Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The Magic of Finding a “New-to-Me” Author -- #FFRomance #paranormal

Miya Kressin is a new-to-me author. We “met” via mutual interests on Twitter at the end of 2020.  Prescribing Magic is a short F/F tale filled with fae and magic, and it was inspired by a prompt from Romancing the Runoff. 


Miriam and Vivian work side by side in an emergency environment. A simmering attraction grows between them, and with Vivian forced to soon leave the human realm, she braves sharing her desire. Prescribing Magic is a true slow burn – it starts sweet, but oh then it turns steamy! 


Kressin creates vivid and inventive characterization and storyline. As a faerie, Vivian hides her gorgeous wings until it’s safe to unveil. And let me tell you, some lovely plot points here I won’t share because of spoilers! 


My attention span these days tends to be short, Prescribing Magic was the perfect length for a sweet reading before bed.


The best part about finding a prolific author who you like? There’s more to read!


Prescribing Magic

By Miya Kressin


Miriam loves her job as a Nurse Practitioner, more so that she is one of the few humans privileged to not only know about faeries but be trusted to treat their medical needs. Her favorite part of her job is her coworker, Vivian.

Vivian has hidden her faerie heritage so that she can work as a Human-Faerie Liaison and better help her faerie kin. She didn't expect to fall in love during her single year allotment in the human realm. That she realized her feelings in her last five weeks is even harder.

When the fae Chancellor wants all faeries to leave permanently, believing humans to be too much of a threat, Vivian will have to choose where she puts her allegiance: with her kin or with her heart.



Available via Amazon for .99 cents or free on KU. Proceeds will be donated.




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