Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Songs of the Deep: Cut the Line


A.L. Davroe

Cut The Line


Cut the line and swim free.


Share something special about the characters in your story:


This is a dark tale about a merman, who is trying to come to terms with letting go of his humanity, and the human woman who unwittingly helps him let go.


What drew you to be part of this anthology?


I liked that it wasn't your typical happily ever after, that these were *potentially* dark characters who were revenge driven.


Are mermaids/sirens real? What do you think about those things we know to be true but don't  necessarily see?


The logical part of me says no, but there's definitely that part of me that WANTS them to be real--along with all the other things that go bump in the night. I suppose they could be, the depths of the oceans are still vastly undiscovered and if they're highly intelligent then it would be easy for them to hide.


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Releasing May 13 as part of the Songs of the Deep Anthology


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