Friday, June 24, 2011

Tea with Rebecca Leigh, and her "Dirty Housewives"

So very excited to be sharing an energizing cup of tea with Rebecca Leigh and her DIRTY HOUSEWIVES. I was privileged to be a beta reader for Rebecca's sizzling novel that takes a different look at what those stay-at-home women do behind closed doors. 

First of I’d like to say Mahalo to Louisa for having me as a guest on her wonderful blog.  I’ve read Louisa’s stories and they are super hot!  I’m proud to share Ravenous Romance as a mutual publisher.
I’ve been writing erotic romance for a couple years.   I spend my days with my nose stuck in legal books, but my nights (and lunches, and breaks, and weekends) are spent reading and writing books that are worlds apart from contracts.

My stories include a variety of pairings – m/f, m/m, f/f, m/f/m.  I even have a m/m/m/m thrown in there and a couple lesbian threesomes.  My favorite part of writing is the adventure of new love.  Whether it’s a man and a woman or a woman and a woman or a man and a man – I’m totally in love with the first kiss and the happily ever after and everything that comes in between (you now, the really hot sex scenes)!

My first story was published by Ravenous Romance – a sweet and sexy m/m called Tight End.  Since then, I’ve published short stories, novellas and a novel with several other e-publishers.  But I’ve never been quite as thrilled as when my editor at Ravenous asked to write a lesbian threesome novel.  The basic idea for the story was based on a short story I had published with Ravenous called Tea Time in a historical threesomes anthology “Once Upon a Threesome.”  Tea Time is set in small town, 1950’s America.  Behind the manicured lawns and shuttered windows, three housewives have a little fun with each other at, well, tea time.  Surely, the premise would make a good novel!

And so began my journey writing DIRTY HOUSEWIVES. 

DIRTY HOUSEWIVES tells the story of Barbara, Sally, and Virginia.

Barbara Curtis is a 1950s divorcee in a small Midwestern town.  She has lived the life everyone expected of her - marriage, house, kids.  Even after her divorce, she continued the typical routine of a Maple Street housewife, sprinkling daily chores with the appropriate measure of gossip.  But when a scandal grips Springfield and brings the FBI to town, Barbara's life changes dramatically.

Sally Norton is a FBI stenographer and de facto agent who comes to Springfield with Agent Theodore Hoover to investigate an interstate embezzlement plot at Springfield's local branch of National Federal Savings and Loan.  Sally kindles sexual desires Barbara tried her entire life to suppress.

In the midst of the scandal, Virginia Anderson moves to Maple Street.  Unlike Barbara and Sally, Virginia is not afraid to express her sexual preferences - or share them with her new friends.  The three women explore their sexual attraction in the midst of the worst scandal Springfield has ever seen and in the face of gossip that could force their relationship to end before they come to terms with their true feelings.

To read an excerpt or buy the book, visit Ravenous’s site

To learn more about Rebecca, visit her website  She is also on Goodreads, Amazon, Twitter (@rleighromance), Manic Readers, and Facebook.

Grazie again for stopping by Rebecca, and readers ... what's your favorite brew?


  1. Aloha Louisa and mahalo again for having me! I'd like some honey with my tea :)

  2. Wishing you all the best with your new story! It sounds like a hot read!

  3. Yeah, Rebecca! I used to like this white honey that was supposedly from Hawaii. The company stopped supplying it. Is it something *sold* there, or a specialty item?

    Denise -- It's very authentic to the time period. Great read!

  4. Mahalo for stopping by Denise! Louisa, I think they have that on the Big Island -- yummy!

  5. Sounds like a very spicy read!

  6. Louisa, thanks again for hosting our Rebecca today! One of the things I love best about being a Ravenous author is getting to know such wonderful fellow authors - like the two of you!
    Reb, I ran out the very second I saw this book announced; I absolutely loved the original story! So great that it's a full -length novel now!

  7. Thanks for stopping by Maureen and KK!

    Kilt - the best thing about Ravenous is definitely that it has brought us all together! You know how much I love, love your work and that of the wonderful other writer in your life Inara!! Mahalo for buying the book -- please let me know what you think of it!!

  8. What Kilt said re: getting to know our fabulous fellow authors, both as writers and as people. Love the premise for your book, Rebecca!

    Kilt built me to the punch buying it... :-)


  9. I have to agree -- you all are so much fun. I can't imagine what would happen if we all got together in person! That would be more than a tea party.

    Hitting an afternoon slump in SoCal -- need a stronger brew.

    I know Maureen usually serves up something with a kick on her barge.

  10. Thank you Dana! I hope you'll read KK's copy and let me know what you think!!

    One of these days soon we ALLL need to attend a conference at the same time and have a party!!