Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sticker Shock & Awe

“Stickies. Stickies,” my 2-year-old daughter screamed.

Usually when I get dressed in the morning, I need something to distract her. Breakfast of a sliced “nana” and “Dora the Explorer” often does the trick. But, yesterday, only “stickies” would do.

After handing her a sparkly and sticky sheet of Dora and friends, I headed to the back to throw on some clothes. I hadn’t even finished picking out my jeans and shirt when I heard some major giggles floating on back. As a parent, there are some things for concern. One is when the children get quiet. The other is when they laugh while alone (well, or with a pet).

The little one sat on our red couch, panties stripped off and stickers afoot. She strategically stuck Isa the green lizard right at the top of her “whooo-hoo.” A Dora sticker graced the inside of her thigh, and the sheet showed one more missing.

Where is it? I thought. She was going to spend the day with my mom-in-law (yes, so soon after that wonderful Saturday night alone, lucky me!). Imagine if I didn’t find Ms. Isa’s hiding place. There, on her calf was the last “stickie.”

Only two. I can’t help but wonder what adornments will be in her future ...

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