Monday, October 18, 2021

31 Days of Magic & Mayhem, Shae Connor #NewRelease #Bisexual

 Happy release day, Shae Connor! So excited for Hard Drive! Yes, it's on pre-order, and I think it'll be airplane reading this week. Now, let's find out about Shae's favorite Halloween memory!

When do you put up Halloween decorations? Any rules in the house?


We wait until October to put up our decorations. We don't do a huge amount, but I do have a couple of lighted jack-o'-lanterns to go on the front stoop, and our decorations tend toward the cute/goofy rather than spooky/scary. Absolutely no spiders!


What's your favorite Halloween tradition/decoration/memory?


My great-aunt always did Halloween big, and one year I dressed as a vampire and sat in a rocking chair on the front porch with the candy bowl in my lap. It was so much fun watching kids decide if they were brave enough to come up and get candy.


Have you ever had a paranormal/ghostly experience? Can you share a little about what happened?


I've had a few moments that have had been thinking spirits of some kind were involved. I've definitely walked into some places and felt something bad hanging around!


What do you think goes *bump* in the night?


Honestly? Humans are scarier than any supernatural monsters.



Hard Drive

Shae Connor


Hi, my name’s Annie Clark, and I’ve managed to flip my quiet, nerdy, single life completely upside down.

First, I recently figured out that I’m bisexual.

Second, Eve Frederick, star softball player and my ultimate crush, asked me out on a date.

Third, she rocked my world, and now I can’t stop thinking I want more… even though Eve is not into relationships.

And to top it all off, someone took a private video of us and is threatening to make it public.

It’s enough to make me want to go back to hiding out in my dorm room—but only if I can take Eve with me.


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