Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Writing Challenge: The Fireman and the Cat

As part of Lori L. Clark’s “Let’s Write in 2013” challenge, she’s offering a 250-word prompt a day in January. Here’s my first response to the first New Year’s Day prompt.

Prompt: "An old saying takes on new meaning when a woman sees, literally, 'what the cat dragged in.'"
The Fireman and the Cat 

Usually Fred dragged in a half-dead bird, mouse or other such goody as evidence of his prowess and as a “gift” for his owner Janna, but she thanked the heavens when he arrived with a hunky – and single – fireman.

The ringing of the doorbell woke Janna. Hair sticking up from a wild, mostly sleepless night spent worrying, and clad in her leopard-print pajamas, she stumbled to the front door.

Without thinking, she yanked open the door, and there on the other side of the screen stood said savior with a guilty-looking Fred in his arms.


“Is this yours?” he held the cat out, as if he was more than happy to get rid of the offender. Fred’s pink rhinestone collar and tag dangled on his neck.

“Oh, yes, thank you so much.” She took Fred, stroking his silky fur, and nuzzling his neck before placing him in the house. “I’ve been looking for him. Where did you find him?”

“In my backyard,” he said. “I live behind you, and he likes to visit my female cat.”

He let his statement hang in the air, and gave her a once-over, taking in her pink fuzzy slippers to her low-cut top sans bra. A chill hit her, and her nipples hardened. His eyes widened, and he averted his gaze.

“Well, sorry to wake you. I’ll let you know if kittens arrive.”

“Oh, you don’t think?”

“Well, they got a bit frisky…” He smiled, then, his blue eyes lighting up.

“Oh, no. Can I invite you inside for coffee?”

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  1. This is great! LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I've seen some really great stories today!

  2. Super dooper creativity. Only problem is I want to know what happens next! :~D
    Cheers, Kelly

    1. Thanks Kelly! Don't usually delve into "contemporary," but that's where this one went!

  3. Hiya

    :) That was great. It got me hooked and very interested with what happens next.


    1. Thank you Angel! Haven't done day 2 ... didn't get a grab of inspiration!

  4. Hey, Louisa...sounds like a novella in the making...or maybe even an entire book:) It doesn't have to be contemporary, you know...the fireman can actually be a demon and he's had his eye on Janna for quite some time because she holds the key to 'his very future' - big drum roll *grins*
    Kay Dee

    1. Oh Kay Dee, you know me so very well! *blush* I did think to make the fireman the cat. ;-)