Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why I Love Erotic Romance … it’s getting hot

The Romance Reviews Erotic Romance Madness Hop
Have you ever flipped through a book to get to the “good parts?” How about doing a “search” on your e-reader for keywords such as “cock?” The Romance Reviews put up the challenge in this Erotic Romance Madness Hop, and I’ve decided to go mad.

Participants can enter to win a few prizes:

  1. $10 gift certificate to Ravenous Romance
  2. .pdf copy of one of the books on my backlist
In order to enter, leave a comment with your email address. And, since it's my Blog Anniversary this weekend -- whoo-hoo, one year: Follower me on Twitter and Facebook (and let me know), and you will be entered into a separate contest for a $10 Ravenous gift card. (If you're already my friend, drop me a line and you'll be entered.)

When it comes to erotic romance, the sexier the better. Sure, readers want to imagine the writers living fabulous and passion-filled lives – and I’m not saying we don’t … But, we also like to get our kicks reading other fantasies, too!

Before I get into my one review, let me explain that I don’t think all erotic romance is hard-core. In fact, I enjoy the diversity of a fanciful historical with some tender lovemaking, science fiction that pushes the limits and paranormal that explores a sometimes darker side.

Back Door Lover, edited by Debra Hyde, stands out when it comes to taking a taboo subject and making it oh, so sexy. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Hyde in person, and talk about unassuming! You wouldn’t sit next to her on a train and think, “She writes erotic romance.” Then again, people often say the same thing to me.

From traditional M/F stories where the male takes the dominant role, to marriages that need a little pick-me-up and the wife brings home a strap-on, the anthology offers a variety of happy endings. (Pun totally intended.) Those that have read my debut erotic thriller Sex University: Physical Education know that anal play isn’t a new literary foray. I won’t highlight any particular story, simply because I’ve read, and enjoyed, them all.

Remember to visit other stops on the hop by clicking through on The Romance Reviews graphic above. And, you don’t need to do all the stops on one day. The hop runs through May 14 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

And, BTW, if you win … Back Door Lover is available via Ravenous Romance. Go ahead, download it. No one will tell!

** Stay tuned: Book 3, The Vampire, The Witch & The Werewolf: The Voodoo King is coming soon.


  1. I'm a huge erotic romance fan. I think it is such a wonderful genre and opens you up to so much. Don't worry about entering me into the contest since I already own your books. I just wanted to drop by and show some luv.

  2. Happy early Blog Anniversary! I love these blog hops because I find so many new to me books that I want to read.
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  3. Ah, thank you Savannah! Total smooches to you!

    Sue, I'll take those happy Blog Anniversary, and thanks so much for friending and following. I'm officially 7 away from 1,000 on Facebook. Think I'll make it by Sunday's date? Hmmmm!

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  5. Welcome Shadow. I'm looking forward to next week's Hop Against Homophobia. Thanks for the quick promo on what's coming! It's a personal cause to me, too, so I can totally relate. Some good news yesterday, right?

  6. ok, im bad. I have went forward in some books to get to the really good parts, or reread it over and over.. hehe well sometimes you just cant help your self.
    Im a new follower GFC


  7. Thanks for the confession Loretta, and for the new follow! ;-)

  8. Wow...I never would have thought to do a search for naughty words. Well now that I know I'm gonna be tempted to!
    Gfc Andrea Wardlow
    Fb Andie Wardlow

  9. I love m/m erotica best...fewer cliches, and more men=more fun!


  10. Loved The Vampire & the Werewolf and can't wait to read Back Door!

  11. Interesting =) The back door looks interesting.

  12. I never read a M/M romance. So, I can't say if I would like it or not. Thank you for being part of the hop! Back Door sounds great!

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    1. I have read M/M romance and they are pretty hot. You should try it.

  13. Back Door sounds so good! Thanks for doing the hop.


  14. I love reading erotica and I'll admit, sometimes I do skip to the good parts too, but only when i remember which part of the book its at. I've never gone and searched up certain words, but I'll definitely do that next time!

