Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Week Blogfest, Day 1 -- First Sight

Thrilled to be part of this BlogHop with some amazing & sweet prizes. Ready for the "first sight" of my hubby. Hmmmm .... I remember what I noticed most about him -- wide, broad shoulders and calf muscles that wouldn't quit. He was in the Air Force, and all that training and carrying did him well.

As part of my prize, I'm giving away a daily prize of an electronic copy of one of the books from my backlist, and a Grand Prize of a $25 See's Candy gift certificate. Oh, yes, you get your own sweets! Leave a comment with an email address so I can contact the winners.

Don't forget to visit the other author's on this blogfest, and come back tomorrow for more "firsts."


  1. Thanks for the great blog hop!


  2. Great Blog Hop, Thanks Deb P

  3. Was he in his uniform when you first saw him?? I just LOVE military men in uniform...and police men...and fire men...and security guards. OOPS, NO, not really security guards...LOL.

    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  4. Love the calf muscles! Nice to meet you. Joined your blog. Good luck on the contest!! I'll be back.

  5. Andrea -- thanks for stopping by, hon!

    Deb -- Welcome. Good to celebrate these love "holidays."

    Catherine -- He was in uniform, but a different sort. He was a cable guy, snicker. Black pants and a white shirt.

    Sharon -- Good to "see" you! And grazie!

  6. Andrea -- you were the winner of day 1! I'll be sending you an email.