Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Songs of the Deep: Poseidon's Voice


Catherine Stovall

Poseidon's Voice


A mermaid who is still healing from her tragic human death, a prince running from responsibility, a ship's captain who has gone mad, and a monster in the deep. When the war between mermaids and men spills from sea to land, no one is safe. But if they die, they die together.


Share something special about the characters in your story:


While Nadia and Dante are the main characters of the book, it is truly Captain Manford (Dead Eye) Roberts who captures my own imagination. I feel as if his story would be interesting to tell.


What drew you to be part of this anthology?


I was excited to write about mermaids for the first time and the opportunity to work with some really amazing authors. Some for the first time and others who I have written with before.


Are mermaids/sirens real? What do you think about those things we know to be true but don't  necessarily see?


I believe nothing is impossible. Mermaids might just exist. We can't possible guess what is hidden beneath the waters.


Anything else you would like to add?


I always like to thank the readers. Without the people who buy and read the books, I am nothing. It is their minds and hearts that breathe life into the characters again and again to truly give them immortality. 


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Releasing May 13 as part of the Songs of the Deep Anthology


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