Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Haunting in the LBC

Flickering candles with some fighting to go out.

“I saw a ghost come out of your room today,” hubby to our tween.

Say what?

The admission would be more surprising is supernatural happenings weren’t a regular occurrence. This one, though, struck a chord.

On Monday, our daughter said the family dog kept growling at something in the corner of her bedroom, and she said she didn’t feel alone. Humoring her, I went inside, and witnessed the unusual canine behavior.

Although she wasn’t pacified, we both agreed: Nothing was there. At least, nothing we could physically see.

Until the husband disclosed a figure exiting her room exactly three minutes after we left this morning. (BTW: He knew nothing of the events the night before.)

Ummm, creepy. Seriously, we’ve had occasional visits and most often, we believe it’s family members who passed on. Still, the feeling of being watched, and not being alone is scary.

In order to combat the visits, I decided to light some candles and ask the spirit to leave, and not to scare my daughter. Despite a fair amount of wax being left in the holder, six candles blew out right away. I went through six extra-long matches in order to light them. Finally, after bringing out new ones, we said our peace … and within a minute, a seventh candle blew out.

Coincidence? I think not.

And people wonder why I write with a paranormal twist.

Tell me: What are your thoughts?

Oh, and guess who doesn’t want to sleep in her room tonight?

Louisa Bacio


  1. I have never felt angry energy in your house... if you do gave spirits theyer good ones... Reading this gave me goose bumps, probably because I was at your house Monday night.. lol I think we may have to sage your house!!!

    1. Oh I don't feel it being angry either. But still, it can be spooky when you feel like you're being watched!

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