Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Adult Swap? 12 Days of Giving

Welcome to my stop on the 12 Days of Giving Hop. Thank you so much to Lia Davis for setting up this extravaganza.

Get your mind out of the gutter! We’re not talking swinging here. Instead, it’s the concept of adults exchanging gifts at the holidays. Some years, family do a “children only” gift exchange, some make gifts, some draw names and others go full out. What’s your take on gift giving?

Of course, the first issue is the budget. What can you afford to spend? Sometimes, there is a gift limit during an exchange. Plus, for me, it’s what can you feasibly do? I’m not much of a creative, gift-making person. I can bake, but shipping food stuffs isn’t the easiest thing. My fellow Black Hills Wolves pack member TL Reeve was making these adorable hot chocolate jars for the holidays. (Leaded or Unleaded, LOL.) Maybe I could handle that!

The next thing to keep in mind is knowing the person you’re buying for. Don’t buy a generic gift but something you think they would like. Easier said than done, right? Often, I employ the tactic of “Would I want this?” and I confess, at times, I even end up buying two!

Having a list or guidelines can be helpful. Notoriously, a few months after the holidays my stepmom returns or gives away presents that were bought for her (I often get them back!). My hubby probably still has clothes I purchased 10 years ago that he’s never worn because although I liked the style, he doesn’t.

For my birthday in October, I put together a wish list on Amazon and gave the link to hubby. He complained that everything on it was $10, and bought nothing. (Fortunately, my aunt gave me a gift card and I used it toward goodies.)

As I’ve gotten older, the surprise in gifts has decreased, which is probably why I’ve signed up for a few Secret Santa exchanges! And I’m super sad to be missing a get-together of friends next week where they’re doing a “naughty” gift exchange.

Tell me: What are your thoughts on gift giving? Too stressful? Are you still like a child? What’s on your wish list for this year? What is your favorite type of gift? 

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  1. Get for the personality special gifts not alot but more meaning I do for kids and grandkids

  2. Get for the personality special gifts not alot but more meaning I do for kids and grandkids

  3. Im still like a child. I love getting gifts. Just ask my grandchildren! lol At this years Christmas party there are 5 grandchildren doing the gift exchange I said put my name in to make even so guess what? I'm getting a gift too!! I love the idea of gift exchanges for every age!! Merry Christmas!

    1. Tina -- It paid off for you! You're the official winner! I'll try to find you on FB!

  4. I absolutely love trying to figure out just the right gift for the person!! Usually it is just a small token, but I hope it is something that will make them smile. :-)

    1. This year with the extended family, we're doing an exchange where you bring a gift for another woman or man, and then we'll pick, choose, etc. In those instances, I usually go with what I want.

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  6. I love finding the perfect gift for each person on my list, as for me I just want books. HAVE A WONDERFUL HOLIDAY SEASON!

  7. Gift giving can be stressful especially for my husbands family. I make things a lot for Christmas gifts. They arent always well received. Like...you made a gift? What? Where's my gift card? I'm like wow! So, yeah it can be a little stressful. Although anymore I dont care. Ha! They dont like my super cute homemade gifts they can snow blow themselves! ;) My family however, is mostly easy. I think the most difficult is my dad and husband actually. However, whatever I get them they are grateful for. As far as wish list? I don't necessarily have one I guess? There are things I need sure but as far as want? Not so much. Just how I was raised I guess. I love watching my nieces and nephews open gifts though. I dont hand-make theirs because come on they are kids but I get them gifts I know they'd dig. Gifts dont matter to me its the thought, but I do love receiving handmade things or gift cards to Starbucks cause I am a SB hooker! LOL. Otherwise I'm pretty darn easy to please. Merry Christmas & Thank you!

  8. I enjoy shopping for people for the Christmas holiday and
    I enjoy when my children surprise me with their gifts :)

  9. We stopped giving gifts about 25 years ago. Quite frankly, I think we were all relieved. (We have no kids otherwise I'm sure we'd be giving to them.)


  10. I (or I should say Santa)spent way too much money on my daughter! And we always make presents from my daughter to everyone. This year we are making ornaments with her picture in them.

  11. I'm usually really into gift-giving but it's been a teensy bit stressful this year with our first child due in 3 weeks... gift cards it is! ;)

  12. I love giving gifts, especially for the people I love. Sometimes, gift shopping can be a pain but I actually love carefully picking out gifts that suit and interest the people I care about most. I love them so much so I never want to just buy a gift just to get it over with. For myself, I really want maybe a Coach, a Michael Kors, or a Kate Spade purse. Just a little something nice.

  13. can be fun
    like gift cards

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  14. I am a minimalist gift giver, small gifts to my parents and a few of my friends just for the joy of giving. I like your exchange idea.

  15. I love giving and receiving gifts. One thing I always try to do each year is to pull a name from the Sharing Tree and buy gifts for that person. It feels me with joy and helps to remind me to always be thankful for what I have.

    I would love a new Kindle for Christmas (I dropped mine and cracked the screen *sob*) Email: barbiefan@comcast.net
    Thanks for the chance! Happy Holidays!!

  16. I love giving gifts to others. My kids and I usually get 2 or 3 names off the giving tree to get local needy kids presents.

  17. I love giving gifts! I like to do the gift swaps, and even Secret Santa. I usually buy my own gifts from my husband, and children. Occasionally, he will get me something else. And, we do stockings that are personal and sweet. I'm not that picky, but he hates to shop.

  18. I love giving gifts but it's often the budget part that stresses me out lol.

  19. I love giving gifts. Finding something special for all my friends and family is a so much fun and I love to see them open them.

  20. I love giving IF I can tell that I'm in the mood to choose wisely :). There is nothing like giving a perfect gift. I don't want to write my email, but if you click on my profile you can see it.