Thursday, January 31, 2013

Island Pleasures with KT Grant

Anyone who follows my blog should know I'm a fan of the 1Night Stand series. Last summer, I had the pleasure of meeting KT in person -- hanging out in New Orleans over drinks. She's a wild one! Here's a glimpse into the making of her new release, Island Pleasures.

As a writer, it’s great creating unique settings for my books. With Decadent Publishing’s 1Night Stand series, the possibilities are endless when it comes to different settings. The first book I published for the 1Night Stand series, A Bid For Love, takes place in Las Vegas. I know Las Vegas well. I’ve been there three times. It was great to show off my view of Las Vegas and the atmosphere there, as well as the two men who fall for one another while trying out an amazing penthouse suite in a ritzy casino (including a hot tub that’s put to good use by the main couple).

After I finished writing A Bid For Love, I planned for another character, who was introduced briefly, to be the star of the second book in my 1Night Stand world. Carly Kimball is the neighbor of Reece, one of the heroes of A Bid For Love. In her one scene with Reece, Carly comment how she wants to scope out the Castillo Resort on Grand Turk in the Caribbean. The moment I wrote that, I knew Carly had to end up in Grand Turk. It gave me the perfect excuse to set her story on an island paradise, thus the title, Island Pleasures (pretty appropriate, don’t you think?)

I’ve also been to the Caribbean the same number of times I’ve been to Las Vegas, so I have knowledge of what a Caribbean island is like. I’ve never been to Grand Turk, but with the help of the internet, I was able to research this island that’s one vacation destination I recommend anyone go to. Nothing says romance like a clear blue ocean, tropical breezes and a fancy resort where romance is in the air. Carly doesn’t have any interest in being romanced on Grand Turk. Her reason for going there is to expose the 1 Night Stand online dating service and the Castillo corporation, both of which she thinks are shady businesses. What Carly has no idea about is that she’ll not only come in contact with Quinn, a man from her past, but Woody, another man who is also interested in Carly, proving how seductive Grand Turk can be for a single woman who has caught the eyes of two men.

One woman and her choice of two men on a steamy island paradise leads to some shocking yet fun times. The question remains though, does Carly end up with both men or does she only pick one to ride off in the sunset with? To find that out, you’ll have to read Island Pleasures.

KT Grant in her finery.
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  1. Sounds terrific! I love the One Night Stand books and it's great to get a glimpse of how your story developed.

    1. Adriana -- I may have bought it and read it last night -- very nice, indeed!