Thursday, April 28, 2022

Happy release day: Magic Mayhem!

What happens when the magic goes away?

Pink cover with a wave in darker pink. Magic Mayhem by Louisa Bacio

The Nightshade Guild: Magic Mayhem, Book 17  

Through waves of chaos, can love surface?

As Sea Mage of The Nightshade Guild, Serena Moon lives on the line between land and water. But when magic goes awry, mayhem follows. 

All she thinks she knows comes crumbling apart when Serena can no longer control her shift between human to mermaid form, leaving her stuck in mystical limbo. 

As king of the sea dragons, Peder wars between the desire to fix everything and the realization there's things he cannot. He craves time with Serena but refuses to use force. 

With the continuous onslaught of unseen forces trying to destroy them, Serena and Peder learn to rely not on their magic, but themselves...and each other.

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Celebrate release day!

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Louisa Bacio


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