Wednesday, October 27, 2021

31 Days of Magic & Mayhem, Rowan St. George

It's time for the victims to take charge. Watch out for Wicked Intentions. Let's welcome Rowan to 31 Days of Magic & Mayhem!

When do you put up Halloween decorations? Any rules in the house?


About a week or so into Oct. No rules.


What's your favorite Halloween tradition/decoration/memory?


One was when I was maybe 7 and I wore a flapper outfit to a school Halloween event.


Have you ever had a paranormal/ghostly experience? Can you share a little about what happened?


No, but I've definitely had occasions where I felt like there was a presence nearby.


What do you think goes *bump* in the night?


Way more than we rationally realize. 



Rowan St. George and other contributors

Wicked Intentions


It's time for the victims to dole out their own justice.

What happens when those victims get the upper hand? What if they get possessed by a demon to help them impart revenge, or converge with an old spirit who experienced the same? What if a mischievous god catches them mid suicide and offers them a chance to exact their vengeance in any way they choose? This one goes out to all those driven to commit suicide or killed just for someone else's thrills. It goes to those whose lives changed for the worst on the whim of a bully or somebody’s intolerable hatred.

These stories are not for the feint of heart. There will be multi-genres tales involving blood, violence, sex, dark magic, twisted humor, trickster deities, and a whole lot of vengeance.

These Bestselling and Award Winning authors aim to make bullies think twice before they pick on someone.

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