Monday, April 27, 2009

The Sex Talk

As a parent, I know that the time will come to talk to my two daughters about sex. As an erotic writer, with stashes of Playboy around the house, the discussion might become more pressing. Already, we’ve told our older daughter that it’s not “polite” to play with her privates sitting in front of the television or in front of other people. Last night, the situation raised a level.

Both girls love running around the house naked. From talking to other parents, I know this behavior isn’t an anomaly. Still, I don’t understand how I can be in long-sleeved pajamas and fuzzy socks and they’re running around butt-naked. Often, the older daughter, Nicole, will strip down first, and then the little one follows suit. Hubby asked Nicole to put some underwear and at least a pair of pants on. A few minutes later we were all laying on the pull-out sofa bed (love those Sundays with the family), and Nicole started giggling.

I looked over at her, and she held a great big pink feather in her hand.

“I’m laughing because I put the feather on my privates and it tickles.”

All righty. She had put on a skirt, but no undies.

I took the feather from her, and looked at my husband. “About time to have a talk with her?” he asked.

Yeah, sure, but who knew it would include feathers?

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