Sunday, March 16, 2014

Feeling Lucky? Kiss Me I’m Irish …

5 ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

1) Food coloring! Supposedly, my mother-in-law dyed all edibles green on this day, starting off with green oatmeal in the mornings!

2) Clover. So I always thought of clover as being the stuff that grows wild in the yard. This year, I bought a gorgeous plant, complete with white flowers. Who knew?

3) Guinness. I have to admit, I’m not a beer drinker, but at our Irish-themed dinner, hubby will have one of his favorite brews.

4) Target T-shirts. I admit it, I usually buy mine before Valentine’s Day.

5) Corned Beef & Cabbage. It’s a must, isn’t it? Mine goes into the Crock-Pot early on St. Patrick’s Day, and we’ll eat for dinner.

Tell me: What are you wearing green today? (Come on, make up something if you have to!) Or, would you rather be pinched? Leave a comment on my blog to be entered to win an Irish-themed (green) goody bag (U.S. only), and a .pdf copy of one of my backlist books.

Goody Bag includes
this grow-your-own luck kit!

$25 BookStrand Bucks from Tara Rose
$20 JK Publishing gift certificates from Jana Leigh
$25 gift card from Louisa Bacio, A.R. Von and Inner Goddess (Amazon or B&N-winner's choice)

Plus a “clover field” of other donated goodies. See the Inner Goddess for details.

1 Grand Prize winner and 3 runners up

Winners will be chosen by at midnight, PST, March 17, 2014

To enter, Hop around the blogs and leave a comment at each blog you enter.  Also, leave an email address so we contact the winner.  The more blogs you visit and comment on, the more chances you have to win. 

Coming Thursday, March 20 – Her Wolf Ménage

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They want the same woman

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Make sure to friend me to join the Facebook party from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. PST on Thursday. Lots of prizes, and plenty of author-friends will drop by!

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  1. It's four a.m. EST and I'm wearing green and blue plaid pj pants and an old green tee. I'm definitely in the spirit...
    Erin go bragh!

    ilookfamous at yahoo dot com

  2. Well, since green is NOT my favorite color, I usually just have a green rubber band in my hair...thanks for participating in the hop!

    elewkf1 at yahoo dot com

  3. I'm wearing a green shamrock necklace that is filled with little bells... an orange, white & green wrap bracelet that has Irish flags dangling from it... and a green shirt with my maiden name on it - "McCormick"! I'm also keen on the use of green food coloring - milk, I dye the butter, add in green sanding sugar to the cinnamon & sugar, etc... My kids have already come downstairs to check their Leprechaun trap to see if they caught the sneaky little guy! michelle at oxrider dot com

  4. I don't have much green cause it makes me look sick, but I have on a pale green shirt and slightly darker green underwear. I love corned beef. Stopped in at a local store on Sat.: NOT A SINGLE PACKAGE!!!!!! Corporate made an ordering error. I got a rain check for 5 packages, but STILL!!!! I think it's spaghetti tonight, sigh.

  5. Happy St Patty's Day

    I have a green t-shirt that says "kiss me I'm Irish" :)
    I really enjoy St. Patty's Day .. There have been men walking around in Kilt's all weekend... :) :)

    Thank you

  6. wearing a long sleeve green tee and my nails are the brightest green I cold find:)
    jennthakur at gmail dot com

  7. wearing a long sleeve green tee and my nails are the brightest green I cold find:)

  8. I'd rather be pinched, plus I have tattoos that are green, that counts right?

    I'm married to an Irish man, 20 years later, I still hate Guinness beer.


  9. Loving the hop! Finding some great new pages - thank you!!!! Happy St. Patty's Day!

  10. I just happen to have green panties and a bra, now to track down a green shirt so I can go out in n public without getting pinched ;)

  11. I am actually wearing nothing green today, it is so cold out that all my green shirts are too thin. I did dress my kids in green for school though!

    susanmplatt AT Hotmail DOT com

  12. I am reading a book with a little green in the cover. I don't own anything that is green.

  13. Green is my favorite color! I had green hair for literally five years before I dyed it back to a normal shade for work reasons. Currently I'm sporting green lingerie, appalling green socks, and a long-sleeved green shirt for St. Patrick's Day! I sent you a friend request as Shandra Torbett on Facebook so if you worry "is this a crazy?" nope, just me. <3 shandra.torbett(@) since my Comcast account is acting up. Thanks for the chance to win and the party invite! I love Facebook party games.

    1. Hee, hee ... I may have some green panties today, Shandra so right there with you!

  14. Thank you so much for the blog hop. Happy St. Patrick's Day and I'm wearing green socks with clovers all over them.


    1. I couldn't find my clover socks today, but I do wear them year-round, so they are probably on the bottom of the to-be-folded pile!

  15. I have on my Orange and Green shirt that says kiss me I'm Irish.... :)

  16. I like the idea of dying everything green to eat! I think I might use this next year! I have a green t-shirt on that says Kiss me , I'm Irish! Hope you have a Happy St. Patrick's Day! Take care and thanks for sharing your ideas!

  17. I had my nail gal paint a shamrock on both ring fingers. And I love those Target holiday shirts :) I get a new one every year for each holiday.

    1. Laurie, you were the official winner of this contest. Yay! I'll be sending you an email.

  18. I am wearing a green shirt and green socks. Happy St. Patrick's Day!
    liese1235 at

  19. I ALWAYS wear green! Today I wore a green t-shirt and a green sweatshirt. I wore a St. Patrick's day charm bracelet and green shamrock earrings!

    books4me67 at ymail dot com

  20. Happy St Patrick's Day! I hope it has been a lucky one for all!

  21. I'm wearing a green t-shirt and bra (even if only my hubby gets to see it) and my toes are painted dark green with a lime/green leprechaun on my big toes and clovers on the others.
    Happy St. Paddy's Day.