Saturday, May 13, 2023

Songs of the Deep: Mermaid's Tail


Tami Lund

Mermaid's Tail


The need for revenge is as deep as the sea 

Fifteen years ago, Asia was tossed over the side of a ship and left for dead. Galene, the first mermaid, and Poseidon, the god of the sea, saved her and turned into a mermaid. 

For fifteen years, Asia has been biding her time, waiting to seek her revenge. 

But now that she finally has her chance, she runs into a roadblock in the form of Conall Nowak, a handsome human man who takes her breath away and gives her all the feels…and makes her wish for a future that cannot be. 

Because she is a mermaid, and Conall has a secret. 


He knows who tossed Asia overboard.


Share something special about the characters in your story:


Our hero, Conall, struggles with his past, with accepting that his father wasn't one of the good guys. He doesn't believe in mermaids, and hates the fact that rumors persist that his father's death was at the hands of these mythical creatures. 


As a teen, our heroine, Asia, wanted to captain her own ship. Unfortunately, in a desperate attempt to realize that dream, she snuck onto the wrong ship... and was tossed overboard.


What drew you to be part of this anthology?


The fact that it was about mermaids. I've written wolf shifters and dragon shifters and bear shifters, but I'd never considered mermaids before. The idea was so intriguing, and this was the perfect opportunity to give it a try.


Are mermaids/sirens real? What do you think about those things we know to be true but don't necessarily see?


I think we love the idea that they might be real, which is why we all enjoy reading about them so much! 


Anything else you’d like to add?


I am so excited for readers to dive into this anthology. My story was so much fun to write, and I know the other authors feel the same way.


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