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Sneak Peek: Spin the Wheel of Pleasure at the Ark Hotel

Do we ever have another sweet treat for readers! Lani Rhea returns with an ultra sneak-peek of her ready-to-be-published novel The Ark Hotel: Under Bonded Contract. Get ready to spin the Wheel of Pleasure. This excerpt is so hot, she's going to make the blog go "adult only." (Ed. Note: edited to make PC June 21, 2011 ...)

Thank you, Louisa, for allowing me to share my story The Ark Hotel: Under Bonded Contract on your blog today. I flew to Florida in my private jet and interviewed the couple.

I break out my voice recorder and mumble into the thing to remind myself where I’m at, “I’m here today with Jackson Pratt and Camri Burns. I’ll ask them a few questions as they talk to us about The Ark Hotel in Haulover Park, Fl.”

I smile at them both and place the recorder on my lap.

“Let’s get started shall we.”

Staring at the couple, I begin, “Jackson and Camri, I would like to start by saying thank you so much for allowing me to write your story. It was wonderful how you two fell in love. And the open door policy in your love making made me blush a little.” I clear my throat as I fidget in the seat over the heated moments shared with me.  They looked content as they sat close together on the sky blue love seat situated directly in front of me. The space between us is occupied with a brown traditional wool handmade rug, as the scent of French vanilla coffee swirl around us in the intimate meeting room.
Jackson smiles ever so politely at me, dipping his head in response. “You’re welcome Lani. We were eager when we heard you were looking for couples to interview.”

I watch them closely as Jackson squeezes Camri’s hand. She winks at him, and then turns to me. “Well, I was the one who actually encouraged him to come to talk to you.” She wiggles her crossed leg. “Jackson has been busy with the new restaurant the hotel plans to open called Impulse.”

“Ah, I see. I’m glad David and Lizzy Hawthorne has kept you busy, Jackson. How has business been like with mother and son team?”

“That they have, and wonderful. I love every second of it,” his deep voice lowers as he admires Camri.
For me, the look is a clue as to how much time he really has been working. I’m sure Camri keeps him up late after he arrives home from a hard day’s work.

“Jackson,” I ask, “what made you want to trick Camri into signing the contract? I mean, did you not believe in your power to engage in a relationship with her without a binding contract?”

He laughs. “Camri is a creature of mystery. We had a partnership blow south in the past and I had a gut feeling she wouldn’t agree to partner with me again on this new project. So I had John, our legal aide, draw a contract.”

I nod. “Camri, would you have signed the contract if you would have known the truth?”

She bit her bottom lip. “No, I most likely wouldn’t have. I’m glad I did or else I wouldn’t be here now with him.” Camri leans over and kisses Jackson on his nice shaved cheek. I admire the rock on her finger.

“I’m glad to hear the news and that all has worked out for you two. I would like to know, have you taken a full tour of the hotels yet, Jackson?”

“As of now there are only two hotels, the one here in Florida, which is in the final stages of completing the new restaurant Impulse, and in Idaho.”

“Do either of you enjoy this hotel more than the one in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho,” I’m almost too shy to finish the question, but do, “the one you first engaged your sexual act at?”

Camri wiggles in the seat, cozies up to Jackson. “I find they’re both delicious locations.”

I raise a brow and clear my throat. “Good.” Heat flushes my face at her comment.

Jackson laughs at my embarrassment. A few months have passed since I’ve last visited with Jackson and Camri. I’ve noted she’s still the naughty minx as when I left them to travel back to Oklahoma, and he’s still the sly cat.  

Next question, “We’re you both surprised to find the Wheel of Pleasure when you first entered? And were you glad you spun the wheel?”

Jackson starts to speak, but Camri silences him with her finger on his lips. “I was shocked, but grew curious as I eyed the Kama Sutra positions on the glittery wheel. I wondered which one position I hadn’t already maneuvered and secretly I wished for Lady Luck to surprise me.”

“For me, when the needle stopped on the Bamboo position, I was shocked to discover she had never tried the position before. We pull out the Ark card every now and again to this very day.”

He smiles wide at me, and I’m positive my face is bright as neon pink.

His smile is alluring, addictive, and I can see why Camri fell for him.

“To wrap this up, do you plan to travel to all Ark Hotel’s when they are built throughout the United States?”

“Yes.” They both answer.

“Would you two mind if I share an excerpt from your story with guest I plan to invite to the event?”

Camri waves a hand in my direction. “Lani, provide any scene from our story with your guests. We don’t mind. We’re happy to have helped.”

“Thank you both for visiting with me today.”

We shake hands and go our separate ways.

I leave Camri and Jackson, fly back home from Florida and tumble over which scene to give you today. I would like to provide you with a scene I love so much. This scene is of Jackson when he becomes jealous of another man helping Camri with lingerie in an adult store. 

Just remember, this excerpt has not been professionally edited by my editor. Enjoy!


