Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"The New Year Got Me Thinking" with Meggan Connors

I know, I know, it's a dangerous prospect. You never know what might come out of my mouth—or my fingers (not in a weird, shooting fire kind of way, though that would be awesome)—when I get to thinking.

Generally, I don't do New Year's resolutions. I usually save that kind of stuff for the Fall. Again, weird, but we all have our quirks. But with the start of the New Year, everyone is posting on his resolutions social media sites. You know, lose 50 pounds, get in shape, get published, blah, blah, blah. They are all very well intentioned, and, sure enough, I've made those same resolutions before, too. But I never achieved them. After all, at this very moment, I am looking at an elliptical machine that is currently being used as a coat rack.

With that in mind, in the coming year, I will:
  1. Endeavor to watch more bad TV on crazy conspiracy theories, aliens and bigfoot.
  2. Watch The Biggest Loser and eat pie while doing it. And I will laugh in the face of all that exercise (looks painful, by the way).
  3. Order pizza for dinner and not feel guilty about it.
  4. Wear my pirate shirt with geek pride (it really is super cute).
  5. Not feel guilty about the stack of laundry in the hamper or the dishes in the sink. They'll get done eventually (you know, when we run out of plates or no one has any clean underwear… well, hopefully before that, but I don't want to stretch myself. That's not what this list is about).

So there you have it: attainable resolutions! So tell me, what are yours?

Leave a comment for a chance to win an e-copy of my debut novel, The Marker.

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While you're at it, take a peek at the blurb from The Marker, out now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and from Soul Mate Publishing.

The Marker

The Marker
Meggan Connors

When her father loses her in a poker game, Lexie Markland is sent to work in the household of Nicholas Wetherby for one year to pay off the debt. Innocent, but not naïve, she is savvy enough to know she must maintain her distance from this man, who frustrates her with his relentless teasing but whose kisses bring her to her knees. Because although she may be just another conquest to him, it’s not just her heart in jeopardy should she succumb to Nicholas’ considerable charms.

Since his brother's death almost a year before, nothing has held Nicholas’ attention for long—not women, not booze, not even an excellent hand at cards. Nothing, that is, until he meets the woman he won in a drunken night of poker. Intrigued by his prize and her chilly reserve, he makes it his mission to crack Lexie’s cool demeanor. But even as passion explodes between them, the question remains: will Nicholas be able to take the ultimate risk...and gamble on love?


  1. I wish you much success with your book, Meggan and in future projects. I am currently reading The Marker and so far like what I see. You are a talented writter and I am sure we will be seeing a lot more books from you in the future.

  2. Thanks Meggan. I don't need to make a list. I can just borrow your's. Finally, a list I can manage.

  3. Congrats on your debut novel and much success in the future. Really intriguing blurb. Can't wait to read "the Marker" to see what happens between Lexie and Nicholas.


  4. Like the way that you think Meggan. I think I'm going to 1). resolve to go to sleep early, and 2). slow down ;-)

    Thanks for the visit.

  5. Don't enter me in the contest...I've already read The Marker, and I loved it!

    But..for my resolution, I'm resolving to slow down. To stop rushing stories simply to get books out, and to write books that my readers will be proud of me for.

    Oh, and to lose weight. Which I am capable of...if not motivated.

    --Brooke Moss

  6. Congratulations on your release, Meggan. You will help me with my new year's resolution.. For each new author I "discover", I will read at least one of his/hers works.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  7. @ Susan: my list is yours! Thanks for stopping by!

    @ Joanne: Thank you! I hope you enjoy The Marker!

  8. My only new year's resolution is to not make any. Cuts down on the stress and guilt. Don't enter me, either, since I have the Marker and halfway through it. Great book.

  9. Reaching for goals & dreams is always a plus, Meggan. You can do it!


  10. Thanks, Callie!

    @ Karen: at least this year, I went with goals I can do. I might become outrageously fat while doing it, but hey... It's all good, right?