  15. Totally laughing about corrupting readers. I don't *always* search for the good parts! Really. And just to clarify for any new readers, I only have one m/m novel. My other books are M/F with some menage, and one full-length F/F. I'm all over the board!

  16. So glad you joined the hop! I love your books Louisa! I admit to having searched for the good parts...ALOT especially when I was younger..and I still do at times.

    I love erotica...! What can I say? hehe.

  17. Me search for the good parts.....Never....LOL
    Congrats on your year anniversary.
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    beejee77 at gmail dot com

  18. Love your vampire werewolf books. GCs are great, count me in.

  19. Yes, I have used search on my ereader. Great gieaway. Thanks for the chance.

  20. Thanks for the giveaway. Interested in your vampire werewolf books.

    strive4bst at yahoo dot com

  21. Thanks for the giveaway :)


  22. Do a search on the internet for good stuff...always!!! Gotta find what works. I will be adding a couple more books to my summer reading list today. The Vampire/Wolf books look awesome!
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  23. I look forward in reading The Vampire, The Witch & The Werewolf: The Voodoo King; the first 2 books were great.

    Happy Blog Anniversary!!

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  24. Your books do look great, and so does the anthology that you showcased. Thank you so much for the great giveaways.
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  25. Appreciate all the comments, and I'm so glad to hear that many have enjoyed my first book. I spent the day at the OCC/RWA meeting today, and we were discussing how characters sometimes won't leave us alone. As I finished up book 3, I knew that there would be a book 4. But now one more character is glaring at me, she wants her story completed, so we'll have to see.

    And the "searching for the good parts" . Really, I didn't mean to be a bad influence!

  26. Congratulations on the blog anniversary! And thank you for the giveaway. I'm enjoying the hop so much!

  27. Hi Louisa,,,Congrats on the blogoversary! I'm a twitter follower (@capefearlibn). NO, I'm not sure about Back Door Lover. I'm very new to erotica and I'm working my way up to certain things! Thanks for the HOP giveaway.
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  28. Woohoo! Blog Hopping!
    What a great way to discover new blogs and visit with old friends. Everybody wins this way!
    I love your books. GFC follower (Nay Nay) Friended you on FB too. LOL
    Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win! <^_^>

  29. I haven't ever tried to find the sex parts in a book before...LOL...I guess I like the suspense of working my way there;)

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  30. I have never tried searching for sex words on my ereader. But then I'm sure I would have pages and pages of results. :)
    I friended you on FB (JoAnna Halpin Becker) and follow on twitter (beckerjo).
    Happy blogoversary!

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  31. Very fun, Louisa! Congrats on your anniversary, too! Twitter follower (@flchen1) and FB :)

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  32. HOORAYYYYY Louisa!!!!!! Congrats on your 1 Year Blog Anniversary!!!!

    Hmmmmm I've never tried searching key sex words on my eReader, I didn't know I could not that, I'll have to try that. LOL But I am guilty of having done that on eBook Retailer Sites ;)

    Thank you for the Book recomendation Louisa, "Back Door Lover" sounds like a book right up my alley, No Pun Intended! LMAO I'm soooo Bad! ;) LOL

    Unfortunately Louisa I'm not a Member of Facebook or Twitter, I hope that doesn't take me out of your Blog Hop Giveaway or your Separate Contest for a $10 Ravenous Gift Card. But I am a GFC Follower under my name of PaParanormalFan.

    I would very much appreciate the opportunity to be considered in your very generous giveaway for a chance to win a .pdf copy of one of the books on your backlist or a $10 Gift Certificate to Ravenous Romance. Thank You for participating in the Erotic Romance Madness Hop.

    Take care & Stay Naughty ;)
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  33. thank you for the chance at such a great giveaway.

    tammy ramey

  34. Love all the great comments, and Renee' what a great signature "stay naughty!" I appreciate all of the support. I'll be drawing the names in the morning, and contacting the winners tomorrow.

  35. Winner #1 was Loretta Lynn -- I'll be sending you an email shortly.

  36. And the second $10 winner of a follower ... was Mary!