Tuesday, January 29, 2013

M/M Military-Style with Cameron Lawton

Please welcome Cameron Lawton to the blog.

4 and 5 star reviews for the second in the series of the investigators in love. 
The Military Police boys are back and this time it's murder.

A fast-paced murder mystery featuring the two Military Police investigators from "Yours To Command." Plans for the holidays are scrapped when a body is found on an Army base in Germany. Still firmly in the closet at work, they stay in a hotel and indulge in some midnight room-hopping but will Rory be able to cope with his assistant's newly discovered dominant streak? Who killed the translator and why in such a grisly way? Is there a connection to a recent suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan? Killing doesn't stop just because it's Christmas, especially in the British Army.

A reviewer on Goodreads said:

We get to see how both Jack and Rory struggle with the strictures placed on them in their relationship by them both being in the Army especially with Rory being a Captain and Jack a Staff Sergeant, they are cautious but Rory is extra cautious because of what happened in the past and Jack learns he doesn’t know his lover as much as he thought he did. We also see Rory’s jealousy of Jack’s loving family but it doesn’t interfere with their relationship, these men are very hot together and make a well suited couple even if they are forced to stay in the closet.

The investigation is really good with some interesting characters, the language is blunt and there is no beating about the bush in this book or political correctness… all the characters are blunt and to the point. I liked the way that even though Jack and Rory’s relationship is very important it faded into the background when it came to the investigation, because damn was that part of the story great with both Rory and Jack using any means necessary (well nearly) to get to the truth. 

I will recommend this to those who love their men blunt and manly, their sex hot and rough at times, their murders gruesome, their military British, strict and blunt and their men getting a happy for now ending.

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Cameron, a trans person, writes having been in the British military and with vast experience of the homophobia and dislike of anyone "different" in those circles. He hopes to be writing more in the Jack and Rory series in 2013. Come on over to his blog and have a chat about motorcycles (his real love) and maybe win a free book.

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