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Adriana Kraft Pushes the Limits with Swinging Games

Oh, thank goodness! I have guests today. All these hops have wiped me out! Ready to get swinging? Giveaway info below!

Thanks for having us as your guests today, Louisa! Readers may not know that Adriana Kraft is actually the pen name under which my husband and I write erotic romance together. We’re having the time of our lives concocting steamy stories and getting them on the page to entertain and titillate our readers.

Today we thought we’d give you a glimpse into the sexy world of the swing lifestyle through the eyes of one of our characters. Jen and Brett Andrews are the stars of our Swinging Games series at Extasy Books. I think the simplest thing will be to just turn Jen loose to tell her story uninterrupted – without further ado, here’s Jen!

Oh my, all this excitement is more than I anticipated. I’m just a normal Empty Nester, married to the man I love for over a quarter of a century ~ it’s hard to imagine what all the fuss is about. Eight books to chronicle my adventures, more on the way, and now this interview opportunity? I meet so many women just like me in the swing lifestyle it’s hard to think there’s anything remarkable about me.
It all started innocently enough. After our two adult children moved out, Brett and I naturally had more time for bedroom activities, and less chance of being interrupted, so we started renting some adult videos created just for couples, usually by women. Let me tell you, we could count on those to get our juices flowing! Before long I noticed that what turned me on most wasn’t the hot hunks or the famous “money shot” finishes – no, what I loved to watch and re-watch was slow sensuous scenes of women loving women.

That never meant I wanted to leave Brett or that I wasn’t satisfied with him – whatever happened next, I wanted him to be a part of it, to share it with me. One of the videos had something about the swing lifestyle as part of the plot. I wasn’t even sure it really existed – boy, was I ever wrong! We did a little internet research, joined a couple sites, put our profile together and started meeting people.

What can I tell you about those early days? For sure, I went from feeling crazy to feeling quite normal. In fact, in that lifestyle, Brett and I are pretty vanilla – there’s a lot of kink out there that doesn’t trip our triggers. But that’s part of what I love about it – something for everyone, and no judgment implied.
So I hope that reading about Brett’s and my adventures offers a little something to feed your fantasies, whether or not you’d ever want to check out the lifestyle. There’s just something incredibly decadent and delightful about two, three or even more tongues – lips – pairs of hands – bodies, giving and receiving pleasure. 

Our latest adventure was just released on January 15: Pushing the Limits

Here’s the blurb:

Their new Unicorn Sarah Creston may be out of town, but that doesn’t stop Jen and Brett Andrews from burning up the wires with some scorching three-way phone sex. While they’re waiting for Sarah, Ryan eagerly pursues Brett for some hot male action, followed by a house party that challenges Jen and Brett’s stereotypes. Sarah finally arrives, exhausted and drained from weeks spent helping her aging parents. Jen and Brett provide total tender care for three days—but when Jen invites Sarah to move in for the whole summer, Brett asks himself, is there a limit?

Oh, and while I’m at it, our author is having her website overhauled, so while it’s under construction, here’s her BLOG link, and a link to an EXCERPT.

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Where to find Adriana Kraft:

Adriana’s Author Pages at and All Romance Ebooks

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  1. Thanks so much for having me, Louisa - it was fun letting Jen out of the bag to tell her story.