Monday, May 8, 2023

Songs of the Deep: Ivory Cove

Jori Elizabeth

Ivory Cove


Hawker's frustrated with where life has taken him. He decides a stay at the family's summer camp on Ivory Cove is the perfect getaway. Ivory Cove was once terrorized by a mermaid, and now Hawker's discovering there is more to the story - and she's back for revenge. 


Share something special about the characters in your story:


Hawker's ancestors were well aware of the mermaid who terrorized Ivory Cove in the past. What other secrets does his family hide?


What drew you to be part of this anthology?


Mermaid lore fascinates me. Everyone thinks mermaids are so sweet. The lore tells another story.


Are mermaids/sirens real? What do you think about those things we know to be true but don't necessarily see?


Yes! I don't think they look exactly as depicted in stories and art, but there is something hiding in the deep. 


Anything else you’d like to add?


Murder awaits when you dive in.


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Releasing May 13 as part of the Songs of the Deep Anthology.


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