Friday, May 4, 2012

Hot Cinco de Mayo Party Recipe

1 Party Site
13 Authors
32 Books
18 Hours
2 $50 Gift Certificates
Numerous Excerpts 
Assorted Giveaways
Laughter (unlimited)

Start with incredible party site provided by The Romance Studio. Mix Authors and Books thoroughly. Add excerpts. Sprinkle with giveaways and laughter. Simmer throughout the day. Randomly choose Gift Certificate winners. Serve H-O-T.

Caution: Product WILL BE HOT and may produce wetness in certain areas. For best results, serve with a bib or drool cloth.

Download book and party info here:

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Video: Cinco de Mayo Authors 2012

Video: Cinco de Mayo Authors MM / GLBT 2012

Starts at midnight EST! Hope to see you there!

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