Saturday, October 29, 2016

Don’t NaNo Alone – Erotic Romance

You write what? Writing is a solitary job, but you don’t have to do it alone! Come join a NaNo support group for erotic romance via Savvy Authors. I’ll be posting daily writing inspirations. You can take ‘em when you need them.

Plus, what’s right smack at the end of the month? For many, Thanksgiving, which means Thanks-distractions! Have a group to commiserate with!

Writing the Erotic Romance NaNo Bootcamp

Don’t face NaNovember alone! Do it with support! Let’s talk and write about sex this November. Whether you’re writing a short story, novella or a full-length novel, an erotic thriller, paranormal or historical romance, the basics of the Erotic Romance remain the same: it’s all about plot and keeping it hot.

Drafting a novel tends to be a solitary experience. The month of November brings out a variety of support groups. This year, join one geared toward your genre, erotic romance. During NaNoWriMo, this bootcamp is designed to offer supplemental lectures, prompts, and to keep you writing.

Adult Content: Note that with the subject matter of this bootcamp, the language may become explicit. Come with an open mind, and be prepared to write.

The class starts on Monday, Oct. 31. Make sure to officially sign up for NaNo, too. You can find me at

Louisa Bacio

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