Thursday, May 11, 2023

Songs of the Deep: In Too Deep


Nikki Prince

In Too Deep


The sins of the father will be visited on the daughter. 

Intent on revenge, Oceanu targets her prey, leaving them enthralled with her siren song. 

Until she sees Scott and became bewitched herself. Would he still yearn for her if he knew the monster she held back beneath her skin? 

Only time and the seas would tell.


Share something special about the characters in your story:


Oceanu was innocent until fate made her not so.


What drew you to be part of this anthology?


I wanted to represent POC in a fantasy world under the sea. I also wanted to try my hand at a dark romance. This one is definitely darker than I've ever done. I'm hoping the readers will love Oceanu as much as I do.


Are mermaids/sirens real? What do you think about those things we know to be true but don't necessarily see?


I believe there are a lot of things that aren't explainable but could be true. I'm not sure about mermaids or sirens...but this is the beauty of stories...anything can be real.


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Releasing May 13 as part of the Songs of the Deep Anthology


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