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The Top 5 Places to Get it On at Work with Louisa Masters

Not to confuse you, but today I'd like to introduce you to Louisa Masters! Louisa is giving away three $10 Amazon GCs to randomly drawn commenters during the tour and to the host with the most comments (excluding Louisa’s and the host’s).

Sex in the office has been called a cliché, but like all clichés it exists for a reason. It's hot. And many of us imagine it.

Ever wanted to grab a co-worker and sneak off for some nookie? Maybe even the boss? You've been trading heated glances, flirting back and forth, or maybe you're already dating. Quitting time is a long way away—too long. Surely a quickie wouldn't hurt... You might not have the nerve to do it—I know I didn’t—but there's nothing wrong with a heated daydream.
So, where would you go to get it on at work? I delved through my own fantasies, and then did some research, and the five that come up most frequently are:
The copy room. To be more precise, on top of the photocopier. After all, why risk discovery if you can't have a souvenir?
The boardroom. A place where the boss holds sway, where important meetings are conducted. Time to negotiate a merger of your own...
The boss' desk. Don't we all secretly want to sweep everything off the desk and lay ourselves on it? Plus, doing it on the boss' desk is the ultimate way to defy authority! Unless, of course, you're with your boss...which is a fantasy all by itself!
The stairwell. Find a shadowy corner, or if there's a considerable height difference between you and your partner, stand on different steps. One of the bonuses here is that an opening door will warn you if someone is coming.
Supply closet. It might be a bit tight, space-wise, but that can definitely work in your favor! Just be careful to clean up afterward—you don't want anyone asking who left the big mess (no pun intended).
One reason office sex is so arousing is the idea of being caught. A lot of people don't realize they have discovery fantasies, but the truth is, there's a tiny part of everyone that gets turned on, thinking about the people who might walk in at a crucial moment.

Inter-Office Relations by Louisa Masters

With her resignation submitted, Jeannie Price has one last task she’s itching to perform before leaving her job. After months of sitting next to hot, sexy colleague Tim Harding, it’s time to turn fantasy into reality with a scorching invitation to collaborate on matters of the flesh in Conference Room B. Then she can walk away without regrets.

Tim’s dreams of wild, sweaty sex with Jeannie come true when he accepts her offer, but he’s stunned to learn she doesn’t want to see him again after their steamy tryst. She may be trying to brush him off as just one more item on her To-Do List, but he’s determined to convince her there’s nothing taboo about inter-office relations.


Excerpt 1:

“Do you want to have sex in Conference Room B?”

Tim Harding jerked his head up from the cost analysis on his computer screen. Jeannie Price was leaning on the partition between their desks, her dark eyes fixed on his face. He took a moment to admire them as he pondered her words.

“Is this a hypothetical question?” he asked finally. “Because—”

“It’s not a hypothetical question. It’s an invitation.”

Her words slammed straight to his cock. Was she joking? Had she guessed that she was the star of his late-night fantasies? He’d even pictured taking her in the office—okay, he’d imagined the boardroom, but he was flexible.

He swallowed, hard, his cock twitching. She’d been very flexible when he imagined her on his balcony. And in his shower. And...

 “I’ll tell you what,” she said. “I’m going to be working in Conference Room B for the next half hour. You think about it, and if you decide to join me...” She shrugged, and her long brown hair slid forward, drawing his eyes to her breasts. In his dreams, her hair flowed over her naked breasts, her nipples peeking through the locks, and when he drew her down over him, it would swing forward, surrounding them like a silken tent...

She straightened, gathered up her laptop and notepad, and handed him an inter-office envelope.

“This may help you make up your mind.”

He watched her walk away, the sway of her hips and the way her dress slid across her ass making him shift uncomfortably.

Excerpt 2:

This is ridiculous. I’m hiding in the bathroom like a teenage girl.

Jeannie stared in the mirror, disgusted with herself, but not enough to go back to her desk.

She had to talk to Tim.

She had to talk to Tim.

She didn’t want to. Well, no, she wanted to talk to him, but not about sex. She wanted to talk about movies and books, weekend activities, silly habits and annoying colleagues. Like they always did.

As far as sex went, she wanted to rip off his tie and use it to bind his hands together so she could strip him naked and ride him like a cowgirl. The very thought made her shudder with need.

Okay, let’s be logical. She had to talk to Tim because they’d had sex on Friday. Wild, steamy sex. Her eyes drifted closed and she clenched her thighs together, the hot-wet rasp of Tim’s tongue almost too much to bear...

Focus! Her eyes snapped open, and she turned on the tap to splash cool water on her flushed cheeks.
So. She and Tim had had sex. And now they had to talk because sex had morphed their relationship to one beyond that of colleagues and friends.

That was a problem, because she didn’t believe in office romances.

Why was that, again? She’d thought about this over and over during the weekend, but it was getting harder and harder to remember why she hated relationships between co-workers.

About Louisa

A born reader, Louisa discovered her love of romance at an early age and began sneaking her mother's romance novels by age twelve. A sucker for a happy ending, she was often disappointed by the lead up–not enough sexy stuff. Where was the anticipation, the flirting, the tension? Her solution? Write it herself.

Living in Melbourne, Australia, she is renowned for complaining about the weather and the calories associated with eating ice cream, but has learned to ignore both and enjoy life anyway. Visit Louisa at

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  1. Thanks for hosting me, Louisa! Great name, by the way ;-)

  2. When I go down town & drop into one of the offices I doubt I will see them the same way again. Great excerpts thank you.


  3. I close my eyes and try to imagine some of my co-workers in these scenes. What a gas.

  4. I have worked in many offices and there is always at least one person I have really wanted to do this to. It was just a fantasy, though, maybe. Great blog tour. Can't wait to read this book.


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  5. What day is it today? Is it Friday 13th? Things are happening to me. First I accidently delete my comment, then I retype it but it appears as a reply to a poster...sigh...starting over...forgive me...senior moments are running rampant here.

    Yes, there are many great places to get it on in an office. Does anyone remember LA Law? There was an episode where Jonathan, played by Blair Underwood and Abby, played by Michelle Greene were working late on a big case. He decides to lightened things up a bit and turns on some rock music. He then pulls her up on the table and they dance. Great scene, lots of fun.

  6. Hello Louisa. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story. I know that I would love to meet in the board room for some hot romance. She wouldn't have to ask me twice. Good luck with your book. I know it will be a hit.

  7. A total hypothetical question, of course! Thanks for the fun post!

    Karen -- the blogger-gods have a mind of their own. No worries!

  8. Makes me want to know what's in the inter-office envelope she handed him!

    I work in a Library so the stacks would be the office location for nookie...but I would never think about that! LOL!


  9. This book makes an office job look very appealing. :) Might have to change professions.

    claudigc at msn dot com

  10. I still can't get over the cover,and it sounds like a great read.

  11. Thanks all for stopping by! I'm incredibly thrilled with my cover, and it sounds like some of you could give me a run for my money in terms of office "getaways" :-)

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