Jackson only smiled and glanced over at the guy next to her. The putz stood too close to Camri. A finger slid along his forearm, “And if you ever want anything in here, I'm sure I can get you a discount.”
Jackson turned to look at the woman. She was cute in a way, but not in his high standard league. He desired a woman who held an edge of fiery finesse, like Camri.
Camri's soft chuckles floated into the air around him and he leaned off the counter to investigate. The man led Camri toward the outfit he had expressed interest in earlier. That should be him talking to Camri about the lingerie, not some beach bum.
“Thanks for the information, excuse me,” Jackson told the lady, and strolled off to interrupt the conversation happening between Camri and the store help.
Jackson stepped up behind Camri and looked at the man's name tag. “I'll take it from here, Taz, thanks for your help.” Jackson nodded and centered between them, putting a much appreciative safe distance so the man couldn't be near her.
Taz looked at Jackson “You're welcome,” and then turned to Camri. “You come back soon.” The man smiled and walked away.
Greedy hands found her waste, turning her backside to face the openness of the store. Jackson untied the belt on the coat and opened it.
Camri had a shocked look. “What are you doing?”
Jackson smiled, didn't say a word as he admired her body.
Camri closed the coat and tugged on the strings. “I said what you are doing?”
“Testing a theory, I want to see what this looks like up beside your body, for the gig we signed up for next week.” He shrugged. “May I have permission to touch you?”
A long moment of pulsating beats from the music strummed between them.
Jackson smiled and turned to a size medium and slipped the garment off the hanger. He gripped both sides of the bustier and looked at Camri. Then froze midway, she was beautiful. Her perfect hour glass figure and the way she stood somewhat determined, made him hard. Camri had no idea how much he wanted her right then. He'd take their love making up on the center stage if she’d have him.
Rolling her eyes and opening the coat, Camri perched her hands on her hips. The low cut shirt had moved to the side and the push up bra exposed a vine ripened strawberry.
His dick hardened at the sight of the supple pink[...] peek-a-booing from the top. Like a magnet to metal, his [...].
Camri looked surprised, her mouth hung open wide.
Jackson shrugged. “Sorry.” Leaning his upper body back from hers, to place the bustier by her body, Jackson molded the leather material around her frame. His stare stayed glued to hers as he rubbed a thumb over [...].
Camri lowered her gaze, so did Jackson.
His hands washed down the sides of her ribcage to land on top of hers. “This should fit fine.” Gliding his hands up to rest underneath the ledge of her breasts, his thumbs traced over the wire of the Victoria’s Secret bra.
Her breasts raised with each breath inhaled. Sliding her hands from her hips to rest by her sides, Camri looked at Jackson with every pant. He wished he knew what she was thinking at that moment.
Jackson wanted to bend down and kiss her. “I think we will take this. What do you say?” His hands flowed down to her now vacated hips.
“Do you think the bottoms will fit?” Camri teasingly licked her lush lips.
With a deep inhale, Jackson turned to the bottoms and back around with a rather amused idea, he bent to one knee. [...] strained against the slacks.
“Get up off the floor, Jackson.” Camri ordered fast through her clenched teeth.
“No one can see us.”
“See what? Jackson...” Her mouth turned to an oh.
His hand slid over her leg and disappeared beneath the mini skirt, her thigh was smooth and firm. Camri shivered underneath his palm, his [...] twitched. His nostrils flared catching a drift of her sexy, musky scent. Jackson scooted closer to the ecstasy.
Camri buckled her knees. She shook her head no, and pushed at his hands.
Jackson smiled and looked eye level with Camri's [...]. “We have to see if these fit.” Glancing up, he winked at her.
Camri chewed her bottom lip, her fingers curled in a crippled way, she looked nervous. He wanted to alleviate her stress and caress her.
“Raise a foot.”
Her eyes roamed around the room. “What if someone walks up and catches us?” Camri whispered.
“No they won't. Don't worry. Have you ever done anything off the wall in your life?” He’d bet she hadn't before this night.
She glanced down. “No. I'm not a rule breaker.”
“I figured that. Well, I am, now raise a foot.”
Camri closed her eyes and balanced on one foot.
Jackson looked down to place the raised high heeled foot through the opening. “Okay, raise your other foot now.”
She did, he continued as before and slid the thong over her delicate muscled calves, past her knees and stopped midway on her thighs. He stared at the distance between the lacy material and the hem of the skirt. He swallowed the temptation of only gliding his hands up all the way, down a swollen throat of desire. He gathered his strength and [...] Its weight threatened to pull him to the ground and like a magic trick, his hands disappeared.


Thank you very much for stopping by and taking a look at my story The Ark Hotel: Under Bonded Contract. The only thing I have to offer at the moment is a hot read. Maybe later on down the road, after publication, Louisa will invite me back and I can raffle off a free read.

I plan to announce the story release date as soon as I hear. If you would follow me on Facebook, you will have heads up on this information. You can find my Facebook page on my blog, along with my Author, Twitter and Youtube pages.
Louisa thanks again for allowing me to have fun on your blog!

~Lani Rhea


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  2. Unfortunately, it looks like Lani is having some Blogger issues with "cookies" again. Argh! So, she's spun the wheel, and here's her response:

    "Thank you, Louisa! Let's see what you land on...
    Ooo, you spun The Great Aperture.
    This position is where the man lies on his back, legs slightly bent. The woman positions on her knees, torso upright, above him. And then leans backward while dragging one leg under. PLUSES: New and pleasant sensations. Deep penetration produces intense sensations and the position is comfortable! In this position he will stay attentive to your needs. All you have to do is squeeze your muscles!"

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    Thanks for spinning with The Ark Hotel today!


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