunching under the weight. “Okay?”

“Yes. You?”

“Fine.” He wished he was. He could smell her, female and alluring, his hands on her smooth skin, her parted legs around his neck. “Climb into the tree.” Please.

She grasped the branch and scrambled onto it, lifting herself with a foot on his shoulder. She turned around awkwardly and sat on the branch looking down at him.

“Go for the deep orange ones. Throw them down to me.” He raised his hands, ready to catch.

She reached up, wrenched the nearest off and tossed it to him. The over-ripe fruit splattered as it hit his hands.

“That’s one we won’t be eating.” He shook the sticky fragments away. “Do it gently or you’ll have to suck the fruit off my fingers.”

She chuckled. “Interesting thought.”

Far too interesting. He imagined her lips around his finger, her tongue… Concentrate, Saahren.

Getting out of the tree was interesting, too; even more interesting, really. Wink

“The Iron Admiral: Deception,” which follows on from where “The Iron Admiral: Conspiracy” leaves off, throws Saahren and Allysha into even more cliff-hanging adventure.

Leave a comment on this blog and you'll be in the running to win an e-copy of “The Iron Admiral: Deception.”


Greta van der Rol loves writing science fiction with a large dollop of good old, healthy romance. She lives not far from the coast in Queensland, Australia and enjoys photography and cooking when she isn't bent over the computer. She has a degree in history and a background in building information systems, both of which go a long way toward helping her in her writing endeavours.

Find Great Online:


Buy the book from

You'll find “The Iron Admiral: Deception” on

Remember to leave a comment, and you'll be entered to win an e-copy of “The Iron Admiral: Deception.” Thanks so much for stopping by Greta, and for bringing some man-candy!