Friday, September 30, 2011

Lisa Fox Explores Her Myth of Choice & Enter to Win ...

While at RWA in New York this summer, I was fortunate enough to meet up with the lovely Ms. Lisa Fox at the Happy Ending Lounge. (You can surmise what the two of us were doing at Happy Ending.) We talked about the joy of being together in an upcoming anthology, edited by Lucy Felthouse, and titled Seducing the Myth. Who would have guessed the mythological love affair that would be started among contributors! 

Now, please welcome Lisa!

Hi everyone! I am Lisa Fox and I’m very, very excited to be here on Louisa’s blog today talking about my contribution to the ultra-sexy anthology, Seducing the Myth!

When I saw the call for submissions for the anthology, my first thought was to do a retelling of one of the more popular myths like Eros and Psyche or Aladdin for example. But I then I thought, maybe it would be better to do something more obscure, something that has not already been made into countless movies. So, I did a little research and I found an ancient Irish legend called The Voyage of Bran.

It is a myth of faith, hope, passion and adventure. A beautiful and mysterious woman tells a young prince the tale of an island in the Otherworld where everyone lives in peace and harmony. Bewitched and besotted, he gathers some of his most trusted men and sets off to find this strange, fantastical land. It seemed like the perfect story to retell for an erotic anthology and I hope that everyone enjoys reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Here’s a little taste:

The bar erupted in cheers as Logan entered and held up his hands in acknowledgement and greeting. Cries of "Captain!" followed him as he wove through the crowd, people congratulating him as he passed. Everyone seemed to be holding the evening edition of The Herald, the front page splashed with a huge picture of Logan grinning like a lunatic, coins and jewels spilling out of his hands, a golden tiara perched crookedly on his head. The fifty-point headline declared him The Prince of Emerald Key!

He made his way to the bar, ordered a beer and lifted it high. "To Reef Dancer," he announced, saluting his ship and his crew. He beamed at his men, sharing with them this moment of complete success. It had taken months of digging, of sifting and searching and probing, but they had finally done it. That very morning they'd uncovered a nearly four-hundred-year-old Spanish galleon buried not far off the coast. And there, within the main hull, they’d found their wildest dreams. Treasure beyond all imagining. They were going to be very rich men.

Logan's hand strayed to his pocket, his fingertips lightly brushing the prize within. He sucked in a sharp breath as a bolt of raw energy rocketed through him. It was like that every time he touched her. His little goddess. The greatest treasure of all. He absently stroked her outline through his jeans, very much wanting to be home right then so he could examine her more closely, maybe even understand the hold she had over him, his consuming desire to touch her, stroke her, discover all her hidden secrets.

Find Lisa on the Web:
Twitter: @LisaFoxRomance

Contest: Guess what? Seducing the Myth is now available in a ... paperback! (Check it out on my Amazon page.) Whoo-hoo! And today, Friday, Sept. 30, I'm supposed to have my first shipment arrive at the house. (Happy Dance!). So in celebration, I'm giving away one copy to a guest who answers this question: What's your favorite myth that you'd like to see given an erotic twist? 

Shipping limited to within the United States.


  1. Hmm.... Favorite myth? I love guardian Angels and an erotic twist with their charges always makes me happy!

    Congrats on your paperback editions!

    Carrie Ann

  2. Thanks so much for coming by Carrie Ann. Oh, yes ... Angels are quite sexy, and the softness of those wings ...

    So excited about paperbacks!

  3. I just saw a couple photos for Cinderella and Rapunzel that had a somewhat naughty twist to them. That might be interesting. Although those are fairy tales, do they count?


  4. Christina,

    That definitely counts. Ravenous Romance has a call out right now for "fairy tales" that you think should be, ahem, threesomes. I've got a GOOD one planned. Now, to get past my tomorrow deadline first!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. How about Aladdin? You could get super naughty in a harem ;)

  6. Nikki, I like how you think! Will disclose more -- hopefully -- in the coming months, ;-)

  7. Desere S. was the official winner of the Seducing the Myth book! She was unable to post here because of technical issues, but did send a submission via email. The winning number was chosen via

    Thanks to all who stopped by. More contests/giveaways to come in the future!