Wednesday, November 9, 2016

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Before the Scottish Ball at RT 2012, Chicago.
In 2012, I attend RT in Chicago, and one of my best friends from college Staci was my roommate. I’ve mentioned it before but naturally I’m pretty shy. I’ve always put myself in positions, though, where I cannot be.

Before one of the big balls, Staci and I were sitting in the reception area alone. Charlaine Harris came to stand in front of us, holding a box. She’d spoken that day. Especially at that time, I was an extreme fangirl of Harris. But really, what could I say except, “I LOVE your books!” *sigh*

Next, she sat next to us, and fear struck. OMG. She was alone, with us. Really? What did we do? Did I get up the gumption to talk to her? Oh, no.

We got up and left. D’oh!

Later that evening, I told the story to Heather Bennett, who was then one of the publishers of Decadent. She laughed, and I mentioned my other “favorite” author was Heather Graham. If I don’t pre-order her books, I buy them the day of release.

It was the end of the night, and Graham stood on stage pretty much alone and I was on the dance floor with Heather. She called out to Graham how much I loved her, and basically pushed me on stage.

Graham was gracious, she hugged me, someone took a photo – not sure if I’ve ever seen it because I can’t find it – and what did I do? Did I mention how much I adore New Orleans, and how I wish to someday attend her con in December? No. Did I mention how I’ve reviewed a lot of her books, and what’s with the trend of beheading several people in the Krewe of Hunters’ series? No. Did I ask her about her belief in the paranormals, and how I believe in ghosts? No.

I say, “I LOVE your books.” And you know what? It was all right.

Louisa Bacio

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